The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 20 – West Coast v Richmond: An honourable loss for the depleted Tigers

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West Coast versus Richmond

5.40pm, Saturday, August 18

Subiaco Oval, Perth



THURSDAY AND I’M FEELING THE TIGES CAN UPSET THE EAGLES. Recent good form means that supporters are not without hope in this late-season contest. But I’m not beside the balmy Swan River. I’m at the weekender in Portland, the western suburbs of the Western District. Today the Portland Tigers play the North Gambier Tigers and that must mean the Tigers will win. Huge, well-muscled men who mid-week smelt alumina, construct wind turbines and load woodchips are involved in the contest.


It’s bone-crunching stuff. Terry Wallace would be salivating if he were here.


His team for the Eagles clash is bereft of height and big bodies. It has been for some time. Graham (fractured ankle), Simmonds (blood clot on lung), Knobel (ankle), Hall (hip) are all sidelined. It is down to young Pattison and the evergreen Richo against the might of Cox, Seaby, Lynch and Glass. In the midfield Judd, Cousins and Kerr are expected to run amok despite the recent good form of Foley and Tuck.


As I turn on the television I am confronted by teenage daughters who need transport to basketball. First-quarter highlights are delegated to the 11-year-old, who sees it like this: no Judd, no Cousins, perfect conditions and West Coast win the toss. Seaby a perfect palm down to Kerr who runs through the lines and hits Lynch. He kicks the first goal. Richo grabs the footy out of the ruck and dribbles the ball through – great goal! Tivendale runs half the field and then misses – typical! LeCras goals for West Coast and then Deledio snaps and goals for Richmond. Tambling turns the footy over and West Coast goal. Pattison goals with 30 seconds left and then Braun goals with five seconds left. West Coast dominates centre clearances but Richmond put up a good fight. It’s eight points the difference at quarter-time. Football through young eyes is all about the goals.


Back from basketball, where defeat has been snatched from the jaws of victory, and the match at Subiaco is a decent contest. Kerr has the ball on a string. He’s unstoppable. With the absence of Brownlow-winning teammates, he is able to play three times as well. Young King for the Tigers exerts his physical presence with a North Heidelberg love tap of the clenched kind to the head of Armstrong, who staggers to the bench. Staker is reported but immediately cleared by the jury on the couch.


The 11-year-old is bored. He tells me that his under-12 team won’t be having a vote count this year. “Some boys didn’t get votes so we went go-karting instead,” he explains. It’s a change of philosophy and he is not impressed.


Hansen and Lynch are both running loose but the Tigers are still in the game. The crowd in short sleeves and halter tops are making a big noise for the Eagles.


“You should coach our team next year, Dad. You know heaps about footy”.


Ben Cousins is captured on camera at the back of the coach’s box enjoying a 20-second yawn. He’s not the only one. When I wake from the power nap I’m slightly confused.


“I changed the channel to Forrest Gump, Dad. I didn’t think you’d care.”


Tambling and Deledio do some good work and the Tigers are still in it. Richo misses two in a row and the margin is just 13 points. “Run, Richo Run,” we shout. Opportunities for the Tigers are squandered and when Hunter marks and goals to kick his third from the backline it’s all but over. Lynch kicks his seventh and the result is sealed. An honourable defeat for the Tigers, with plenty of questions for the Eagles as they head towards September action.


“Dad, if Lynch and Richo are both great players why does one kick so straight and the other can’t hit the side of a barn?” I reflect that if I knew the answer to this question I’d understand the meaning of life.


“You know, son, football is a bit like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you are going to get.”



West Coast  4.5 9.8 13.8 18.9 (117)

Richmond  3.3 6.6 10.11 12.14 (86)



West Coast: Lynch 7, LeCras 4, Hunter 3, Staker 2,?Braun, Seaby.

Richmond: Brown 3, Richardson, Deledio 2, Edwards, Tambling, Pattison, Riewoldt.



West Coast: Kerr, LeCras, Lynch, Hunter, Cox.

Richmond: Tuck, Deledio, Pattison, Brown, Richardson, Jackson.



Johnson (Richmond) 200 games.



Allen, Woodcock, Pilla.



Kerr (WC) 3, Lynch (WC) 2, Hunter (WC) 1.



Lynch (WC) 3, Kerr* (WC) 2, Hunter (WC) 1.






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2007 Footy Almanac

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