VAFA Premier C – PEGS v Fitzroy: The ‘made’ were ‘in the gada da vida’ – then la la B(o)mb(er)*

by (King) George III (Stephen Fenton)


The  ‘made’ were ‘in the gada da vida’ –  then la la B(o)mb(er)*


‘Pegs hang lion cubs out to dry’, ‘Pride bombed’, ‘Lay down lions’, ‘Seagulls squawk’ yada, yada, yada we copped it all.


Used to be, 50 years ago in 1968, a score of 7.14.56 was enough to win a Grand Final against the Bombers 8.5.53 in the now Alternative Football League. Not anymore it seems.


PEG’s champion Andrew Frazer playing his 300th game was given a rousing welcome to the match by his whole club community from just before beginning of play when rushing through his banner and ‘on the day’ it was enough for his team to carry him over the line and then shoulder high off the ground through the avenue of both sides in what appeared a genuine and authentic humble gratitude, flowing both ways, between he and his admirers. Well done to Andrew, his family and the Bombers entourage.


Humbled but graciously fed by the victors post game and not umble pie but real ones and pizza for those who wanted it we eventually travelled back to the shEDDY for Trivia Night where the Tram Conductors and the Serafini Allstars combo, after leading all night were beaten by 1 point in the last round –failing to know the actual and supposed (self determined) goals by our Thirds leading goal kicker in 2017. How lucky the Thirds table of Ramsden Street Marvels just happened to be knowledgeable enough under the direction of their coach Trent Coleman to pip us at the last hurdle-bravo. Congratulations also to Sharon Torney, Kate Nolan and Keith ‘ACU’ Dimech our incomparable Quiz Master and all the others who made the night a huge success.


Oh! the game- our NL’s Nathan Ligris and Nino Lazzaro like their namesakes( mined away all day and together with the Maxi’s Davie and Ellis flew the flag while young Hart showed some.


Soon after games end some ‘Smokie’ signals seemed to be coming from the CYMS bay area and as we had put the ‘albatross around their neck’ the previous week this day it was  ‘us’  to go home “a sadder and wiser man”.


Q1 Q2 Q3        Q4
PEGS  Football Club 2.1-13 5.6-36 6.6-42 10.12-72
Fitzroy FC 3.8-26 3.8-26 4.14-38   7.14-56



Goal Kickers: A. Romanyk 2, M. Philpot 2, T. Mendico 2, H. Wade, T. McConville, M. Wilson, C. Livori
Best Players: M. Philpot, R. Baddeley, M. Wilson, S. Whillas, J. Marr, A. Frazer



Goal Kickers: N. Lazzaro 2, S. Baker 2, J. Turner, N. Jumeau, T. Clayton
Best Players: M. Davie, M. Ellis, N. Lazzaro, N. Ligris, D. Toohey, J. Hart



By George!111










  1. Well played, K G 3.

    Entertaining as always. I sense that a loss will shake from Fitzroy any hubris that may have crept in after their pummelling of Willy CYs.

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