VAFA – Fitzroy v Old Melburrnians: Arise Sir Gator

by King George III


Matt “ ’gator” Gaite doubled over with whole body cramps and was gasping for air at times in last Saturday’s match against Old Melburnians; even in this sublux state he matched the height of most of our mosquito fleet. The two senior games that he has played and by next Saturday his six senior training sessions will form the basis of his firsts ‘preseason’ after he has progressed through the thirds and reserves. Gator has the potential, from efforts we were able to observe at Caulfield and on viewing Saturday’s match on VAFA TV, of lasting for up to three Quarters this week and that will lift our ruck stocks and concomitant winning chances enormously.

With a backline that may include Max Ellis ,Tom Biscaro, THB, Al “Waldorf” Green, Dan Bisetto (doubling as swing ruckman) and possibly Jack Parkinson the Roys are ready to give Gator the back up he needs. Corbin Stevic and the mosquito fleet including new boy Dale Sheedy (2 on debut) can do the job down forward as between them they have kicked 48 of our 59 goals so far this season.

Special mention for extraordinary efforts being made each week by the likes of Jack Dalton, Tom Cheshire , Cailean Moore whom along with others sometimes appear to be being edited out of what actually happens on the field in ‘neo Stalinist’ or absent minded fashion.

The challenge is there for Gator this week to aspire to the mantle of St Bede’s retired champion of their premiership campaigns of 06, 07 and 08 – Luke Wintle. As challenges go they don’t come much bigger than that in amateur football; but then again not many come taller than the Gator.

As for you, peripatetic Phil [Hill], the Saint I’m thinking of as a suitable patron is Therese of Lisieux; reasons will be in a future report. As for your aspersions against one of our player’s father, a man well known to me, of teetotal and sober habits I’m considering sending my Counsel to the airport on your return with a writ of habeas corpus to explain yourself and more importantly to extract danegeld to pay Mick Smale the balance of our shared further sponsored player I confirmed in your absence!

One final observation: we don’t want to see the look of deepest despair we saw in the faces of Palmieri and Ellis at the end of last week’s game (and to think those good old boys were only manning the scoreboard!).

On to victory at the BSO next Saturday. Go Roys.

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