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The Red and the White: The Almanac’s Swans’ Forum

The Red and the White: Swans Forum


Calling all Swans writers from the Almanac community, I’m proposing a weekly forum to discuss all things Swans. While I’m sure we will all still be contributing our feature articles to this site, I’d like to encourage like-minded Swans tragics to discuss each week’s game from a footy perspective.


Contributions should be short and sharp, between 200 to 500 words, and focus on the game just completed with observations, positive commentary and/or constructive criticism of how we played, and the performance of players and coaches.


This week I’m looking for how we fare in the ruck with Tippo retired and big Sam gone for the year, who will be in there and how will we adapt? I’m bullish about the year ahead though and I note that many of the critics say we are still likely to be top four. So where will the improvement come from to go further to another Grand Final, and dare I say it … a Premiership!


I think there is enormous upside in our young midfield with Heeney, Mills, Jones, Hewett and Papley all with around 50 games experience now. Add in mature agers, Newman and Fox and perhaps lightning quick draftees Ling and Stoddart and we have the midfield depth that all contenders need. Of course we still expect Kennedy, Parker and Hannebery to contribute at an elite level.


So where are we vulnerable? Our obvious strength, the incredible, remarkable, outstanding Buddy Franklin is also our greatest weakness. If Buddy goes down for any reason, who will step up? Are Hayward and Florent ready to support Sam Reid up forward?


Our other great strength, our tight and miserly defence is dependent on the aging Grundy and the brilliant Rampe to cover the opposition talls. We can’t afford to have either of these two go down. We are all looking for Aliir Aliir to return to the form he showed in 2016.  Rather than the defence, he may be the wildcard in the ruck that adds a spark of brilliance to the team.


Who is going to be the big improver this year? I’m looking for Jordan Dawson, the young South Australian to break through. He debuted last year, and has two years under the belt at NEAFL level. Recruited as a forward, he has been playing the modern day role of a big bodied mid fielder, 190 cms, strong with an exquisite left foot kick. Look out for him.


So over to you Swans writers for your contributions. I’ll aim to get something up each Monday morning, though feel free to get in early. Please headline each article under “The Red and the White”


Cheer, cheer.


About Keiran Croker

Keiran is a lifelong Swans supporter, despite a brief dalliance with the Cats and Tigers in primary school years. Family connections to Port Melbourne and South Melbourne demanded loyalty to the Swans. The long wait for success was worth it.


  1. Hi Keiran

    All sounds good! However, in your first paragraph you mention “Calling all Swans writers from the Almanac community”; this sounds as if other Almanac writers of different persuasions are not included.

    Presumably this isn’t the case?

    Also, purely out of interest, how will the forum be different from posting an article and having people comment – even at length?

    Thanks and cheer cheer

  2. Fantastic Kieran.
    I’m looking forward to this forum.

  3. What has happened to Allir Allir? I thought he was going to be a superstar 2 years ago.

  4. Great idea Keiran.

    If anyone wants to set up a forum for their club, please let us know.

  5. Keiran Croker says

    Hi Jan,
    I am looking for a Swans perspective, though of course am happy for other interested contributors as long as they further the discussion about how The Swans play and our players.
    The difference I am looking for, compared to usual Almanac contributions is a strong focus on how the game is played. The usual pieces have a much broader aesthetic about where you are watching the game, who you are with, your emotions, etc. which is great. However, for this forum I want to strip it back to the game itself. Lets see how we go!

    Hi Pete,
    Aliir had a compromised pre season before 2017 due to a toe injury, so was playing catch up all year. Melican took his spot early on and they stayed with him, particularly after Aliir missed training! Aliir played quite well in the NEAFL and moved between forward, back and ruck. His pre season this year was good I believe until he did an ankle in the pre-season game. I understand the coaches want him in the Firsts, preferably down back, though possibly as a relief ruckman. I’m still confident he will be an exciting player for us.

  6. Thanks Keiran. I confidently expect the Swans to win by 8 (goals). Eagles have no forwards in the absence of Kennedy, and Shuey is the only decent mid. I expect Nic Nait to play on limited minutes and he is an excellent inside mid and tap ruckman, but can’t expect him to carry the midfield after 18 months out. I will have my report on the new stadium posted Monday. Forget the match (unless you are a Swan).

  7. Ross Treverton says

    Great idea Keiran. I’m in!

  8. Joe Moore says

    Fantastic idea Keiran.

    The team looks impressive – I’m expecting Robinson, Foote, Marsh and possibly Cunningham to miss the final cut. Hope Fox plays.

    Exciting times ahead. 3 more sleeps!

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