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The Red and the White: fumbling to defeat


My perspective this week again comes from the edited highlights and match summaries of Sunday’s game, as I was in the mud at Byron Bay taking in the music of BluesFest, while the Swans fumbled their way to defeat.


The game seemed like a replica of last years loss to the Power at the SCG… in control early, failure to take advantage of opportunities, then being overrun. Our usually reliable defenders appeared to cough up some easy goals to keep Port in the contest. Our usual suspects which now include Heeney, Hewett and Papley to add to the seasoned core looked to play well, however they were out muscled in the end by Wines & Co.  Florent played a breakout game by all accounts.


And of course Buddy was Buddy .. what about that last quarter goal!


It might be that we were beaten by a very good team, who could be contenders. Time will tell. Like all other teams we need our best out there. Sam Reid will provide some alternative up forward and in the ruck this week and Jones should return to add bite around the packs. Our defenders will need to recapture their usual composure against a potent Giants attack.


It should be a cracker against our cross town rivals next Saturday. I’ll be there to see my first live Swans game this season… I’m just about to leave Brunswick Heads on the trip south.


About Keiran Croker

Keiran is a lifelong Swans supporter, despite a brief dalliance with the Cats and Tigers in primary school years. Family connections to Port Melbourne and South Melbourne demanded loyalty to the Swans. The long wait for success was worth it.


  1. Tom Bally says

    Port bought the pressure, real and imagined, which threw our game plan into disarray. In some ways I’m not sure we play the SCG all that well now. We were our own worst enemies at times though. Too Buddy centric again, hard not to be I suppose. I think Hanners is still underdone, don’t remember seeing him much.

    Need to bring the A game on Saturday. Giants didn’t look that hot against the Pies and they might be looking to atone for that.

  2. Not much more to say that you haven’t mentioned above, Keiran. First half could have had the game sewn up had we done more when the ball spent its time in the forward line; unusual for our backline to allow so many goals get through, especially the six of their first eight goals – all either in the goal square or a few metres out of it; and, again, unlike the Swans we know, they weren’t able to get rolling when they got to within four points in that last quarter.

    Hopefully with Sam Reid and Zac Jones back next week, we’ll make a show of it.
    Cheer cheer

  3. Earl O'Neill says

    Swans don’t have much of a Plan B. They tease, like r1, then revert to type, r2. Port carved Swans much like the bloke in the deli carved the ham this arvo. (Two slices, $21, five sandwiches worth.)
    Looking forward to seeing how they handle Monaros’ pace and dare Sateve. Scully and Williams gone, Greene no certainty, I wanna see what we can come up with, maybe lack of a Plan B is a generalised Sydney thing.
    Jan, I lived in Surry Hills, by early 90s the SCG’s proximity was a key influence in me taking an interest in sport. Meet at the Bat & Ball, take a bay on the hill to ourselves, buy a round every time the oppo kicked a goal and be back in yr seat for the next bounce.

  4. Keiran Croker says

    Earl, I’ll reserve judgement on the Swans, as I’ve not seen any complete games as yet. I agree that there is no other plan other than perhaps dropping Reid or Rohan or both behind the ball. Though Plan A is great and can beat most teams (we did win 16 out of 18 on the run home last year).

    I’m hoping that the new coaching panel will challenge Horse to come up with something more funky. And I think there is lots of upside in the younger brigade. There has been a strong emphasis on recruiting players with speed and kicking skills.

    The return of our Sam Reid should add diversity up forward and in the ruck. I’m predicting a tight and fierce game on Saturday night.

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