Waiting for Footy

The AFL footy fixture wields enormous influence upon the rhythm of life. It has the clout to not only determine where you go and when you go but it also sways your emotional being for a good part of the week. Anticipation and wonder builds, a certain amount of tension already exists but then suddenly swells until the release. Footy has arrived!


But what day does it arrive? What day should it arrive? This is worth mulling over because the day your team plays and the consequent win or loss has a huge impact upon the rest of the week. In the olden days, the rhythm was clock like. Most senior footy was played Saturday arvo, junior footy Saturday morning or perhaps on a Sunday. Your weekend planning was a cert; it went something like this; shopping, kids’ sport or a couple of chores around the home and then the footy. Win or lose you had Saturday night and a Sunday to either whoop or suck it up and then the working week to soak up what was left of your emotions while you began count the days to the next match. Nowadays, planning around footy and the emotional train ride that follows isn’t that clear cut.


I’m not so enamored with Friday night footy. It comes with a rush and I prefer a more meandering approach that allows me to anticipate things. With a head full of a week’s worth of work I need to unbend and mellow a bit. Do you remember Alf Brown’s Friday night column in The Herald? That’s what I’m talking about; fish’n’chips and reading Alf’s review gave you something to sleep on before the game. But now, if your team plays on Friday night you have to rush home, feed the kids, maybe even the chooks too, have a beer and not fall asleep on the couch. Last Friday the Mighty Mayblooms got done and the rest of my weekend was done with them. There was nothing left to look forward to. I didn’t wanna listen to the wireless, I didn’t wanna watch the tele and I certainly didn’t wanna listen to me mate bullshit on about bloody Richmond. Lose on Friday night and your left with bugger all for the rest of the weekend. Even if you win what do you do footywise the next day? It’s a void.


Saturday footy is best, which is why I spend more time at the local footy these days. Saturday arvo is the best of the best as you get to do the chores, run around after the billy lids and still grab a cold tinny on the way to the ground. A win on Saturday arvo gives you a good reason to enjoy Saturday night. Saturday eve footy is ok too. You still get the anticipation, time to meet your commitments and if you’re between 15-85 you can hit the town to celebrate a win. If need be Saturday night can help forget a loss, particularly a bad one and then you can use Sunday to help with the getting over. Saturday footy lets you savour life.


Sunday footy is no good. I’m not pious and so it’s not a sacrilegious issue. Sunday is too long to wait; if you win you don’t get the time to gloat that you’re entitled to. It’s also a bloody long time to hang around only to watch your team lose. Sunday is for reading the papers about how your time won. Sunday is for dozing on the couch content that your team is the greatest team in the comp, or if they lost you doze not giving a bugger ‘cause it’s only a game. Sunday is when you might nick down the TAB to collect or when you have a quick squiz at the fixture for the next round. Sunday is when you get to drop around your mate’s and enjoy watching him listening to Richmond lose on the wireless while you drink his Coopers. That’s what Sundays are for.


This Friday the Mighty Mayblooms front up on the tele, again.


  1. Guru Gus - Singapore says

    Saturday arvo footy is the best – I went to a VFL game in June, Port v Sandy, and it was just magnificent. It was one of those weekends in June that being a split round, there was no AFL game in Melbourne that afternoon. Watching the footy at Port was just like the old days – going to a suburban ground, standing with a can in hand, and kick to kick at the breaks and after the game. Just fantastic.

  2. Steve Hodder says

    I wonder how much TV rights have got to do with the demise of Sat arvo AFL games? On the other hand, local footy crowds are up and that’s a very good thing. VFL Grand Final this Sunday.


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