Pies good enough

Round 7 Collingwood v Brisbane Lions.


by Tim O’Leary


Enough – [ih-nuhf] adjective
adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire: enough water; noise enough to wake the dead.

In the off-season I managed to get a Telstra phone/internet/tbox thingy bundle with what I thought was going to be live AFL. Somehow I got this ‘through’ both lower and upper houses of the domestic parliament and I was feeling pretty good about my negotiation skills until I learnt that all I could have access to was replays! (Unless I want to pay an extra $25 then I get the live footy- as if that will get through the Senate now that austerity measures seem to have taken hold of the household!)

So it’s off to the local pub go with my brother-in-law Johnno, who is down with his wife Maria for her 50th. He’s turning 50 in June so they’re having a combined 100th! Party! Anyway he’s a Carlton man so it’s big on his part to come along.


Dawesy was a late withdrawal and Yagmoor was in so the night began on a positive note (sorry Dawesy!)

Sinclair began the evening with his ‘almost…just missed’ routine but before long he actually delivered and in no time Tony Shaw was talking him up as the next Krakouer!

Early on they looked rubbish and we looked like a combination of classy sloppiness!

Clokey missed out on an over the shoulder tackle that Selwood would get awarded every game he plays. It was a game where you stop expecting frees to be paid our way.


Dids kept bobbing up and it was great to see the number 4 back. He had a shot and missed and when he handed the footy back to the wrong Lions player it fifty gifted them a point – a fitting result to a stupid ruling!

The experiment with Keefe up forward came to an abrupt halt when Harry took out the wrong Brown – our Nathan.

Going in to half time the result was a done deal.


The third quarter saw the Lions come out and play with greater intensity than us and we looked to have lost our first quarter mojo before Bucks moved Swanny to Full Forward where he promptly slotted 2 and should have bagged a third. Go Swanny!

Meanwhile the umpy paid us an ‘advantage’ that led me to want to look up the definition of the word in the dictionary.

The Lions kicked a few in a row and the crowd noise suggested that the Lions were in with a sniff, meanwhile Johnno was saying ‘they’re back!’ with a cheeky smile!


The Lions began the last quarter with a roar that lasted for five minutes and soon became a whimper as our class saw us boosting our percentage. Cloke gave away a free in the fashion that he himself experiences every week but is never awarded! He told the umpy that, or maybe a spicier version and another 50 followed!

In a game when Sinclair was among the top goal scorers, Goldy now popped up with three to suggest that he could play the McCaffer role.

On the down side, the injury curse of 2012 continues to haunt, but it appears that it may be ligamental. On the upside, the Brissy press were calling the Lions the bad News Bears and Vossy now boasts a 9-38 record since the 2010 season.
The midfield and backline won us this game but our forward entry and forward structure was shaky.

The MH votes:
3. Swanny -for goals and class
2. Steele – for stepping up in the midfield and I like how he carries himself
1. Heater – great rebound out of defence, a nice goal and a bit of a screamer!

Honourable mentions to Marty Clarke, Pendles, Reid, Maxxy and Sinclair!

The DR’s:
3. Harry – because he took out Browny
2. Clokey – stop sookin, re-sign and get on with it!
1. Wellers – promises so much…


  1. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Good signs Tim,

    I like how Buck’s is getting players to be more versatile and I’m liking how they are getting more confident with switching the play. The next 2 weeks will reveal a fair bit.

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