The Pre Wrap – Round VIII

by John Mosig

What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Gambling is still in the headlines – this time it’s pokies: who has them & who pays what for them.  Look call us Old School around here in Wrapland, but we can’t help feeling there’s a major degree of moral bankruptcy at the heart of all this.  After all, the bl**dy things are a license to take money from those cursed with the disease of compulsion to give to those who think money is the solution to everything.  Never mind the conflict of interests on display here.  (The club at the winning end of all this has never been known for ethical behaviour or morale certitude Wrap, so what’s your problem? – Ed)

But enough of my gabbin, let’s see who’s going to be heading for Football Heaven and who’s going to be writing off their season after Round VII.

Fremantle v Collingwood tonight on Subiaco’s open fields.  Yes, that’s right, I’ve check with Angry Adrian.  Collingwood are actually playing away from the MCG, and interstate to boot.  Can you believe that?  The Dockers saw of TRP over there in round III.  SOTG will be quick to point out that that was before The Moggies had shaken off their Premiership Hangover.  It would be stating the bleeding obvious to say that this will be a test for both sides.  The Anchormen are coming off a good win up in Brissy last Saturday night.  The Pies have a full week’s rest.  It’s a bit like that barmaid measuring the factors governing how much she serves the two bewildered lads in that Little Bit Over advert they run during the match, eh?  The Maggies have had a couple of good wins: one against The Highly Fancied Bulldogs and another against The Ever Coming Blues.  They actually travel well, when they do pump up the tyres on the team bus.  Chris Tarrant has re-invented himself and will relish playing against the team that rejected him.  The outcome of Sandilands v Jolley will have a huge influence.  If Big Laurie can give The Purple Horde a buggy ride Hasleby, Hill & Co will do a lot of damage.  But The Woodsmen are doing everything right at the moment, and while we may be doing Freo a disservice, there’s still that suspicion of flakiness about them.  We’re going for the Visitors in this one, but only mad dogs and the mob down at the Grace Darling would bet on it.

The Bulldogs v The Swans at Manuka on Saturday.  The Cats tore the feathers of The Swans last week.  If the Doggies are going to feature in the 2nd fortnight of September they’ll need to do the same.  Actually they’ll have their work cut out.  Although The Bloods have built their 4th place on The Ladder against The Competition’s easy beats, they are always competitive.  Bulldog Barry will be keen to show his old playmates that they did the wrong thing letting him go.  At the other end, another club reject will team with Dual Brownlow Medallist Adam Goodes to provide a lethal attack with which Coach Roos can build a winning score.  Both full forwards are veterans, both showed their age last round.  Both will be keen to redeem themselves in the eyes of their new teammates.  Expect anything.  Ward Rooney has tipped a lovely late autumn day for the National Capital and SOTG will be finishing their chores early to catch the Kelli Underwood’s Channel 10 delayed call.  From what we’ve seen of the Kennel Coughs this season so far we’re inclined to go for The Swans, but surely Rocket’s got them out of the silly game plan they’ve been following.  One more chance, for The Sons of The West.  The Bulldogs.

The Demons v The Eagles on THOF at the traditional time.  Cox & The Nat v Man Mountain Jamar?  Not too sure about that.  But The Dees are coming off an honourable loss against The Troubled & Troubling Bulldogs while West Coast only beat Hawthorn over in the West last round.  Out of their Fuchsia yolks, it has to be the Redlegs, and at $1.36 you won’t find better than that.  In fact, we’ve got them as The Wrap Investment Opportunity of The Round.

The Lions v The Pussies under the Palm Trees on Saturday night.  The Pivotonians have finally decided to join us for Season 2010, and travel to Brisbane after two emphatic wins.  True, one was against White Hot Spoon Favourite Richmond, but they tore the heart out of one of the most professional teams in The Comp last weekend.  They should be too strong all over for The Lions.  Fevola v Scarlett will be worth the bus fare, as will Ling v Rich.  Good to see Matthew Stokes back in the starting XVIII.  TRP.

The Shinboners v The Chardonnays under cover on Saturday night.  North are a young side having a dip and making mistakes.  They lack nothing in endeavour as you would expect from a team wearing the Royal Blue & White Verticals that is trained by Brad Scott.  The Crows were woeful last week and were pulled out of the inferno by their veterans.  One of them, Graeme Johncock is injured and the Birdman has been dropped.  The $1.58 on offer for the Norsemen looks juicey too.  Maybe not the cigarette money, but if you’ve been walking to school, it’s certainly worth the bus money you’ve saved.  The Kangaroos.

RICHMOND v Hawthorn at The G for the early Sunday match.  After surviving a danger game last week against The Crows, THE TIGERS walk straight into another one against Jeff’s Mayblooms.  Everything says they should survive and keep their Spoon Favouritism in tack, but you can never tell with The Mustard Pots.  They regain Franklin, Skipper Mitchell, star recruit Burgoyne & Big Buddy.  THE TIGES have included Foley, Hislop, Farmer & Graham.  The Leaveblowers should be roaring in the Leafy East by the time the 774 broadcast switches over to the St Kilda Essendon clash.  And considering The Hawks are OTR, this one carries the Wrap Safe as Houses Investment stamp of approval.

Port Adelaide v Carlton in the Shadows of Mt Lofty on Sunday arvo.  The Blues were good against Collingwood and magnificent against St Kilda.  The Chokers have been winning, but winning the hard way.  Chokko & Junkyard were at the match on Monday night and they’ll know they have to shut down The Silvertails’ running game.  This is one mean Port Adelaide combination and we’re saying they have the players to do this.  We know it doesn’t help The Game as a spectacle, but if you want spectacle get tickets to Circus Oz.  This game is about winning.  (Inside The Rules & Spirit of The Game of course Wrap – Ed)  The Power will have to make the most of every opportunity.  On this score, Big Warren may not be missed as much as would be first thought.  Footy Park holds no fears for The Bluebaggers, having pulled one out of the fire when The Chokers were going through their flaky phase in those netball strips they wore in those days.  It will be a beauty, and the Velvet Fog has the call so we can expect plenty of octopuses playing banjos in those mauls.  The five-day break and the rejuvenated Port Adelaide Faithful have us going for The Power From Port.

St Kilda v Essendon on the shifting sands of Docklands for the late Sunday match.  The Feeling Faints will be fired up for this one.  So will The Dons.  They were stiff last weekend.  Their opponents on Sunday were woeful.  Slattery will be missed, but these Baby Bombers are maturing as a playing group and fear no one.  There would have been some shattered egos down at Moorabbin and Rossy Lyon and his coaches would have had their playing group on the psychiatrist’s coach during most of the week.  They should win, and SOTG and TLSSKF will be saying they must.  We’ll stick them for this one, but if they lairize or drop their heads, The Whingy Hill Mob will be all over them like a bad suite.

Good tipping and even better punting

And remember, if you read it in the Wrap you’ll know it’s not crap.

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