Tom Browne, Twitter and Tasmanian Footy

Perhaps it was because of the split round and lack of games filling the weekend.

Perhaps it was due to eyeballs and minds being redirected to  State of Origin, the World Cup or international rugby.

Whatever the case, over the weekend 7 News and Triple M AFL reporter Tom Browne tweeted the following (without any additional context) about the state of Tasmanian football and the prospect of a team being relocated or established on the Apple Isle.

Along with a whole host of regular punters lining up to disagree with Tom, a few more prominent names in the business, including past and present Tasmanian players, warmed up their thumbs and tapped out a response.

ABC Grandstand’s Alister Nicholson had the following to say:

Matthew Richardson kept it short and sweet:

While Jack Reiwoldt saw no reason to put any lipstick on his verbal pig:

The Almanac’s own JTH enquired a little more politely as to Tom Browne’s line of thinking:

Unfortunately, thus fur there is only the sound of crickets in response.

While the response from other twitter users was heartening, comments like this from a mainstream media journalist are at best unnecessary and at worst ill-informed and damaging to footy. Tom Browne occupies a special place in AFL twitter and is known for making comments that raise the ire of many fans and generate heated debate.

Last week the Alamanac published a sensation piece from Martin Flanagan in defence of grass roots footy and the state of play in Tasmania. Perhaps its time Martin got on Twitter to balance the ledger?




  1. I am so pleased with myself that I refrained from responding to this ridiculous tweet.

  2. george smith says

    Tasmania and Canberra could be the saviours of the 2 peculiar franchises. One with all the talent in the world reminiscent of Brisbane 1996, the other in a quagmire reminiscent of Fitzroy 1996.

    Since amalgamation was such a success, at least in the short term, in 1997, amalgamate I say. There is already a team in Sydney, you don’t need another one with Shute Shield crowds. So proper amalgamation for the GWS/ACT giants, with half their games at Manuka, and half their games at Sydney Showground. The big stadium is off limits because once again the Soccer/Rugby League mob has done a Newman and Redford on the AFL.

    With the Suns, if you amalgamate with Brisbane, all Victorian supporters will scream blue murder after the rorting of the system by Wayne “Fairy Godfather” Jackson which netted 3 consecutive premierships to the undeserving…

    So it’s off to Tasmania for you, which will cause a myriad of problems – do you play in Launceston or Hobart or will anyone in either city speak to each other…

    What about the local competition? Will it wither on the vine like Geelong West, or Tempy Gorya Patchewollock?

    What about Hawthorn, they will be a bit cheesed about giving up their nice little earner…

  3. Dave Brown says

    Disclaimer – I support the relocation of the Gold Coast franchise to Tasmania.

    Yes, that is a very silly tweet but his follow up tweets explaining his position I think reflect the reality of thinking in AFL house. The AFL does not want another boutique side in the competition as there are already too many (I won’t name them because I’m likely to cause offence).

    Of course what is lacking is any sense not that Tasmania owes the AFL something in order to warrant a team, but as the national body the AFL owes Tasmania the responsibility of fostering football in that state.

    While the Gold Coast continues with minimal support, the AFL can essentially neglect them to advantage. Sure they cost a bit of coin but they can be the fall guys for Port Adelaide’s China experiment and getting an extra game in at the new Perth Stadium and whatever else the AFL want to do that would upset other clubs. With that club in Tasmania, using it as the Washington Generals to the rest of the league’s Harlem Globetrotters would be much more difficult.

  4. John Butler says

    Dave, from memory, the AFL budgeted to spend $21 million on the Suns last year and ended up tipping in more than $25 million.

    If that’s your idea of a bit of coin then it’s your shout for lunch. :)

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