These are the days of our lives

Days of Our Lives


Episode 1 – Two weeks ago – An Auto Repair shop on Moorabin Road


“Geez Ross you’ve really run this one into the ground.  The front end’s stuffed and needs a complete new suspension.  Why didn’t you bring it in for a service every 10,000K’s like I told you?”


“Yeah I know mate, trouble was I had to run it into the ground to get where we needed to go the last few months.  Bloody thing refused to start for ages when the weather got cold.  Eventually got the blokes to push it up Mount Dandenong, and we got up a bit of momentum and managed to roll start it.  Trouble was by the time we got going, we had no petrol left in the tank.”


“Well I’ve had it on the dynamometer, and I’m sorry to tell you that the motors stuffed.  No acceleration in the midrange any more.  Nothing I can do.  Needs a total rebore.”


“Can’t you just change the points mate, to get it firing again?  I was hoping to take it around the block a couple more times?”


“Sorry Ross, you just can’t get the parts any more.  Used to be that you could just wave a bunch of notes in front of the right blokes and the parts would magically appear.  Can’t do that any more.  You’ll have to rebuild her from the ground up.”


“Mate you know that’s not my go.  Haven’t the time or the inclination.  Anyway the company have told me they’ll repossess it if I can’t get it going better next year.  And you know I can’t afford to be without wheels in my line of work.”


“Look mate, I’d love to help you, but this one’s more a proposition for the wreckers than a trade-in.”


“Any suggestions?”


“Mate of mine in Perth has got a Purple GT Falcon that he reckons still goes, and he says its going for a song.  Its got a huge donk, and while he had some tyre troubles recently he reckons it could really go with a retread.  The Croatian fluffy dice on the front mirror is a winner with the girls.  You could do worse Ross.”


“Thanks mate.  Might go over and kick the tyres and see if its worth taking for a spin.  I’ll be off.”


“Ross just one question, when we were checking the spare we found a black G-String under back seat?  You haven’t been playing around at your age have you?’

“Bloody Sam.  Told him he could use it Saturday night if he looked after it.  Bloody kids.  I’m off to Perth mate to check out that Purple Falcon.”


Episode 2 Next Week – The Stirling Highway panelbeaters reckon this one’s still a goer.  Does the Kwinana Motorplex have a new drag racing contender?  Stay tuned for the next episode – “Days of Thunder – Gone in 60 Seconds”.


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