WAFL whacks Tassie – and a word for Andy Collins

by Les Everett



A big mark by Tasmania’s Ben Reynolds in the inter-league game at Bassendean Oval. Photos by Les Everett


WA thrashed Tasmania at Bassendean Oval on Saturday – it was the WAFL’s fourth interstate victory in a row… more of that later.


Brett Peake scrambles through one of his seven goals.

The visitors began well and got the first goal through Ian Callinan but once WA got organised the game was over as a contest. The most impressive aspect of the performance by the local team was their kicking – a 55m pass from Josh Bootsma to Brett Peake was an early highlight.


Jye Bolton

By half time WA led by 60 points and after a little shake from Tassie after the break the procession continued. The star, and Simpson Medal winner, was Jye Bolton who just kept getting the ball, Peake kicked seven goals, Ben Saunders scored six, Paul Johnson was the best ruckman and received good support from Darcy Cameron (three goals). In fact just about every WAFL player was worthy of mention with Luke Meadows, Marlion Pickett and Nic Rodda good in defence and Leigh Kitchen, Ashton Hams, Shane Nelson, Ryan Neates and Aaron Black all good in the midfield while Tony Notte enjoyed playing at home and spending all the game in the forward line rather than filling holes everywhere.


Harry Walters drives Tassie forward.


Tassie had their moments, Jake Cox showed good evasive skills, Harry Walters battled hard in defence and Jobi Harper did some good things.

WAFL 25.14 (164) Tasmania 4.6 (30)


On 29 May the SANFL beat the VFL in Adelaide by 19 points. After the game VFL coach Andy Collins said:

“No disrespect to the other states, it would be good if Victoria and SA played yearly rather than every two years, or three, or whatever it is,’’ he said.

“I know Western Australia is ranked highly, but the rivalry between SA and Victoria has got a lovely history and should be an annual event.’’

Well, my suggestion is that if you want a lovely history project done don’t go to Andy Collins. Here’s some history…

2013: WAFL 17.16 (118) d VFL (101)

2014: WAFL 19.18 (132) d NEAFL 6.11 (47)

2015: WAFL 18.13 (121) d SANFL 11.10 (76)

Andy, that was was disrespectful – and a bit stupid.


WA’s Tim Kelly. The Tasmanian runner is Tim Geappen who had a great career at Bassendean.


Darcy Cameron flies high.

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  1. Trucker Slim says

    Hi Les

    Oh seeing that grandstand in one of your pictures brings back memories of running down that flank, playing for Belmont U18s back in the day. The day being the late 70s.

    Good on WA and great write up and snaps Les.

    But lay off Andy Collins mate. He’s a Crimmins medalist! Are you? I rest my case. As a Hawks three time premiership player, he can say whatever he wants.

    Other than that, good piece.


  2. Rick, you played for the same junior club as Michael Johnson (All Australian 2013).

  3. Mick Jeffrey says

    Mind you, beating the NEAFL and Tasmania is like a senior team summarily belting an Under 15s team so should those games really be factored in heavily when it comes to interstate domination? Plus when was the last time WA were the road team against either Vic or SA?

  4. Someone has to play at home.

    Cross out the NEAFL & Tassie games from the list and it tells the same story.

    The point is that Collins is suggesting the WAFL, NEAFL & Tassie are not worthy of playing SA & Vic because of some “lovely history”.

    No talk of interstate domination here. Just a call for a little respect. And that shouldn’t be hard for the state league rated third on the basis of interstate games in recent years.

  5. Rick Kane says

    I hear the threat of secession in your request (ahem, demand) Les. Onya

  6. Collins is one who wants to secede…. with his lovely SA partner.

    My point, on behalf of WA, is to be inclusive. You could call it a federation.

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