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The Red and the White: Buddy brilliant!


I’m heading north by road to Byron Bay, so just a few quick observations.


I only saw snippets of the game and the later highlights as I was ensconced within The Yackandandah Folk Festival.


Buddy was brilliant. Is 100 goals in a season possible? Is it desirable or is a better spread of goals the way to go? Parker has continued on the way he finished 2017. It looks like Heeney, Hewett, Jones and Hayward might have stepped up a level though.


Who caught your eye?


Melican again looked assured down back and Robbie Fox looked at home too. Do Reid, Hannebery and Rohan all come back this week? If so who goes out?


Port will be a challenge this week even at home. They looked strong last week. Onwards to Armidale tonight.


About Keiran Croker

Keiran is a lifelong Swans supporter, despite a brief dalliance with the Cats and Tigers in primary school years. Family connections to Port Melbourne and South Melbourne demanded loyalty to the Swans. The long wait for success was worth it.


  1. Without your input, Keiran, not sure how this week’s forum will go!

    I’m a big fan of Will Hawyard, but given he was the replacement for Sam Reid last weekend, I imagine he, Ollie Florent and maybe Robbie Fox might make way this week for our three stars, Reid, Hanners and Rohan. I admit, Robbie Fox has been really good lately, so it would be a tough call to delete him. There’s no one else who could be dropped, surely?

    Apart from Buddy, Heeney was magnificent last Sunday, and will surely improve as the year and years progress. Hewitt was also very good, and Zak Jones was excellent. Nick Smith and Callum Mills prevented many a ball getting past them and, as last year, I was impressed with Melican and Nic Newman. Overall though, it was a team effort – as all wins usually are.

    Yes, a good test this week against Port, but the Swans are a very different proposition to Freo! Or so I hope!

    Cheer cheer and enjoy the music

  2. Keiran and other Swannies – Does the SCG confines hold Buddy back? Will you play 2 different game styles for home and away? One where you can give Buddy space and one where you can’t. He is literally unstoppable one on one in his current form and fitness. Will opposition coaches double team him and flood their defence – conceding the midfield on larger grounds? Yes in my view. Will make for very unattractive games down the track, but to concede him space is to concede defeat. Welcome back Terry Wallace circa 2000. Watch this space (or lack thereof).

  3. Tom Bally says

    Buddy’s a joy to watch but I’m still holding out for those halcyon days of 2012 when it seemed like anyone could go forward and score. Having said that rotating more players through the midfield seemed to work and hopefully will improve our chances. Didn’t enjoy giving up a 30 point lead though. When the Eagles played chaotically it threw our game plan out.

    Loved Smith’s work; Rampe and Grundy seemed quiet by comparison. I don’t think Rohan will be back so Fox will hold his spot. Like Jones’ attitude but he might need to calm down a bit before the first bounce!

    Powell-Pepper of Port will be the one to watch . As I recall he carved us up big time last year.

  4. Earl O'Neill says

    It’s a different team and, so far, a better one to watch. Four assistant coaches left, Dew, Francou, Taubert, Playfair, Dean Cox and Steve Johnson arrived, Rhyce Shaw promoted. Fresh personalities, new ideas, the stodgy style of the last few years seems to have been left behind. Doubtless, it will return if required, but Sydney need to scare teams, like Lethal’s Lions and Clarko’s Hawks.
    Reid has an opportunity now Kurt’s left, to secure a spot in the forward line. It must have been galling for a 20 yr old premiership CHF watching Kurt and Lance arrive. Good in the ruck too, to break things up a bit.
    Peter, SCG shallow pockets make the goals more open. Triple-teaming Lance leaves the likes of Heeney in space to rove the pack.
    Tom, at the SCG the day Rohan broke his leg 20 yards away from us, the Swans had a beautiful sense of balance about them. Something they’re only just getting back. Monaros may have a better balance but I’ll reserve judgement until round three, when they play a team with a proper coach.

  5. Keiran Croker says

    Thanks for all the insights. Team lists are in and the squad of 26 has Rohan in at full forward and Hannebery as an interchange. Reid is still a week away apparently, as is Aliir.
    I’d certainly retain Fox in defence and Hayward up forward, though suspect some will be unlucky to miss out this week.
    Buddy one out is tantalising, though I think we need the variety of Reid up forward and perhaps Aliir as back up ruck to create uncertainty for opposition defences. Obviously depends on the quality of those defences.
    On the glimpses I saw we do seem to be moving the ball better, taking risks and mixing up the short and long game. Time will tell as other teams adjust to our style and visa versa.
    I’ll only get glimpses again this Sunday as I’ll be immersed in BluesFest at Byron.

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