The View From Shepparton Round 11.

Last week I wrote that couldn’t care less about North Melbourne, well I do now.
I have long complained about the accuracy or lack of it of AFL players when they are attempting set shots at goal. John Anthony after last year’s effort against the Crows was an honorable exception.

Well now we have that house hold name Levi Greenwood who probably finished Brisbane’s finals hopes this year with his mongrel punt from an impossible angle. He certainly was an example of one who under pressure was able to produce. The question is could he ever do it again? Then I would be convinced.

This gets me to another point (pun intended). We have more examples of post match comments by coaches who instead of conceding that opposition sides had really turned situations around, think Brisbane, Western Bulldogs, instead berate their own sides as being hopeless in the circumstances. Why can’t they praise and talk up their sides for getting what turned out to be unassailable leads in the first place. Well OK, Brisbane did hit the front with two minutes to go but as ever everything has to go right to the very end of a game and unfortunately for Brisbane it didn’t. Terrific fight back though. And Fevola is now equal top in the goal kicking despite all the mutterings from myself and most other Brisbane supporters about the fact and manner of his recruitment.

I think that the way footy is played these days once a team gets a momentum going it is really hard to stop, but that also there is  also more potential for “counter”  momentum swings during a game than used to occur.

On the ABC footy program “The Inquisition” yesterday the point was made that there must be disquiet within the Crows footy club given the way that Tyson Edwards has finished his career. I can’t make up my mind on this one at all. On the one hand it would appear to the average observer that Edwards spat the dummy on being dropped and his reaction in immediately announcing his retirement smacked of taking his bat and ball home. So if his form wasn’t good enough why then should he have been reselected for his apparently final game? Then more to the point rather than just making up the numbers he in fact played a blinder. Was there a personality clash somewhere that upset his form in the immediate past? Should a professional sportsperson let a personality clash upset their game anyway?. The truth undoubtedly is that there are probably a lot of complex issues involved which unless one is across them makes it impossible to make an informed judgement. Doesn’t stop idle speculation though. In the meantime Adelaide didn’t help the Freo cause at all. Perhaps the Crows could be spoilers for the rest of the season. Hope so anyway, as long as they don’t beat Brisbane!

St Kilda had a good win against Richmond. I can’t stand Milne but the fact is on his day he is a match winner. Jack Riewoldt was spectacular again. Just love it when players take hangers.

Carlton got away from Melbourne in the first quarter but all the same the game didn’t seem to be done and dusted at all the way that the Demons fought back in the third quarter. Once again the Juddster having been given a brilliant palm down from Kreuzer kicked a vital goal in the last quarter which seem to finish Melbourne off. These are both young exciting sides.

Geelong were pushed all the way by West Coast but the facts are that they were a severely weakened side and they were playing in Perth

I watched some of the Hawthorn Port game on TV and saw two sides who time and time and again gave away possession. I am sure that the play on at all costs causes these turn overs, perhaps the time has come for a more considered approach where possible when disposing of the ball particularly after a mark has been taken. Can’t see either being any sort of premiership threat this year.

Essendon gave a really good account of themselves in Sydney even though they were left with one fit player on the bench by the end of the third quarter. I thought that they would win even though it was an away match for them particularly given that Sydney had lost their last four matches. Shane Mumford has been a really good acquisition for the Swans. Hille having not been suspended for a week or two now has a ham string tear instead. How frustrating this game is sometimes.

Collingwood were clearly too good for the Dogs and even though the latter showed real guts in the last quarter the Pies would have been really unlucky to lose. Good to see Davis play well, the hopeful will be hoping that this can be maintained.

Samantha Stosur was a really gracious loser and I think her example should be followed by others, particularly grand final runners up rather than the sour dispositions displayed most of the time on such occasions.

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