The Footy Almanac Melbourne Cup Soiree Trifecta and Sweep (assigned horses and results)





Hi Punters


Magnificent morning here in The People’s Republic of Northcote. I hope you have a great day wherever you are.


We enjoyed a few drinks yesterday afternoon, while discussing the runners. Thanks to P Flynn for being the collator of info.


After much deliberation, and the late injection of some funds I have made the call to add Verry Elleegant to the top selections.


So the trifecta is:


To win:   1  7  12  13  19  21
Second:  1  4  7  12  13  15  19  21
Third:   The Field


For  54.4% of the dividend.


After all entries were included last night, we had enough tickets for four sweeps with a few spots to fill. Family Harms was gong to take them if no-one wnated them. However, those who drew King of Leogrance (were given those spots). So it has worked out well.


Here is the draw for the four sweeps:


Sweep 1


1              Anthony Van Dyck                           John Pini
2              Avilius                                                   G. Robb
3              Vow and Declare                              Stirky
4              Master of Reality                             Joc
5              Sir Dragonet                                       Theo
6              Twilight Payment                             Matt Q (80)
7              Verry Elleegant                                 Andrew Fithall
8              Mustajeer                                           Rowdy
9              Stratum Albion                                  Marj
10           Dashing Willoughby                        Dips
11           Finche                                                   P. Flynn
12           Prince of Arran                                  Evie (15)
13           Surprise Baby                                    Rowdy
14           King of Leogrance                            scratched
15           Russian Camelot                               Burkie
16           Steel Prince                                        Sal
17           The Chosen One                              Matt Q
18           Ashrun                                                 Dips
19           Warning                                               Mike Sewell
20           Etah James                                         Rowdy
21           Tiger Moth                                          Citrus Bob (25)
22           Oceanex                                              RDL
23           Miami Bound                                     Smokie
24           Persan                                                  Andy Gemmell



Sweep 2


1              Anthony Van Dyck                           Chris McConville
2              Avilius                                                   Rowdy
3              Vow and Declare                              Smokie
4              Master of Reality                             Mick Pearson
5              Sir Dragonet                                       Stirky
6              Twilight Payment                             Mick Pearson (80)
7              Verry Elleegant                                 The Handicapper
8              Mustajeer                                           Anna
9              Stratum Albion                                  Rowdy
10           Dashing Willoughby                        G. Robb
11           Finche                                                   Paul Bauer
12           Prince of Arran                                  Joc (15)
13           Surprise Baby                                    PAL
14           King of Leogrance                            scratched
15           Russian Camelot                               P. Flynn
16           Steel Prince                                        Rowdy
17           The Chosen One                              Smokie
18           Ashrun                                                 Andrew Fithall
19           Warning                                               P. Flynn
20           Etah James                                         Rowdy
21           Tiger Moth                                          RDL (25)
22           Oceanex                                              JTH
23           Miami Bound                                     Anna
24           Persan                                                  Josh W (Burkie)



Sweep 3


1              Anthony Van Dyck                           PAL
2              Avilius                                                   John Pini
3              Vow and Declare                              Sal
4              Master of Reality                             Col Abbott
5              Sir Dragonet                                       Mick Pearson
6              Twilight Payment                             Citrus Bob (80)
7              Verry Elleegant                                 Peter Fuller
8              Mustajeer                                           Col Abbott
9              Stratum Albion                                  Lachie W (Burkie)
10           Dashing Willoughby                        Stirky
11           Finche                                                   Joc
12           Prince of Arran                                  G. Robb (15)
13           Surprise Baby                                    Mike Sewell
14           King of Leogrance                            scratched
15           Russian Camelot                               Matt Q
16           Steel Prince                                        Stirky
17           The Chosen One                              RDL
18           Ashrun                                                 G. Robb
19           Warning                                               Paul Bauer
20           Etah James                                         John Pini
21           Tiger Moth                                          Mike Sewell (25)
22           Oceanex                                              Brian Briggs
23           Miami Bound                                     P. Flynn
24           Persan                                                  RDL



Sweep 4


1              Anthony Van Dyck                           RDL
2              Avilius                                                   G. Robb
3              Vow and Declare                              Mike Sewell
4              Master of Reality                             Dips
5              Sir Dragonet                                       Peter Fuller
6              Twilight Payment                             Brian Briggs (80)
7              Verry Elleegant                                 Smokie
8              Mustajeer                                           John Pini
9              Stratum Albion                                  RDL
10           Dashing Willoughby                        Rowdy
11           Finche                                                   Mick Pearson
12           Prince of Arran                                  Theo (15)
13           Surprise Baby                                    George Grossek
14           King of Leogrance                            scratched
15           Russian Camelot                               Rowdy
16           Steel Prince                                        Mick Pearson
17           The Chosen One                              Brian Briggs
18           Ashrun                                                 Rowdy
19           Warning                                               Stirky
20           Etah James                                         Mike Sewell
21           Tiger Moth                                          John Pini (25)
22           Oceanex                                              Smokie
23           Miami Bound                                     Evie
24           Persan                                                  G. Robb




  1. CITRUS BOB says

    As a non-punter thank you JTH for a winning afternoon. My wife also drew the winner in a Sweep.

  2. Is that Parsimony says

    Hi JTH,
    Very sorry to see Anthony Van Dyck break down so badly.
    Watching the races again with no crowds was really bizarre although the absence of drunks was positive.
    Stay safe, John

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