The Malinga Kiss

Photo and words by Peter Argent.

Is Lasith Malinga’s unique habit of kissing the ball (refer image) as he

starts his run up the most unusual habit in world cricket?

In the vague recesses of my mind I can recollect ABC commentator and former

test leggie from the 1970’s Kerry O’Keefe starting with a strange windmill

before he ran in to bowl!

Can members of the “Knackery” remember other ‘Left field” antics that became

a trigger for players.


Another that was noted during this series was Sri Lanka’s captain Mahela

Jayawardene need to run to the other end of the wicket and tap his bat down

at the no strikers end, every time he dispatched the ball to the boundary!



  1. John Butler says

    Back in the 70’s, Asif Masood had a peculiar cross-step at the start of his run up.

  2. Sydney Malakellis says

    Does Mitchell Johnson’s habit of bowling the ball to third slip count?

  3. John Harms says

    M. Morkel starts running in the wrong direction

  4. The great Richard Hadlee started his run up with a lovely waltzing side step. His right leg was twirled behind his left before he commenced run to the stumps.

  5. Ian Chappell used to adjust his box before facing up pretty regularly.

    In footy, Matthew Lloyd’s “grass thowing” before each set shot.

  6. M G Hughes used to lick the ball.

  7. M J Clarke changes his gloves after every 2 – 3 overs.

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