Twenty Eighteen, Round One Done.

Greetings Tipsters


Wow, that was great fun, I haven’t enjoyed a Round One like that for years. Not that I watched all, Day Of The Jackal wasn’t to be missed.


Melbourne and Geelong are the two oldest clubs in the country and among the oldest football clubs in the world, it’s great to see them going at it to the last seconds. The Fuschias’ knockdown/rebuild is at that last lick of paint stage, the Pivotonians have DAS but Tom Hawkins didn’t kick a goal.


Deep in the Far North, the Schoolies fought the Shinboners for the inaugural Gerard Neesham Cup. Brad Scott has the honour of coaching the team with the lowest marks stat on record. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall at Scott family Christmas?


Adelaide were pantsed, the neighbours did as expected. We know that 16 goals to Freo’s 9 is well within their capabilities, let’s see how switched on the Power is next week.


Westralian kicks 8 in first GAFL match at Perth Stadium. It was glorious. Lance hung around near the goalsquare, like Tony used to, he had space and used it, he demanded the ball, it was a classic full-forward performance the likes of which we rarely see. Tony’s straightened his approach to set shots, too.


The Wiggles were more creditable than expected. The more Naitanui plays, the better they’ll be, esp when Josh gets back on the paddock. Neat colour combo, red and blue against green.


Colours, remember when Monaros wore charcoal and pale orange? I recommended the old Balmain colours and, by crikey, they’ve gotten there. Orange and black, a strong, definite strip.


Hard to judge how good a team is when the oppo is terrible. Team selection and positioning all over the shop, buggerall attitude, has success spoiled Footscray? Monaros were playing tricoloured witches hats for much of the game, it was a damned slick demo they put on. Kaboom Mumford’s retirement has made them a more balanced team. They’re working harder, invaluable now, let alone September.


I reckon this week we are allowed to change our projections. Dogs and Pies are demoted to ‘No Chance.’ Maybe Nat is putting time into the kids, like Tony Shaw did, for the sake of the club. Why else play your one natural forward in the backline if not to teach him? Selflless act, Nat, may the Cigar Club embrace you.


Not like the ODNBs. Gee, are they clueless or what? Two years the Boy Coach wasted on teaching the players dour defense while the list did a 98.5% turnover, and for what? So they could pop up with a fast running game and give the reigning Prems a decent fright? Give Fast Eddie a call, he’ll tell you that there’s many a better way to do it.


Promotion and scheduling for the DAFL Grand Final was predictably diabolical. Thanks girls, (pats on the head), we’ll see you next year. Times like this, I am struck by a vision of Aragorn in a gilt carriage, tossing pennies to the peasants.


(Germaine Greer and Camille Paglia debate Aragorn and BT)


The dread superfluity has returned. There was little chance of getting thru an article or press conference the last few days without encountering “going forward.”


“Yeah, nah, look, playing our best backman at centre half-forward is, yeah, ah, we’re planning for next week going forward.”


“Mm, yeah, fifteen goals is okay but going forward we want him to, mm, yeah, apply some defensive pressure.”


The Jaguars have some stiff opposition in the next two weeks going forward. F**K, I oughta have copied the real quotes when I had the chance.


Anyway… What must it be like to be a fan with no sense of reality? “Richo will take us to the flag, you’ll see.”


The March heroes are done, reality has had its first little shake out.


Cheers Tipsters



P&C A Stop Privatisation Of Footy Production
Brought to you with the assistance of Guinness and backyard quietitude.


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  1. Dunno why I bother watching it, when I can get the guts of it all from you Earl. Backyard quietude has much to recommend it.
    Pagan’s Paddock? Buddy’s Backyard? I can see Horse dragging any forward that plays within 50 metres of him, and opposition coaches going the 3 on 1. Everything old is new again.

  2. Earl O'Neill says

    Oh dear. Evidently I hit ‘submit for review’ instead of ‘save as draft.’

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