Almanac Art: ‘The Art of Football Exhibition’ launch tonight (Aug 22) in Mildura




Exhibition runs from August 22nd – September 22nd

Gallery F, MIM and Deakin 27, Deakin Ave Mildura, VIC

Monday – Saturday 10am – 3.30pm

Official Opening  5.30pm Wednesday August 22nd




By Curator, Bob Utber


This is the third such exhibition that I have curated in Mildura called The Art of Football.  If you did not already know it Aussie Rules football is the biggest religion in Australia.


“Footy” brings together people from all different walks of life, race, creed, country, city – you name it we all love our only national game.


But is it our national game?  I have been a great advocate along with many other that the indigenous game known generically as MarnGrook was the forerunner to Australian Rules.  We had hoped to celebrate this in 2018 but circumstances that prevailed did not allow this to happen.


2019 will become the “Year of MarnGrook” and the first visual portrait done on the banks of the Murray at Merbein in 1857 will be the centre point of these celebrations.


As usual our MarnGrook expert Bernadette Atkinson will conduct sessions at Ranfurly Primary School and a Master Class at MIM.


As you walk through this present exhibition you will see all different scenarios created by over 20 artists from around Australia who just love what football can bring to art.


I have spent time with all the artists over the last 12 months and their passion exudes about our great game.  Join me over the next three weeks to talk about the artists and their art as we experience the lead up to the “last day in September”



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