The View From Shepparton- Round 13

How I hate split rounds, there is no cadence, no rhythm to life. 8 matches, a million days between the first and last game of the round. I can’t even remember half the time what happened 5 minutes ago let alone what may have transpired over the last fortnight or so. Besides, my game preparation has been interrupted by my having had a partial knee replacement a week ago. At least I have joined the big boys in having a worthwhile sporting injury but I have to say that the recovery is painful.

So what can I dredge up.

Hawthorn look like they will make the eight even though they have a tough game this week. Their win against a plucky Essendon was good, with Franklin being great. I don’t think that there is anything better to watch in our game than a long run with 3 or more bounces followed by a goal, kicked whilst in full tow and from the boundary. Franklin showed exquisite skills with a couple of such goals. It has taken him a while to get going this year but when he does, wow!

My mob were thrashed by Richmond and at the Gabbatoir. Well good luck to the Tiges and boy, has Jack Riewoldt come into his own now. I am afraid that for the Lions their season is kaput and Brendon Fevola’s form even more so. If there is a more enigmatic player in the game I would like to know his identity.

Freo had a great away win against Carlton but as a sort of honorary Freo supporter I was getting more and more concerned the longer the last term went as Carlton would not go away. Again a great player goaded into retaliation by the negative unsportsmanlike conduct of his immediate opponent that is Judd v McPhee. I understand that there is no actual rule against such negative tactics if they are in the run of play but surely umpires can do more to stop off the play incidents.

The Powerless were no match for North Melbourne who as of now are just out of the eight on percentage. A great result for coach Scott.

The West Coast Eagles were again hopeless, the Western Bulldogs pretty good. but it is rapidly getting to the stage where away games hold little or no terrors for visiting Victorian sides. Bugger!

I would like to like St Kilda, really would. Who could begrudge them winning the flag this year? Yet I can’t really warm to them because of some of the players on their list. At all events they were clearly too good for a weakened Geelong, a club which is starting to show signs of stress with its ever increasing injury list.

Collingwood seem to be on the march again, defeating a disappointing Sydney who were again without Bradshaw because of injury.

Adelaide thrashed Melbourne, that is, the team I had pencilled in for a finals berth after their efforts against Collingwood and Brisbane. Well at least Adelaide might be as I have suggested before great spoilers for the  rest of season.

In the round ball code, Wiltshire missed an absolute gimme which probably would have won us the match against Ghana. Missed shots and poor refereeing decisions are causing as much angst as occurs in our game.

Germany to win this year, presuming they get past Argentina. England were again second rate (but they beat us in the cricket).

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  1. John Butler says


    What is it with Almanac columnists and knee recos lately?

    I hope recovery is progressing as well as can be expected.


  2. Getting the old pin right in the bowls off season Peter?

  3. Peter Schumacher says

    Yeah, and the good news is that if when I ever get over this then I have to get the other knee done. The whole thing is probably a legacy of too much rope skipping for years on end (3000 skips every morning in about 20 minutes0 followed by some training run or other in preparation for the next marathon. Seemed necessary and a good idea at the time particularly as my first marathon was run in under 3 hours.

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