The Ballad of Shaun Marsh

To the tune of Crowded House’s “Better Be Home Soon”

Somewhere, in a Perth suburb
She answers a phone call
“G’day it’s Boof Lehmann,
Can I speak to your first born.”
He said it’s time
For his undoubted potential
That’s when he tells her
Shaun’s back in the Test team

Played some wonderful knocks
Amongst all the failures
No-one’s been more stylish
Averaging 33 for Australia

George Bailey would’ve loved
To have had the same chances
But Shaun is their man
For the next two matches

Don’t say Bancroft, don’t say Klinger too
Don’t pick Ferguson or Handscomb, no

Usman was in pain
He did his hammy
We needed someone who
Can score against the Windies

He said it’s time
For his undoubted potential
That’s when he told her
Shaun’s back in the Test team
That’s when he told her
Shaun’s in the Test team

Taken from the latest James S & the Jolimont St Band’s album “Exile on Sub-Continent”

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Cricket and Collingwood tragic. Twitter: @crackers134


  1. Rest easy ladies and gentlemen and especially Rulebook for in Shaun Marsh we’ve found our new Watto.

    Good job Luke.

  2. Australia’s best pink ball batsman. Welcome back Shaun. Hope there was no hint of mockery in those wonderful lyrics, Luke.

  3. He’s like Yallop, minus the talent

  4. Btw, as well as more talent and also being the namesake of a famous test cricketer, Shane has 4 more tons, averages 4 more, and has 208 extra wickets.

    You get from Shane to Shaun with e-u. Seems appropriate.

  5. Malcolm Ashwood says

    It’s ok,Watto had to find some use of those photos. Any batsman with talent which ,Shaun Marsh has will make runs eventually given this many opportunities
    Thanks Luke and Mickey couldn’t agree more

  6. Great work Luke, right on the mark methinks. Btw by sheer coincidence ran in to someone who knew you while chasing the kids around up at Lorne – Nick who plays cricket for Colac and works in radio. Small world.

  7. Luke were you unable find words that rhyme with zero, nought, duck and fail ? Fair enough re zero, as the only similar word is here, not useful in this context.


  8. Why are people so unkind?

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks for the comments.

    PB- Maybe it was his pink ball prowess that got him over the line.

    Hope SE Marsh makes a few.

  10. Well played, L Reynolds.
    I know objective criteria don’t count for much in cricket selection.
    All park cricketers know that.

    Mates carry the day.

    In government work, candidates for positions are interviewed against transparent selection criteria by a panel. Answers are recorded. The panel deliberates and publishes its selection. Feedback can be sought. It’s all to do with merit-based appointments; ensuring that favouritism and other dubious subjectivity is removed as far as possible.

    Is Cricket Australia part of the Australian Public Service? Should it be?

  11. Luke Reynolds says

    Interesting point ER. Maybe CA should be part of the Australian Public Service. We like to think of them as our team. But where would cricket be without the debate over the selection of the Test team? What would we talk about in the lead up? There’s been selection controversies since the game started, and likely always will be.

  12. Great stuff, Luke. Very apt.

    There seems to be an unusual love affair going on between the Marsh family
    and the Australian cricket heirarchy. I must admit that while I see plenty of
    upside in Mitch Marsh, I am a long way from being sold on him. How much time
    do you give a bloke to learn within the Test team?

  13. bernard whimpress says

    Neither Shaun nor Mitch Marsh had the first-class record to be selected in the first place and neither has done anything much to merit being persevered with . Mitch occasionally shows promise with the ball but he’s being carried at present.

    Further back we should not forget father, Geoff. As I argued in my book, On Our Selection (2011), he was a lucky man to play 50 Test matches. Although AB stacked on an act when he was dropped in 1992 it should be remembered that as an opening bat he’d made just one century in his previous 40 Tests.

  14. Get off the Marsh family’s back you Eastern Stater know-it-alls. Look Australia has a fine tradition of cricketing nepotism. Richie Benaud’s first 13 Tests yielded a measly 309 runs at 15.45 and 23 wickets at 37.8. Shaun Marsh’s average of 33.1 in only 15 Tests is Bradmanesque by comparison. You blokes want to shoot Bambil before he’s even had a chance to hit his stride at Test level.
    And John Benaud got a gig on his brother’s coat tails, and came up with the goods scoring 142 in his final test.
    You blokes all want your local wannabes like Rob Quiney or Callum Ferguson to get the gig. Hands off.

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