Using the old noggin’

Here’s one of the more unusual “caught behind”s you’re ever likely to see. Thanks to Luke Ridgwell for passing on the link.






  1. I almost know how that bowler feels. Two years ago in a semi-final a batsman smashed a ball I bowled back to my right. Because I’m a bit stupid, I put saving runs ahead of safety and stuck my right foot out to stop it. It hit my ankle flush and almost carried back to the keeper.

    It’s still tender in that spot.

    On the positive side, I got the batsman out a couple of balls later (using a hobbling run-up).

  2. Great field placement – putting the keeper back there.

  3. Gee, that’s a bit rough. The bowler has the pain of the blow to the head but he doesn’t get the compensation of the wicket.

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