Watson and Fletcher the standouts in Bombers’ strange season

Essendon’s Best and Fairest

By Steve Healy

Essendon’s 2009 season was a strange one. Has a team ever made the finals, without anyone really feeling like they had made the finals? Well that was the case; they came into the Elimination Final against Adelaide without a ruckman, and without Lloyd who was suspended for hitting Brad Sewell. This is my take on their top 10 achievers in 2009:

1. Jobe Watson

Watson took huge leaps in 2009, and lived up to his expectations and his family name. He played all but one game, averaged 24.7 possessions, 9.2 of those contested, 4.5 tackles, 3.3 marks and 3.2 inside 50’s. His best two games for the year were against St Kilda, both twilight games, both at Etihad, and both games he was wearing home shorts even though he wasn’t supposed to in the first. Enough of that, in these two games, he got 39 and 37 possessions respectively. In the latter game, he was basically the match winner. Is he better than his Father? We’ll have the answer at the end of his career.

2. Dustin Fletcher

Does this guy know what age is? At 34 years of age, finishing second is a superb result. And he missed five games! After starting the year well, Fletcher finally broke down in his 300th game against Brisbane at the Gabba with a leg injury. Six weeks later he came back against the Dees, looking as good as ever, picking up 18 possessions. He then began to roam free for the rest of the year, playing well in almost every game. For season 2009 he averaged 17.8 possessions, 5.7 marks, 5.3 contested possessions, and he hit the target with exactly 80% of possessions. Well done Fletcher, great effort for a 312-gamer.

3. Brett Stanton

I honestly don’t know what to think of this guy. He gets plenty of the ball, and he seems to be a player who just blends in. I’ve criticised him quite a lot, but he always seems to deliver even if he isn’t playing that well (I know that doesn’t make sense). In 2009, he played all 23 games and led the club in disposals, averaging 24.9 a game. He averaged six marks, 3.8 tackles and four inside 50’s. I guess it’s his disposal that is sometimes questioned. But looking at those stats, he had an amazing year.

4. Patrick Ryder

What a revelation 2009 was for this man. He began the first five games of the year as a normal centre half back, until David Hille went down with a knee injury on Anzac Day. What did they do? They put Paddy in the ruck, that’s what they did. Ryder went on to play a sensational game, picking up 16 possessions, 13 tackles, a goal and a magnificent 27 hit outs. And an Anzac Day medal. For the rest of the year, Ryder took on the role as the lone ruckman, and he excelled, averaging 24 hit outs a game from Round 5 onwards. He also picked up 12.5 possessions (more than half of those contested), 3.4 marks, 4.7 tackles and he kicked a career-best 12 goals. His athleticism is unbelievable, and he’s only 21.

5. Jason Winderlich

Wow, didn’t this guy have a good year! His season just seemed to click, even though he missed four games with injury. He averaged 20.4 possessions, 6.4 marks and 4.3 tackles. He was also handy up forward, kicking 17.8 for the year. He played some great games, like in Round 2 against Freo, where he picked up 27 touches, eight marks and two goals, and against Richmond in Round 9, where he gathered 28 possessions, 12 marks and two goals.

6. Tayte Pears

Well done young fella. Tayte Pears, at 19 years of age, had an outstanding year of footy. After playing five games in his debut year, Pears backed it up by playing every game, averaging 15.1 possessions, 3.1 marks and 2.1 tackles. He was pivotal to Essendon’s structure, since they needed a full back, and Pears did the job superbly. He won himself a rising star nomination in Round 13 for picking up 21 possessions, and making Fevola look lethargic in his club’s 69-point victory. He also hit the target with a tidy 79.3% of disposals. He is a unique player, a key position backman who runs down the ground and picks up possessions.

7. Ricky Dyson

Like Winderlich, Dyson was never an essential part to the Essendon line up until this year. He played the first four games, before being dropped for Anzac Day. But, no! McVeigh pulled up sore and Dyson was back in the team as a late inclusion. And what a game he played, picking up 27 disposals and kicking two goals, including a pivotal left-footer from the boundary line in the dying minutes. He then went on to play all remaining games for the season, averaging 19 possessions, his best of 30 coming in Round 8 against St.Kilda. He also averaged 3.5 marks and 3.7 inside 50’s.

8. Angus Monfries

Monfries, for the fourth season in a row, put in a consistent year. He played all but two games, and kicked 25.15, finishing second in the goal kicking, only behind Lloyd. He averaged 15.7 possessions, 5.5 marks, two marks inside 50, 2.4 tackles and 0.8 goal assists. His most memorable performance was in Round 13 against the Blues where he kicked five goals from five kicks. I don’t think he had a sensational year, but he might need to next year with the absence of Lloyd and Lucas.

9. Adam McPhee

McPhee had a pretty good year. Playing mainly across half back, he still kicked 16 goals in 21 matches, his best of four coming in the Elimination Final embarrassment against the Crows. He picked up an average of 17.7 possessions, 6.5 marks and 2.6 tackles. He had some great matches, like in the Round 14 loss against Collingwood where he racked up 29 possessions and six marks. He’s a good player, but I think he still needs to take that extra step. The recently-turned 27 year old will give it his best shot next year.

10. Henry Slattery

Rounding out the top ten is Henry Slattery. This guy continues to improve, averaging 13.3 possessions, 3.6 marks and 3.8 tackles. He is a key part of Essendon’s defence, and is sorely missed when he doesn’t play. His best game was in Round 17 against Richmond, where he picked up 25 possessions, four marks and eight tackles in a narrow loss, in a game I didn’t see because I was in Canberra.

Well, where are Essendon heading in 2010? Down, you’d think, but if Scott Gumbleton gets some luck then he could play a huge part. Michael Hurley will only improve, but they need veterans like Welsh and McVeigh to still be out there. David Hille should be back as well, which will really let Paddy Ryder take a deep breath. Even though the Bombers conceded some speed in letting Lovett go, just watch out, they might surprise.

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  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    Nice wrap Steve. Watson and Ryder both had great seasons. McPhee however makes too many crucial mistakes at crucial times for someone of his experience and frustrates many of the oldies like me! For me Michael Hurley was the stunner of the season. Great skills, real determination and footy nouse. Just needs to stay out of trouble off the field. Dempsey was another good young player on the back line.
    It will be a new era without Lloydy. Hopefully Fletcher can keep up with the youngsters for one more season. Mark Williams could be a handy addition to the forward line.
    Have you seen much footage of Timmy Watson? Some of the best days of my life were spent watching Timmy in the 80’s. His goals on the run superb. Oh the memories. Here’s hoping the Bombers have another era like that!

  2. Here’s an idea. Fletcher to Full Forward for 2010?

  3. Pamela, was that when they wore the tight shorts???

  4. Yuck

  5. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Pamela.

    I’ve seen quite a bit of footage of Timmy Watson- gee wasn’t he good at that 93′ Final against Adelaide? That goal where he kicked the ball into the forward line, followed it up by sprinting through the pack and putting it through the goals.

    Williams will be a great addition. Even though the bombers don’t have those two big forwards in Lucas and Lloyd, Williams, Hurley, Monfries, Neagle and Gumbleton if his fit will all contribute.

    Do you think Hurley should stay in the forward line, or switch between defence and attack for the next few years?

  6. lol i still find it funny how your mum had a thing for David cloke and then u get me in love with Cameron who looks the most like him!

  7. Lol she has a picture of David Cloke somewhere

  8. lol hehe! and ill admit.
    im guilty to still have in my posession not only a pic of Cameron in black n white, and also in a pic with me! but also recent pics of him in navy blue..i know..but hes so stinking cute!

  9. Steve Healy says

    Maybe Josh is related to you Danni?

  10. Eww god no! lol :P

  11. ohh god, please ONE BROTHER IS ENOUGH!!

  12. Pamela Sherpa says

    Steve – Hurley and Ryder could both play in key forward or backline positions. Ryder developing into a wonderful ruckman too. One of my Bomber friends says that we can build a team around those two.

    Re Timmy – yes, when you look back at old footage you realise just how good some players were. Glad I was able to experience that era. Have just finished reading the Daniher book and it was great to reflect on those times.

  13. Adrian Vitez says

    I agree Steve, it was a mixed bag this year for Essendon. Some exciting talent was unearthed in Pears, Hurley, Zaharakis and Dempsey, while Ryder thrived when unleashed from the backline. There were some great victories and our first finals berth since 2004. Commendable given some of the players missing throughout most of the season: Hille, McVeigh, Welsh, Laycock, Reimers, Hurley, Prismall, and Gumbleton.

    On the other hand, the great wins were followed by some very flat performances against some of the lesser sides and the continuation of our horrendous interstate record.

    I think 2010 will be another development year at Essendon where the priority will be to get more experience into the young players and to settle on a line-up which will form the core of the Essendon side for the next 5 – 10 years. I think Knights is on the right track here and there’s a lot to look forward to, but some patience will probably be needed in the short term.

    By the way, Tim Watson was my favourite player as a kid. Jobe is teriffic in a different way, and might possibly become a more important leader at the club. But for sheer talent and game changing explosiveness, he’ll never outshine his dad.

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  15. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys,

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    Yep this one’s good.

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    I haven’t recieved one either. I don’t what this is all about but I’d sure like to find out.

  19. its McCarthy!! trust me!! i looked at the poster and back and the pic and back again….lol

    joshy..anything yet?

  20. Steve Healy says

    Danni, you forgot to put au in Josh’s email, thats why he didnt recieve it

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  22. Michael Allan says

    Am I entitled to recieve the e-mail?

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  24. Michael Allan says

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  28. Steve Healy says

    Sure, honeybird

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    I hope Liam Jurrah is actually under my christmas tree

  32. hahha Mikey, seriously missed a very interesting convo that happ last night!!

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    still it was the convo of the year! lol

  35. Michael Allan says

    I’ll check it out.

    Good email Danni. Very funny. Are we all expected to write one? Or is it an Eid Exclusive?

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  38. Michael Allan says

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  40. Basically, Danni wants to “bake” the “muffins” of the 2020 squads for each team


  42. Michael Allan says

    Was this convo appropriate for FA?

  43. I think the comment was, I need to learn how to bake so I can make muffins for superman.

  44. lol it was after josh brought up the thing about the Hirds!

  45. its was all a joke minus the superman part!]
    the future of our forward line depends on me!

  46. Steve Healy says

    Ah we’re revisiting the conversation.

    Well then, can you play reconsider the Jurrah’s?

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    None of my sisters like footy, it has to be you im sorry

  54. Michael Allan says

    My sis loves footy. She’s got 15 on her back. I find it very hard to beleive that you guys live in houses where not everybody loves footy.

  55. steve i said no!
    the plan is marry Superman and then have our forward line.

  56. Steve Healy says

    I’m the only one who loves footy in my house, my brother Brendan likes it, my older brother Ben likes it but his having a bit of a fall out, and my Dad pays attention occassionly.

  57. I wonder if Damo’s family likes footy, he has never elluded to it i dont think.

  58. yeah in my house its my mum and brother, hes into soccer.

  59. Steve Healy says

    nah Damo said that the rest of his family doesn’t really like footy, we dont know much about Damo’s family at all though.

    Danni, im never talking to you again.

    Can I ask a question out of the blue, what’s your house adress?

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    ummm ok, but his not your husband yet, what if Jurrah hired a plane and wrote ” I love you Danni” in the sky?

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    Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary that Numurkah was completely wrecked by storms

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    ohh historical!

  85. What did you say haha Josh for?

    Anyway, i think its about time for me to hit the ol’ dusty trail. Night

  86. lol it goes like this

    H- “okay now turn right at the next light thanks”
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    H- “yes, good!”
    H: “okay now turn left at the end the stree”
    ME: “left?”
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  87. cos u said it was a bad thing!
    nawww nighty-nite time for Joshyyyy!! :P

  88. Gday Fab 5, i just got back from Shepparton after a long, hectic day of Christmas shopping and we bought heaps of things. We got our Wii, and i decided on a pair of shoes i wanted. Danni, do they look good? http://www.hypebeast.com/image/2008/12/dc-shoes-life-pack-01.jpg they cost $140. And i also bought a Melbourne Demons mug for myself, dunno why. Steve and Michael, i posted your letters today.

  89. OMG JOSH!!
    i would so wear those!!!
    very good choice!
    why is it soo bloody hot?
    app its gonna be a storm on xmas and i was planing on getting all dressed up!
    stupid weather!

  90. I heard the forecast for xmas today, 14 degrees. The place im spending christmas has a pool dammit.

    Yeah, i showed Dad and he said no but then he went and bought himself a pair of those ugly sandal shoes lol so i think im entitled to get the pair i want

  91. lol well if you though his shoes were ugly why would you let him buy them!
    i never let my mum but something that i dont like on her, no matter what the shop assitant says cos they just want you to but it so they make money.

  92. Well the shoes he got cost $7, mine cost $140 so there’s a bit of a difference. Plus its sort of a family joke him getting those shoes lol. Oh btw, the colour of my shoes are white, red and gray.

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  102. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys,

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    Why can’t you tell us?

  103. Mikey, quit it!! no im not saying!!
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  104. Danni, the night before the launch you were skitzing at Steve, remember? We were joking about that in the alleway at the launch haha. Yeah she picked the nail polish up and the lid fell off and the whole polish went on the carpet and she started frantically cleaning it up coz she thought her boyfriend might get mad at her dirtying the carpet, and when he walked in:

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  105. Jeez Danni you dont tell us anything, you wont tell us your score, you wont tell us your address, you missed out on a fully sick christmas card from me. Steve’s has a nice surprise in it hahaha. I went to the post office today with a $10 note to buy 2 cards, 2 stamps and 2 envolopes, and it cost $12!

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    lol we havent got carpet, but my would kill me if i dropped some.

  107. Michael Allan says

    Fine then, but I’m a bit annoyed you wont say it. I’ll tell you mine regardless.

    Hey Danni were you allowed to take people outside ur year level for the deb? A freind just told me that we’re not allowed and I thought it was pretty harsh and silly.

  108. well what do u expect, the posties are on strike!!

  109. Not for long, i saw the posties doing the rounds today. And you’ll get the card, eventually.

    I think we are only allowed to take a person from my year level at my school. Dunno, the deb scares me

  110. nah we dont have a deb at my school, we have a year ten Ball and thats it.
    we were not lalowed to bring partners cos we had to dance and partner with the boys from St.Joes and Samaritan College

  111. Michael Allan says

    lol I forget you go to an girls school. Why don’t they do one? Was it the same type of thing as a deb?

  112. lol umm yeah i dont know!
    ..umm nah i think it was different.
    for one thing we didnt have to wear white long dresses like for a deb so girls were able to come in an ary of colourful short dresses. it was more about having fun and doing all the dances we had learnt at the practises, nothing about showing ur ready to mingle in the world of relationships of anything lol.

  113. ..wait Mikey!! do u have ur eye on a gal for the deb thats not in ur level??

  114. Michael Allan says

    lol, I didn’t know the deb was about being “ready to mingle in the world of relationships.”

    What does that even mean?

  115. Michael Allan says

    haha, not quite Danni. I’ve got a partner and she’s in the same year as me.

  116. NAWW thats so cute!!
    has she tole u to match ur tie to her dress yet or what?
    lol thats what i did.

    you know, its almost like an annoucement that ur reasy to date.

  117. Isn’t the deb where the girls are accepted into the society or something like that?

  118. yeah the society of dating!
    its mostly for the girls.
    well done Josh :)

  119. Michael Allan says

    not really. Alot of people date before year 11.

    Lol we haven’t worked on colour co-ordination yet, I’ll make sure to take note of that Danni.

  120. Michael Allan says

    Wow you guys no alot more about this then me. I’m gonna have no idea. lol.

  121. lol Mikey, do the girls still have to wear white???
    cos you better hope shes not wearing pink then ull have to so light pink shirt and tie!
    Pink and Rangga just doesnt work!!

  122. I only know because of reading the line about the deb in the Specky Magee books, and i went to my brother’s Deb

  123. Michael Allan says

    lol well luckily for me it is white for the girls.

  124. Michael Allan says

    Oh yeah that’s right. The Great McCarthy went with specky sister.

  125. Ahh thank god!!
    Lol in relieved for you!
    In that case I think a white shirt and silvery tie would look nice.
    Unless you u want colour…

  126. And Specky went with tiger girl. Maybe you should track down that tiger girl Michael

  127. lol…hhaha McCarthy

  128. Michael Allan says

    I don’t know what I want Danni. I get told what I want.

    I think I’ll work on my outfit a little closer to the even though.

  129. Michael Allan says

    Nah Josh, there’s no fanatical tiger supporters in my year. Already checked. Besides it’d be pretty dog just to ditch my partner for someone else.

  130. lol we were told not to wear black, cos the boys were going to be in black suits and our teachers wanted us to stand out and look pretty lol

  131. Michael Allan says

    But I thoguht black was your colour Danni?

  132. lol i had this one partner..oh geez!
    where there was this move in the dance where we would have to kick out feet up slightly and everytime it came to that part he would exclaim “FEVOLAAAAAAAA!!!” and i was like
    “omg, please im a Collingwood supporter, shut-up!”


  133. lol yeah i do love balck but i wore a aqua blue-greeny dress, i love that dress.

  134. Michael Allan says

    Haha that’s pretty funny. Did he do it over and over again? Cause it would get lame after a while.

  135. It would be lame after the first time. Eddie Betts and Mitch Robinson have been arrested or something.

    Status – talking to that north girl

  136. Michael Allan says

    Well I’m off to dinner. Cya later.

  137. …yes and the worst part was that i was stuck with him for that whole dance!
    the moves are repeated so yeah..he just kept going an dthen the guy infront of him ( his friend) joined in!!! and i was just so pissed off i was like thats it, whatever!!
    then he kept trying to kick his buddy, the guy infront of us in the ass eveythime we had to kick….you have no idea how glad i was when the teacher said
    “Okay, now change partner for the next song”

  138. ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Joshyyyyyyyyyy!!
    :) hehehehehhe!

  139. Danni, this north girl could be 100 years old. She’s on the superfooty forum and we were discussing the best team possible for the Roos next year. She says she bleeds blue and white.

  140. Steve Healy says

    Is the suprise the mug, Josh?

  141. Steve Healy says

    Oh, I thought that North girl was the one you told me to add on Facebook

  142. Steve, she’s like 11 that girl. And i didnt tell you to add her

    No its not, sorry. I was going to buy you one and send it though but i happened to buy the last one left. All the crazed Melbourne fans must have bought them before me..

  143. Steve Healy says

    yeah, I also heard there’s a mug craze in Shepparton. And the Melbourne ones are the best made ones, 100% garanteed of not breaking

  144. Steve Healy says

    oh well, its all about the team they go for, not the age

  145. ..ohh well i suggest you find out her age Josh! lol

  146. Steve Healy says

    By the way, speaking of Shepparton, Robbo has joined Yze to play for them next year

  147. Steve Healy says

    yeah, go to the footy with her Josh, don’t forget to bring knitting needles and a spare walking stick

  148. Hmm i will Steve, have you found a Melbourne chick yet? No? Oh ok, at least i’ve got one, even if she’s a granny.

    Actually, i dropped the mug today while getting a drink in a shop and i think i broke it but it seems alright, its in the freezer

  149. Steve Healy says

    it better not be broken, thats a disgrace to our club

  150. Michael Allan says

    It’s probobly a 40 year old guy who kidnaps children Josh.

  151. or a six yearold girl.

  152. Alright im not gonna talk to her again

  153. Its not broken Steve, but its frozen. Maybe thats an omen, the Dees will stay frozen at the bottom of the ladder

  154. lol josh, come on even i knew that!
    they cant go from Bottom position to Premiers the next year, DUHHHH

  155. Steve Healy says

    well, in 1997 we went from wooden spooners to preliminary finalists, theres no reason why we cant do that again this year

  156. Michael Allan says

    Yeah there is. Your no good.

  157. Mikey, harsh but true.

  158. Steve Healy says

    speak for your own club Michael lol

  159. Steve Healy says

    ahhh, wise words from a collingwood supporter!

  160. Well, all i know is that the Roos are headed to a finals berth in 2010. I loved the 2 page story on North in the HS today. Speaking of, Danni have a look at page 4 in the HS and look at the vox pop, the lady there has been to my house before! Leslie Eddy is her name.

  161. Michael Allan says

    Soz Josh, not gonna happen.

  162. come on steve! its true okay!
    you should be happy just to make the eight.
    you havnt studied psychology before have u steve?
    you need to make achievable goals for your team, you cnat just bolt up to Premiers after being last.

  163. Steve Healy says

    Pretty much everyone in my family has gone christmas shopping, they’ll be so many presents under the tree, well there already is

  164. soz josh i dont have today’s paper!

  165. Yes it will Michael, the Swans and Lions will also be up around the top of the ladder next year.

  166. Yeah i got heaps of presents under the tree, Mum wont let me play with the Wii god dammit :(

  167. Steve Healy says

    yes, I know we probably won’t be premiers, and no I havnt studied psychology. But strange things happen in footy, who would’ve thought that the Saints would win 19 games in a row? Who would’ve thought there would be 4 consecutive weeks of games decided after the siren? Who would’ve thought Dane Swan would pick up 48 possessions in a game? Who wouldve though Fremantle would score 1.7 13 in a game? Who would of thought Jurrah would be such a freak? Who would’ve thought Hawthorn would fall greatly after their premiership victory? Who would’ve thought Waverley Park would become extinct? Who would’ve thought the league would be nation wide during the 1950’s and 60s? The list goes on..

  168. Michael Allan says

    Josh it sounds like youve got 12 teams making finals and 7 in the top 4.

    They can’t all make it.

  169. Michael Allan says

    Steve Melbourne becoming preemiers in 2010 is alot stranger than all those things you mentioned.

  170. Steve Healy says

    Who would’ve thought Jim Stynes would win a Brownlow? Who would’ve thought Gold Coast and West Sydney would come in to the league a few years ago? Who would’ve predicted Geelongs unbelievable success streak in 2007?

  171. Melbourne making the finals is a lot more believable.

  172. Steve Healy says

    Geelong has handed numbers to new arrivals Daniel Menzel (No.10), Mitch Duncan (22), Allen Christensen (28), Nathan Vardy (36), Josh Cowan (41), Jack Weston (43), James Podsiadly (31), Ben Johnson (47) and Jesse Stringer (49).

    Former Fremantle defender Marcus Drum, who crossed to the Cattery in trade week, will wear No.23.

    Off the AFL website, Geelong’s new numbers

  173. I was about to post that Steve, thanks for saving me the effort of typing it all (Y)

  174. Steve Healy says

    no problem Josh, yeah I’d still be over the moon if Melbourne just made the finals, and don’t be suprised if it happens

  175. Status – reading The Australian Game Of Football

  176. Steve Healy says

    thats the one with all the scores in it, right?

  177. No, its that book they released to celebrate 150 years of AFL last year. Its the one with the red sherrin as the cover. Its almost 400 pages long. I won it in a competition

  178. Steve Healy says

    oh, not another prize from a competition!

    There are so many footy books with a similiar title. I’ve got one called: A National game

  179. Steve Healy says

    by the way, gotta go, im playing on my brothers’ PS3. Might be back later but if not talk tomrrow. cya

  180. jeez, I wasnt expecting this

  181. Expecting what?

  182. I thought I would’ve missed a hundred comments while I was away, I thought you guys wouldve kept having a conversation

  183. Hmmmm

    Im on superfooty havin a fight with some Richmond wanker (my best friend actually)

  184. lol, well yeah you still have a right to call him that cos he goes for Richmond

  185. Yeah, or an almawanker as Michael called me last night

  186. hahahaha. I wonder if Danni’s visiting her grandparents again?

  187. Hmmm

    Jeez, i just got reminded of a great debut player. Marty McGrath

  188. who?

  189. anyway, im off now cya

  190. Remember Marty McGrath from the Tigers? He kicked 5 goals on debut against the Dogs i think at the Dome in 2003 or 2004. Never did anything after that

  191. I think i stayed up longer than anyone last night, i went to bed at 10:00am. Couldnt sleep for the whole night.

  192. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it was boiling last night, luckily I had the fan on in my room and I got to sleep at around 1:30, which is the earliest i’ve gone to sleep for a couple of weeks!

  193. Hmm i was worried about something so thats why i didnt sleep.

    Steve, did you get my card? Michael got his already

  194. Steve Healy says

    already? Nah I don’t think so

  195. Yeah i was surprised it got there this early.

  196. It was 32 degrees at 6:30 this morning, i was outside at that time playing with the goats.

  197. Steve Healy says

    yeah, dunno how it got there in a day.

    poor goats

  198. Although at the moments its raining, windy and dusty but still pretty humid.

  199. i have no idea what to wear tonight!

  200. That’s no good

    I hear Andrew Lovett has been charged with sexual assuault, he needs to be suspended for by the AFL for a year. And Brad Ottens was seriously injured in a boating incident

  201. yeah i know, and what about the Carlton Rookie handcuffed and forced to drink himself silly by other team members..Where the hell is Juddy??

  202. Judd isn’t superman, he cant look after the whole squad

    Hmmm it really hasnt felt like christmas at all, but with mum cooking in the kitchen, the heat, the radio playing christmas carols and christmas movies on TV, it all of a sudden feels like christmas now. I just wrapped some presents, im the worlds most shocking wrapper. I bought an Almanac to give to my grandparents so i had to sign that one, but i better not wrap it.

  203. lol no duh! Jack Anthony is the ONLY Superman, but come on Juddy has NO CONTROL over his squad!

    yeah i know what you mean.
    My brother bought me silver braclet with my name ingraved in it. lol im wearing it now.
    it raining down my way, which mean indoor barbique lol.

    Currently- wearing so much makeup its not funny! lol

  204. Im currently trying to convince a girl to give the footyalmanac a look, she’s 18 and goes for Geelong and knows a fair bit about footy.

  205. hhhmmm interesting.

    ive decide on the black dress, you know the one i wore to my friends 18th?
    im saving the hawt outfit for the fam Newyear party. lol

  206. I would like to know the actual forecast for tomorrow so i can decide what to wear.

  207. well apprently newyear’s eve is gonna be really hot.
    lol im only saying that cos the outfit i want to wear is summery. :)
    im guessing your jst having a family thingo like me?

  208. For new years eve yeah we’re having a party at my uncle’s house, and same thing for tomorrow.

  209. lol same here.
    im getting board of the routine though!

  210. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, that was ridiculous.

    Is it just me or does Damo keep Carlton under control? As soon as he left to Adelaide the Blues have gone wild.

  211. Yeah i was thinking that before, he probaly is getting heaps of Adelaide and Port Adelaide news and doesnt know whats going on at Carlton lol

  212. Steve Healy says

    Jeez, Ottens can’t even go on a boat trip without being injured

  213. Steve Healy says

    And since when is Christmas day a special dressing up occasion?

  214. Im not dressing up, i just wanna know if i should wash my jumper or jeans or my shirt and shorts.

  215. Steve Healy says

    I’ll just wear shorts and a t-shirt probably

  216. Steve Healy says

    Ah it sucks, I have to go to mass at 10:30 tonight.

  217. Lol

    Steve go on msn if you can buddy

  218. Steve Healy says

    yep im on now as you know.

  219. lol since i was dressed up, i took the oppertunity to take pics of myslef attempting the Superman pose, you know that pic of his pouting!? lol
    ill send it in the next few days.

  220. although..im not wearing a backwards hat so i dont look gangsta! lol

  221. well im off,
    cya guys, enjoy the night!

  222. Steve Healy says

    fair enough, you should find out Superman’s email adress

  223. I can sent it to Harry O and ask him to forward it to Superman Danni? Merry Christmas for tomorrow.

  224. Steve Healy says

    yeah, merry christmas Danni, Josh I doubt he’d do that

  225. You never know, Harry might be in a good mood since its christmas and he might do anything for anyone

  226. Steve Healy says

    who knows, he never replies to anyone’s comments on Facebook though

  227. Merry christmas Fab 5 and other knackers!

  228. Merry Christmas Knackers

  229. Steve Healy says

    merry christmas Josh.

    Guess what I got? A 2010 Dees jumper! They came out just a couple of weeks ago I think.

    I had a great day, I had lunch at Grandma’s. I also got the 2008 and 2009 GF DVD’s, as well as plenty of food and clothes, and a couple of books

  230. Lol awesome Steve

    Mum woke me up by spraying water on me, i got a Wii, 4 deodorant packs that came with shower gel and pens and stuff, a ralph calender, two drinking flasks, a book about all the footy lingo, a book about all the finals stats, and im going to get those shoes soon, as well as either the Collingwood book or the Geelong book. I had a good day at my Aunties.

  231. Steve Healy says

    Nice Josh, sounds good, especially the calendar!

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