The Parade College Writing Workshop: Melbourne’s Best Game of Basketball!

by Eduardo Lewis


Last Monday night there was a, NBL game between Melbourne United and Sydney Kings. The season had just begun, Sydney was undefeated and Melbourne was not having a good season. I was lucky enough to watch the game. I was at my friend’s house when they offered to take me to the game. At first I was hesitant to go because it would be my first game in five years. The last time I went was when it was Melbourne Tigers, not Melbourne United. This game was intense! We were leading in the first quarter, then Sydney came back until they lost their lead in the end.


During the warm-up, I asked my friend who he thought was the best player for Melbourne. I could tell it was number 43, Chris Goulding. Then the game kicked off. The announcer said to stand up, but I was too tall for the kid sitting directly behind me. The atmosphere was great. Everyone was on their feet cheering, and you could feel the vibrations from the music under your feet. I missed this, the excitement. At the end of the first quarter, the Sydney Kings coach got double-teched and sent out for yelling at the refs. We were all in shock but happy at the same time.


During the break as we waited for the second quarter, I talked with my friends and found out that there were a lot of our other friends around, too. We spent the two minutes looking for them around the stadium but, before we knew it, the game had restarted. People sat quietly until a player who left Melbourne to join Sydney got the ball. At this point, all you could hear was “BOOOO!!!” Everyone hated him for leaving us. He left due to Sydney paying him more than Melbourne.


In the 12 minute break for half-time, younger kids played a mini-match on the court. During this time, I got food for me and my mates. I came back to see both teams warming up. The clock ran down. The third quarter was not as intense and was mostly up and down play. One team scored, then the other – it was like that for the whole quarter.


The fourth quarter was so intense that everyone was on their feet screaming. I couldn’t hear the announcer anymore, not even the music, just the screams of the crowd going insane over our team. Melbourne were up 106-104. It was Melbourne’s ball with two shots and possession on the side due to Sydney giving away an ‘unsportsmanlike’ foul. The guy who took the shots was number 20, David Barlow. He missed the first and made the second putting the score out to 107-104. This became the end to Sydney’s streak. They were inbound when the siren went but you couldn’t hear it because of the loud screams from every fan in the stadium. As we left, all the Kings fans had their heads down while Melbourne fans had theirs up high in excitement.


This had become the end to one of the best days I have ever had.


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  1. Vanessa Fox says

    Fantastic Eduardo! What a nerve-racking game with an great result. Hopefully you get to go to another game soon!

  2. roger lowrey says

    Great outcome Eduardo. Always a terrific buzz to win a close one.

    BTW I remember them as Melbourne Tigers too. Andrew Gaze is a lovely fella.


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