The famous North Hobart Football Club name rises again

At the Almanac we have followed the issue of one of Australia’s oldest and most successful football clubs, North Hobart Football Club, being effectively and contentiously re-branded as Hobart City. Many traditional Tasmanian football people were disappointed with this and sought to change the name back to North Hobart.

In August we reported that there was to be a member vote on the issue.

A three-week voting period for members ended last Friday.

Members voted 371-118 in favour of the change.

See yesterday’s Hobart Mercury for the full story.



From 9 August 2017: North Hobart Football Club fights to regain its name and legacy (Member vote)
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From 20 June 2014: Finding North Hobart Football Club in disguise: Never say die




  1. Great news.
    Well played, Nth Hobart.

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