The View from Sheppaton- Round 19

More accurately this could be styled as “The View from Moree and Beenleigh en route to the Gold Coast”

Samantha Lane on the ABC footy program titled “The Inquisition” (I think) which runs on Sunday afternoons mentioned recently that in the previous week on the Friday night she had found herself in overnight accommodation at  a motel in a South East Queensland  location. She had not been able to get any coverage of that night’s game until it occurred to her that it would be available on the internet.

I was in a similar situation myself last Friday as my wife and I got as far as Moree on a trip from Shepparton on the way to Beenleigh, then the Gold Coast. By the way, on the Newell Highway these days the posted speed limit all the way through is 100 kilometres, what happened to the 110 kilometre per hour zones? This certainly slows one’s progress; we were hoping to make it to Goondiwindi at least. Having said that, the speed limit is indicative at best judging by the fact that we were overtaken by all and sundry, buses, long length hauliers, cars with seemingly long caravans which undoubtedly had all fixtures aboard, including the kitchen sink.

I digress, the best I could manage on Friday night with a lack of internet access was 774 from Melbourne which was at times amazingly clear although of course from that distance it tended fade away from time to time. I have to say that even though I have spent many years living in Queensland, and for that matter Canberra, and was thus aware of the limited coverage of AFL in the northern states, this situation was a stark reminder of how far Aussie Rules has to go before it can it claim to be the all embracing national code.  The coverage was simply non existent, hardly the way to go if the game is ever to really take hold in non Aussie Rules areas. Just one more point on this, I am pretty sure that there was no live coverage on radio or TV of the Collingwood Geelong game in Brisbane on Saturday night.

So to round 19.

Collingwood now deservedly sit on top of the ladder. Geelong would be extremely angry about the goal that wasn’t and though of course one can never tell, would argue that given the run of play at that particular moment they might have run away with it. On the other hand Collingwood had by far the most forward sorties and thus THEY could say that a twelve point lead wouldn’t have taken much to reel back in. The AFL surely cannot sustain the argument any longer that human error is all part of the game. Use has to be made of video replays even though their use would inevitably slow the game down.

I’m glad that Carlton and Melbourne had good wins as they are both really great on their day. Would think that it is a real possibility now that Melbourne could displace Hawthorn in the eight. Just on that, great vote of confidence that Jeff gave to Clarkson in saying that he had been out coached. I can’t understand him (Jeff), why doesn’t he say what he really thinks just occasionally, instead of beating around the bush. Anyway, for Richmond, Reiwoldt’s rich vein of form seems to have deserted him and with that, their mid season comeback. The frustrating Essendon had a down day once again. I thought that given that in my view Essendon and Melbourne play a similar style of game the result would be close. I see that Jurrah made the best player’s list, if he maintains form that would make Melbourne an even more exciting final’s prospect. Carlton’s Garlett on his day is also worth going to see in his own right.

It was good that Sydney beat Hawthorn as once again the whole competition is weakened if interstate sides are consistently outclassed by their Victorian counterparts. Keiran Jack may not have played Rugby League at an elite level or perhaps at all, but his success is very encouraging from the point of view that those from a Rugby League background can succeed in our game. I hope that this win will represent a real turn around in Sydney’s form

North Melbourne are still a final’s prospect, Freo have had it, simple as that, which is really unfortunate. Once again, as a Lions supporter can only envy the North Melbourne resurgence. Don’t envy though the number of supporters that they have, or rather don’t, with only 14891 at the game. I hope that my mob don’t end up with a similar lack of support.

The Western Bulldogs had a good win; they are looking OK as well. Ironic that their best players hailed from South Australia. The Crows just haven’t been good enough this year when it really counted and it was their experienced players that were the most effective. This is fair enough of course but it doesn’t necessarily bode well for the argument that they will do much better next year.

St Kilda thrashed Port; this was always going to happen. The pleasing thing for the Saints is that they don’t have to rely exclusively on Reiwoldt being in top form to be a force; he was merely one of many who played well. For Primus it was a reality check as to where the Power are in the pecking order.

Brisbane beat the West Coast at home. This in itself is a really good achievement but other than that the game had little real interest. The one highlight though was Brown’s inspirational leadership.

At this stage still looks like a Collingwood Geelong grand final.

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  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    The lack of AFL coverage is noticed when people travel north isn’t it? Spare a thought for those of us living north of the Murray
    Do you think the AFL will realise that they might need to increase the TV coverage in order to help promote their 2 new teams?

  2. Rocket Rod Gillett says

    Where our game is taking root is at the kids’ level.

    Saw Churchie play BBC in a school game on what was once sacred rugby ground on Monday night. Just amazing to see 4 goalposts instead of two!

    Besides the footy is too good in SE Qld to stay indoors to watch footy on TV.

    Our game goes for far too long!

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