Tom Wills Grave Restoration – Last Day Update!

Today is the last day of the crowd funding campaign for the Tom Wills grave restoration project.

All those involved are excited to announce that we have hit (and exceeded) our target!! A huge thank you to all those who contributed and helped spread the word.

For those who are still keen to contribute it is not too late!! You can still do so via

We are now turning our mind to what we should do with the slight overrun of funds. We will be in contact with all donors to outline this in a bit more detail in the coming days, but possibilities include establishing a way to help with ongoing maintenance of the grave or establishing a Tom Wills Scholarship fund where an emerging historian would be paid to produce some work on the early years of Australian sport. Feel free to suggest ideas below.

Again a massive thanks from all involved. It has been amazing to see such a response from grassroots sports lovers and organisations including the MCC and Cricket Australia who value the contribution Tom has made to Australian life.





Tom Wills

Tom Wills




  1. Great stuff. Given the motivation behind starting this campaign how about using some excess funds to have community footy club staff (trainers or coaches) do Mental Health First Aid training. Glen! could tell you where to source it in Victoria.
    Really valuable 2 day workshop on how to identify and provide initial support to people who are struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Its an issue where we often have concerns but ignore things because we feel out of our depth.
    Great that the Almanac community could achieve what the AFL and MCC have ignored.
    Be the change you want to see in the world. PB!

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Fantastic but has the afl contributed as personally I think it is there responsibilyy don’t get me wrong it is a significant achievement by every one involved I am just bewildered in that the afl has not taken on the responsibility itself for such a significant person in our great game

  3. ned_wilson says

    Great to see this get up. Special metion to Phil and Marius who have contributed substantial time and effort to the cause. Well done gents.

  4. Keiran Croker says

    Another suggestion for funding through a Tom Wills Foundation would be support of Indigenous coaches at all levels.

  5. Dave Brown says

    Well done to Marius and Phil and all involved. While the AFL should see this sort of thing as their responsibility, being the national body for the game and all, I think that it’s wonderful this could be achieved without their involvement. They can own many things but they cannot own our game’s history.

  6. Sean Gorman says

    Top stuff. Well dome fellas. Just a question how much have CA and the AFL kicked in or is that on the down low?

  7. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Sean, AFL has not contributed a single tweet, let alone money.
    First inductee into AFL Hall of Fame. Tom Wills Round in 2008.
    MCC have been supportive through emailing their members and alerting them to the project and CA is interested in being involved.
    I ‘d love for this project to lead to a Scholarship (happy to provide my services as voluntary mentor), better awareness of addiction and mental health problems (PB, Glen!) and a concerted effort to encourage indigenous coaching (Keiran C ) and cricket participation.

    The lack of representation of indigenous cricketers at the highest levels is staggering when you consider Wills’ assemblage in 1866.

    First of all and importantly, I’d like to see Tom Wills be given a dignified and respectable resting place. Thanks and congrats to JTH, Marius and all the contributors. We are doing a good thing.

  8. Mark Duffett says

    I’d like to see the memorial incorporate some well-maintained turf – symbolising both a playing field and the grass roots that it sprang from.

  9. Phil,
    If you do decide to go down the Indigenous scholarship path,
    I have an indigenous mate who may be able to assist in
    some way.

  10. Great effort chaps. I’m looking forward to catching up and paying my pledge.

    Is there an Almanac evening function on the radar in the foreseeable future ?


  11. To take up on the important point Peter raised re Mental Health First Aid, MHFA,,they can be contacted here in Victoria on 9079 0200.

    They’re based in inner north in Parkville.

    Do yourself a favour , get in touch with them, do the training, maybe you might even go a bit further to become a MHFA instructor; i was for a few years. Though i no longer an instructor the knowledge and skills i gained are fantastic.


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