The return of Uncle Gerard

It was great to see him back again tonight. Uncle Gerard is normally sighted or heard every day of the week. So it felt strange to not hear from him for 3 days. He’s been on a bit of a trip, to London I believe. My two boys, aged 4 and 2,  were thrilled to see their Uncle Gerard back tonight. He is not really their uncle. Not even related at all. In fact none of us have ever met him. But he is such a presence in our house that the “Uncle Gerard” tag has stuck. He is of course the best sports broadcaster in Australia by far, the ABC’s and Fox Sports Gerard Whateley.

We see him 4 nights a week on AFL 360.We hear him Monday mornings with Jon Faine, Friday mornings with Red Symons. Friday night and Saturday arvo footy broadcasts and the Sunday Inquisition. Offsiders on Sunday mornings. Such a busy schedule, my wife always thinks of Gerard’s wife and wonders if she ever gets to see him. I always reply that she can see him on TV most days if she wants!

His calls of the swimming at the Olympics were great, the awful TV swimming commentators were turned to mute and the wireless turned on so we could hear a decent call. Disappointed he wasn’t assigned to the Athletics instead, would have loved to hear him call Usain Bolt win the 100m and 200m and Blonde Caviar, Sally Pearson in her fantastic win.

My favourite Whateley call was of his beloved Black Caviar at Royal Ascot a few weeks back. Great call, he was never in any doubt about the result. Looking forward to reading his book on the great mare when it comes out in October. As well as being a great race caller I have heard him do a brilliant job calling A-League and One Day and Twenty20 cricket matches. My wish would be to hear Gerard get to call a Test match. Preferably the Boxing Day test. Alongside Kerry O’Keefe. I imagine it would nearly be as good as his work with Robbo on 360, in my opinion easily the best footy show on tv. Who would have thought two such different, opposing personalities would work so well together.

Maybe Cricket 360, with Gerard and Kerry, on four nights a week would fill some holes in the Fox Sports summer schedule. At least Mrs Whateley would still get to see her husband 4 nights a week on tv!

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  1. pamela sherpa says

    Wives are a patient lot Luke. I too often wonder how Gerard has the time to get his head around so many different sports. He is certainly thorough and professional . Love the way you mention his wife can see him on TV any time she likes. She probably has to turn off the radio or TV to have a break from him! People like he and Bruce McAvaney seem to have incredible photographic memories .

  2. Yes Pamela, Gerard and Bruce very thorough and profesional. I’m sure they could call any sport in the world with ease if required. And both are good at portraying the genuine love they have for the sports they call.

  3. Sounds like Gerard is your idol Luke .. I agree with your sentiments re Gerard completely …keep up the good work .

  4. Cheers thanks Dean, yep big fan of Gerards work, glad you agree!

  5. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Agreed he is a star loved the blonde caviar , Sally Pearson line

  6. mickey randall says

    Love his insights on The Offsiders, but his race-calling is strained and he labours dreadfully. Like Bruce his research is impressive.

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