North Hobart Football Club fights to regain its name and legacy (Member vote)

August 9, 2017 UPDATE:

A couple of changes have occurred in the past few weeks at North Hobart.

– Members will have the opportunity to vote on the name after the season.

– The club board will change to being six member-elected, three committee-appointed structure; as opposed to all nine being appointed by an independent committee.

Many North Hobart Football Club people left when it turned into Hobart City Football Club.
“Bring North Hobart Home” are hopeful of locating as many as possible. Once signed as members, they will then be eligible to vote on the name.

Details of a meeting with the Club’s Board, links to membership and further information are here:




February 6, 2017

North Hobart Football Club has a rich history in the Southern Football League. Craig Martin has written this powerful call to arms in The Mercury to highlight the perils of the club. It is a timely reminder to get behind your local footy club and help keep their tradition alive.




David Wilson stumbles across North Hobart football in disguise: Never say die

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  1. G’day Craig.
    All the best with this.
    From afar, the re-entry of the North Hobart name seems like an exceptionally obvious and harmonious thing to do.
    There would probably even be some kudos to be earned by admitting an earlier error of judgement.
    The whole episode is bizarre.

    It’s heartening that many have never given up.
    Cheers, DJWilson

  2. Mick Jeffrey says

    Just on North Hobart having walked past the oval bearing its name a few times in recent years I can’t believe so many people in the glory years could squeeze in.

    Maybe restoration of the name is just a first step in a revival of Tassie footy. After all the push for an A-League team has earmarked North Hobart as a possible home ground and losing the ground will probably kill off any chance of the club surviving in any form.

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    Wonderful piece Craig. Look forward to seeing the North Hobart name reinstated.

  4. Singers Rocket says

    Bring them back!

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