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As a young fella growing up in the late 70s my political awareness developed. One of the areas I was interested in was breaking free of the perception/understanding we were a British colony.  An independent Australia, with our own head of state, our own flag, was something I wanted to see.


How wrong was I!


There has been much political change the last 40 years some good, some not so good, some ridiculous. However we still retain Betty Battenberg and her family as our head(s) of state. To show due respect here is a side I’ll call the Royals, representing the subservience Australia has for a feudal anachronism that is totally irrelevant in much of the contemporary world.


B:  Sedat Sir (WB), Jack “Prince of Full Backs” Regan, (Coll), John Lord Jnr (Melb).


HB: Joe Prince (St K/SM/Carl), Earl “Duke Of” Spalding (Mel/Carl), Stewart Lord, (Geel).


C: David King (NM), Alistair Lord (Geel), Jack King (Haw).


HF: Sir Douglas Nicholls (Fitz), Wayne “King” Carey, (NM/Adel) Jake King, (Rich).


F: Aaron Lord (Geel/Haw/Geel), Leo King (Geel),  John Lord (Melb/StK).


Foll:  Steven King (Geel/StK), Lou “King of Moomba” Richards, (Coll), Brian Royal (Foots).


Inter: Stan Castle (SM), Leigh Tudor (NM/Geel), Tony King (Haw/St K), Clinton King, (Syd/Coll/Rich).


Emerg:  Trevor Castles (Melb), Wayne Duke (Fitz), Billy King (SM),


Who would be the coach ?




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  1. Ross Treverton says

    Ray (House of) Windsor – Brisbane. Surely he could replace one of the Kings!

  2. Obvious choice for Coach would be Kingo Taylor – it’s a no brainer.

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Top idea Glen!

    Phil McQueen (Geelong 2 games, 1920) adds some Benny Hill flavour.

    Peter Darley (South Adelaide) was the original ‘Jumbo Prince’ before Rick Davies (Sturt/Hawthorn) was given that epithet.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Not to mention my Blacks 1982 premiership teammate, Richard ‘King’ Karutz

  5. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    And yet, not a Queen among them Glen !
    Every time I look at a coin or a $5 note, I cringe. Seems many in this country don’t want to let go of ‘mummy’ and become adults. That aside, terrific idea.

    Adam ‘Wallis’ Simpson as coach ? Tenuous, I know, but she became part of them.
    A few more noms:
    Peter Marquis (Melbourne)
    Sid Silk (Essendon)

  6. Colin Ritchie says

    Pat “Duke of” Wellington, Essendon 70s

  7. Jeremy – the McGovernor General.
    “Long may we say God Save Carlton and Alex Fasolo because nothing will outmark the McGovernor General”.

  8. Rick Davies, The Jumbo Prince.
    Wasn’t Knuckles Kerley also known as King?
    Royalty usually claim to be descended form God, or are their representatives on Earth, so surely GODRA should be at FF.

  9. Of course, the surname Fitzroy was given to the illegitimate children of royalty, so there is an entire club that qualifies

  10. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Allan ‘The Baron’ Ruthven (Fitzroy – 1950 Brownlow)

  11. george smith says

    Justin Charles, Bruce Andrew, Greg Philips, Alan Edwards, Max George, Choco Williams, Max James, Harry O’Brien, Henry Playfair, Albert Thurgood;

    While I’ve got you here, why “Jumbo Prince” and not just plain Jumbo (P.T. Barnham’s elephant)?

  12. george smith says

    The Royal Wedding – with apologies to “Coming to America”
    Mr Elton John as Randy Watson: “Sexual Chocolate, Sexual Chocolate, ladies and gentlemen!” (throws microphone to the ground in a fit of pique.)
    Mr Thomas Markle Sr. as Mr. Cleo McDowell: “He’s a prince, darling, a prince! You hit the jackpot! He’s got his own money, I mean his own money!” (shows picture of Prince Harry’s Grandmother HRH Queen Elizabeth on one pound note)
    HRH Prince Harry as Eddie Murphy/Prince Akeem: “I’m going on a date with Meghan!”
    HRH Prince Philip as the neighbours: “Shut up! F*** you!”
    HRH Prince Harry “F*** you toooo!”
    The Most Reverend Michael Curry as Reverend Brown:
    “I love the Loward, and if lovin’ the Lowad is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”
    HRH Queen Elizabeth: “Philip, apologise to Mr. McDowell.”
    HRH Prince Philip as King Joffe Jafur: “I will do no such thing, he is beneath me.”

  13. Now that we’ve got a team of Royals, it would be most interesting to see how it would go against the Bruces, Brians, Bills and Garys. Here’s a challenge to our readers, can you select a team of Cyrils or Claudes?

  14. Fisho, i was thinking of a team of Cyril’s, or Cecil’s. It would be interesting.

    Apart from Cyril Rioli you’d surmise most would be from pre- WW2 , as the names went out of vogue after then.


  15. Anonymous says

    Due to the recent very high profile Meghan and Harry interview about a The Royals, I have decided to come up with a Word 11 Cricket Team to do with the Royals. This includes surnames of cricketers that sound like common Royal names such as William, Edward and Phillip, as well as other Royal issues.

    The players don’t necessarily need to have played Test cricket, just first class cricket.

    Here is The World Cricket 11 Royal Team:

    1. Jack Edwards (NSW, Sydney Sixers)
    2. Nick Knight (England) (KNIGHTed by the Queen)
    3. Josh Philippe (Sydney Sixers, Aust Twenty20)
    4. Kane Williamson (New Zealand)
    5. Ashwell Prince (South Africa)
    6. Wally Edwards (Australia)
    7. Ross Edwards (Australia)
    8. Ray Phillips (QUEENSland)
    9. Collis King (West Indies)
    10. John “The Duke of” Hastings (Australia)
    11. Brad Williams (Australia)

    Jack Edwards, Ashley Prince and Kane Williamson can help with the bowling.

    This team will play an exhibition AFL and exhibition cricket game with the AFL Royal team, named by Glen.

    Entertainment for this match will be provided by Deborah HARRY, from Blondie.

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