The Parade College Writing Workshop: The Boys In Blue – the feeling of a Melbourne Victory match

by Alexander Trajkovski


This club has been a tradition in my family for years as it’s not only a club that I enjoy watching and supporting but also a club that has created countless amounts of memories that will stay with me forever. I can remember many encounters with the club, such as a ‘meet and greet’ with some of the players back when I was around five years old. I vividly remember being too shy and bawling my eyes in front of many of the players. They tried to comfort me but I wouldn’t budge. This is just one example of a memory that will stick with me for many years to come.


I remember hopping into the car with our scarves and jerseys on as we headed to the stadium to watch an upcoming game. Excitement was in the air as we drove along streets across the city seeing some of the great aspects of Melbourne, such as the grand buildings and luscious parks. Once we got near the stadium, my dad used his tactic of parking the car in a particular street so we didn’t have to pay at a parking lot. From the car it’s an exciting five-or-so-minute-walk to the stadium. There were tons of other eager supporters ready to indulge in the upcoming action and watch the team they support among thousands of other spectators.


We checked our tickets and located the gate through which we needed to enter the stadium. Once we reached the appropriate gate, we scanned our tickets and stepped inside the ground. I saw people bustling and walking, trying to locate their seats and groups of fans chanting prior to the game. We took in the atmosphere which was filled with tension and excitement. After some pacing around the stadium, we finally located our seats and enjoyed the amazing feeling of what we are experiencing. The fresh breeze brushed past our faces while the glaring, bright sun shone across the ground. Then we got something to eat while we waited for the game to begin.


The time came when the players walked onto the field and the game was about to commence. After that, all of the eager waiting and tension was released as the game started. During the game, every emotion was portrayed, whether they be feelings of happiness or of being distraught. We supported Melbourne Victory for the whole 90 minutes plus added time and went home with fantastic new memories that have been created as a family, knowing that there are more many more to come in the future.



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  1. Vanessa Fox says

    Alexander, a fantastic piece! You were able to clearly convey how you were feeling in the lead-up to the game, and throughout it with the use of your descriptive language. Well done!

  2. roger lowrey says

    Love your piece Alexander especially your attention to detail.

    The great novelist Vladimir Nabokov once said there are only three things important in writing – detail detail and detail.

    Keep up your work mate.


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