Almanac (Finals) Memoir: A few days in September

An epic debut from Kangaroo Island resident (and Tiger fan) Jeremy Wells. You’ve waited more than 30 years for the Tigers to make a Grand Final, and the slim prospect of a ticket suddenly beckons. What would you do to claim it?

Round 1 – St Kilda v Melbourne: Rule change killing us

Yoshi is highly skeptical of the third man up ban that has been put in place for season 2017.

The return of Uncle Gerard

It was great to see him back again tonight. Uncle Gerard is normally sighted or heard every day of the week. So it felt strange to not hear from him for 3 days. He’s been on a bit of a trip, to London I believe. My two boys, aged 4 and 2,  were thrilled to see [Read more]

Media critique, the Grand Prix, and other bathroom renovations

It’s been a fortnight that has seen as much political manoeuvring in sport than anything seen on the hill in recent times. The annual squabble of the F1 has taken the usual argumentative pathways. Residents of Albert Park aggrieved at having to walk the Labradoodles at another location, up against Ron Walker who believes the [Read more]