Tiwi Islands Footy : The Spirit of the Game

While the footy focus on the weekend was the NTFL grand finals, the Tiwi Islands league held their season deciders as well.

Footy in the Tiwi’s is about as grass roots as you can get and has a flair that is unmatched in the southern states.

The ABC’s James Purtell caught the Tiwi Island’s grand final on Sunday and filed a fantastic report of the action.


They play high-risky footy. It’s attack at all costs, [says veteran broadcaster Charlie King.]They don’t put in a lot of effort in shutting down players and taggers and those sorts of things. They take it from one end of the ground to the other end of the ground without actually handing it over. The skill level is extraordinary. At ground level when the ball hits the ground they just run at it at a great rate of knots.

It’s footy as it was a long time ago.


The full article can be found via this link.

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