The Beauty in Cricket



By Peter Argent


Just a little understanding of the nuances of the game of leather and willow will let the spectators understand the beauty of this predominantly colonial game.
Although only 10 nations play the game at the ultimate level – test cricket – currently, unbelievably this game is played by 120 million players in many countries, making it the world’s second most popular sport.
The earliest definite reference to the sport was back in 1598; it was called “crecket”.
At all levels there are the elements of the games attractiveness.

Jett Raphael bat A

Jett Raphael catch

ADCC - opener


A classic cover drive – an athletic diving catch in the field – the pace, (sometimes) elegance and aggression of a pace bowler as his charges up to the bowling crease …
Some are not as obvious.

ADCC - Isaac Argent A

A bolt upright seam of the five and a half ounce cherry, as a clever medium pacer propels it down the 22 yards on manicured turf.

ADCC - quick

The pleasure seen in the spinners eyes as they defeat the groping bat of the hopelessly beaten striker with a well-pitched delivery.

Honitons James Reuther A

The sweet crack of the willow, when a batsman perfectly times the ball and it races to the boundary.

Isaac Higgins

Or the refined skill of a late cut – a shot sadly disappearing from the game – like the drop kick in Australian footy.
There is a perverse gladiatorial pleasure of watching a batsman ducking and weaving out of the way of the well-placed short pitched delivery, that whizzes past their ears at pace.
The modern forms of the game, since in the 1960s, one-day cricket and at the arrival of this century; the Twenty20 format had developed the fielding aspects of the game to exemplary levels.
Back in the 1980 and 1990s it was the domain of Viv Richards, Augustine Logie, Jonty Rhodes and Mark Waugh to throw down the stumps with regular monotony.
These days superb catches and run outs are a regular occurrence at all levels of the game.
There are the individual achievements with .

Isaac Higgins 100 celebrate 2

The ecstasy when a batsman raises his bat after achieving their ‘holy grail’, a century.
A bowlers’ thrill when he knocks over the stumps of an opponent over, or gets him dismissed in one of the other nine modes.
A match-winning innings or a five-wicket haul lives long in any players memory and is frequently brought up when team mates reminisce about past glories.
When you look at the overall contest, there are the momentum changes that can prove to be the difference between winning and losing.
The game changing decision by an official; the untimely loss of a wicket or a catch that slips through the fielder grasp, which gives your opponent a chance to get back into a contest.
When you delve in to the game of cricket, there is so much appeal at a multitude of levels.

**The images display a little of the beauty of cricket**
From Ray Sutton Shield contests (SACA under 14s)



  1. I’ve haven’t actually played cricket very much. I think it would be important to understand the game to understand the game completely. It’s great to see how rewarding it can be to succeed in this game. Thanks for sharing!

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