The AFL Record 2011 Short Story Competition


The AFL Record has teamed up with Virgin Australia, the official airline of the AFL, to encourage

aspiring writers to try their hand at short story writing with an AFL theme.


The AFL Record 2011 Short Story Competition, which will run for eight weeks through the AFL

Record, asks writers to submit a previously unpublished story of no more than 2,000 words

focusing on the AFL in 2022. The goals of the competition are:


  • to promote fine short story fiction about Australian football,
  • to fantasise about the future of Australian football.

The brief (available via explains that the game has gone

International, with professional teams playing in zones across Asia, Europe, America, South

America, the Pacific and Australia. Every four years, the world unites to play for the AFL World

Rules, the first of which was played four years before in 2018.


Entrants are encouraged to let their imagination take over. They can concentrate on one zone if

they wish, focusing on the impact of the game on the local culture or they can write their story

from a team or an individual perspective. However, all entries must include a reference to how

football became an international game.


“The possibilities of what can occur on the field in any AFL game are basically limitless,” AFL

CEO Andrew Demetriou said. “We want to see our fans let their imaginations run to their limits,

on where our game can be in a decade from now.


“Our game continues to grow, as people love the excitement, the skills and the courage of the

players, and we want to reward the best writer who can encapsulate the next step for Australian



Judges for the competition include: AFL Record Managing Editor and Chief Executive of The

Slattery Media Group, Geoff Slattery; AFL Record Editor, Peter Di Sisto; AFL General Manager of

Corporate Affairs & Communications, Brian Walsh; AFL Media Relations Manager, Patrick Keane

and media commentator and author Dwayne Russell.


The winner will have their entry published in the 2011 Toyota AFL Grand Final Record, on sale

from September 26, and will receive two (V Australia) return, premium economy, international

flights to Los Angeles.


Competition closes Sunday, August 7, 2011 at midnight. For full terms and conditions visit



  1. Here’s a start. Andrew did say to use your imagination.

    “The year is 2022 and the Greeks are back. After being snatched from the cravass of financial ruin by returned favourite son, President Demetriou, the ancient sporting icon state has based it’s economic revival on the AFL monetry miracle that swept ‘Andrew the Great’ to become the most powerful and influential leader in modern times.

    With the untimely assasination of Septic Bladder, in his FIFA office at the age of 98 the coup de tete was quick and thorough. It has been decreed that “Beautiful Game” is now played with an oval pig skin and any reference to the round ball game is met with brutal force.

    The 2022 World Cup has been moved to the Home of Football the ACG (Acropolis Cricket Cround) with some preliminary matches to be designated to the second biggest Greek City, Melbourne, where Andrew the Great first came to prominance…………………………………………………………………

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