VAFA Premier C Grand Final – Fitzroy v Old Geelong: A windy day at Trevor Barker Oval


The Roy Boys, first and seconds, are taking on Old Geelong, first and seconds in the Premier C Division of the VAFA at the Trevor Barker Oval in Sandringham. To say it’s a windy day is an understatement. It’s very gusty, with heavy rain showers that threatened and occasionally happened and it’s cold, no it’s bloody cold. A great day for a footy Grand Final!!!!!!!


I got there after a pleasant tram/ train trip just after 2 o’clock to hear the Fitzroy song being sung loudly from the change rooms. The Fitzroy reserves have won the flag. The firsts were on the field doing warm ups with the job ahead of them. I pitied the players, the strong gusty wind would make kicking and marking very difficult.


Old Geelong were playing in green and white hoops, apparently school colours. Last time I saw them at the Brunswick ground they wore blue and white and they got thrashed. Are they trying something different?


Right on 2.20 the game started and the Roys meant business. Forgetting about the terrible conditions they showed great passing, marking and kicking for goal skills. They completely out played Old Geelong and at quarter time they had a match winning lead of about 8 goals. Not that at the time I thought it was a match winning lead, because Old Geelong had the advantage of the wind that may have helped them.


The second quarter showed that the Roy Boys were not concerned about the weather, they out bustled, and there always seemed to be another player helping his teammate win possession of the ball. It was great teamwork and it was unrelenting.  Old Geelong managed a few goals but at half time Fitzroy held a 28 point lead.


Rod (one of the Carlton Four) and I decided to shelter from the weather and what better place than the Sandringham Football Club Social Club. I was a bit jittery about the game so I needed a couple of cleansing ales to ease the nerves. The ale tasted good but the unease was still there as the third quarter started.


Fitzroy hit the scored board early on, but Old Geelong were really putting the pressure on and blocked many forward moves from the Roy Boys. I wanted another 8 goal quarter but it wasn’t to be so at three quarter time I reckon the game was still in the balance. The three quarter huddle was electric. Coach Mahoney’s speech urged the players to make history by winning the first Fitzroy flag since 1944. The players and spectators roared for a win.


Twenty eight or so minutes left in the Grand Final, and even though the Roy Boys had a big lead, the wind was in Old Geelong,s favour, but Fitzroy dominated the quarter and kicked two or three goals early. They were far too strong and ended up winning by 70 points much to the jubilation of the big Fitzroy crowd.


The presentation was a rowdy joyous affair, smiles the gusty wind and rain couldn’t stop complete with an enthusiastic rendering of the club song. Fitzroy’s first premiership for over 74 years and promotion to Premier B in the VAFA in 2019.


As Rod and I were heading towards the station we met a Mr Harms who was keen for us to join him for a ride home. He was anxious to avoid the city because of a footy match at the MCG, so Rod directed us through the “Sandbelt”, St Kilda, Elsternwick, Toorak, Burnley, Richmond, Collingwood and North Carlton, it was like doing a Contiki tour, a journey made even more enjoyable with wide ranging discussions on the many intrigues of  all codes of sports.


Best for Fitzroy. The whole 22 footballers, plus the coaches, trainers, water personnel and the huge group of Fitzroy supporters.


Special mention to Rory Angiolella voted BOG.


Rod Oaten



  1. Mighty win by the Mighty Roys, but i doubt if i’ve ever been so cold at a footy match ….

  2. Thanks for the match report Rod, I could feel the chills and the warmth in your words.
    Go Roys!

  3. Love it, Rod.
    The Contiki tour of Melbourne on a slate grey Saturday is superb.

    Well done to players & supporters & volunteers & members.

  4. God job Rod it was a great win by this amazing group of young men. So satisfying as a former player and now senior supporter!

  5. well put Rod…seemed like a great day all round!

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