The Parade College Writing Workshop – Dylan Trovato: Manchester United v PSG, 2019


By Dylan Trovato


It was a Thursday morning last year and I had just been woken up by the sound of my alarm. Normally I would be annoyed, but on this day I was happy to get up because the Champions League round of 16 was on and Manchester United was playing PSG. I have been going for Manchester United my whole life due to my brother supporting them, until he switched to Liverpool in 2010 because there was a player with the same name as him (Lucas). Excited to watch them play, I got up and put the game on my phone. Immediately, Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku scored (in the second minute). I jumped around and started cheering, waking my brother up. But I didn’t care – we were in the lead.


Manchester United had to score at least three away goals to win because in the first leg match at home they lost 0-2. I quickly made a cup of tea and some toast so that I didn’t miss any of the action. Then it happened. I was taking a sip of my tea when Juan Bernat scored for PSG in the 12th minute. My brother was dying of laughter because of the expression on my face. I couldn’t believe it – we had just scored, and then we had lost the lead. It was not good at all. My brother and I had to be at the bus stop at 7:48AM so we started walking. I couldn’t walk there without screaming at the phone because of the mistakes the Manchester United players were making. When I was on the bus, Lukaku scored his second goal and I couldn’t stay in my seat. I was so happy, but I couldn’t scream.


As I hopped off the bus some of my schoolmates who were United fans huddled around me to watch the game on my phone. The school bell rang and I realised I wouldn’t be able to watch the game in my Italian class. Luckily, I managed to hide the phone and continued to watch the game. I was very nervous throughout, because Manchester United needed one more goal and could not concede another.


I was in class when we received a penalty in the 90th minute due to a handball by PSG player Presnel Kimpembe inside the box. I went silent. United striker Marcus Rashford walked up to the penalty spot and placed the ball down. I was shaking. My classmates and I heard the whistle blow and I didn’t move. I could hear my heartbeat.


Boom. Rashford slotted the ball in the top right corner of the goal. All of us United fans cheered because we had just completed an amazing comeback. The aggregate score across the two legs was 3-3, yet Manchester United would go through because they had scored three away goals to PSG’s two.


For the rest of the day I couldn’t stop talking about how we came back when everyone thought we weren’t going to win, especially when people said we weren’t good enough to beat an amazing team like PSG. I was very happy.



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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Great game Dylan, too close for comfort though! What did your teacher say when all the cheering broke out?

  2. Mrs Pritchard says

    Great recount Dylan. What a great match to watch, especially being such a passionate and dedicated Manchester United fan. Your use of descriptive language had me on the edge of my seat. Your language use, particularly your sport specific vocabulary was well executed.

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