The 2020 Cool Dry Cup – Round 17


Greetings Tipsters


The solstice is behind us. Days are longer and brighter. Sunday morning here was beautiful, clear blue skies and 14°. Years ago I worked in an office, people would come in of a July morning saying “It’s freezing!” No, it’s 13 above freezing and we live in Sydney, near the coast. It never gets seriously cold here. I used to swim early morning laps in July.


Beaut weather this week, it got me feeling vim and vigourish, got a new work van to fit out, Thursmorn the temp setup, I picked up the 1000x750x290 wooden toolbox on the front verandah and carried it to the new van, got it in there atop an old bedfleece, roped it to the cage, put ferts and cides in one drawer, handtools in the other, occystrapped blower and buckets to the cage, all set to go and holy crap, the lumbar and thighs are starting to seriously hurt, probably should’ve walked the toolbox rather than carry it.


Getting older sux. I might investigate Tom Brady’s health regime, Perky Girl can be my Gisele. This time next year we’ll be instagram influencers. This week I’m endorsing a rubber mattress on the loungeroom floor.


From where, flat on my back, I watched Tigers run all around Magpies, who can’t kick goals without a big bloke to do the hard work. Richmond 16.8.104, Collingwood 10.9.69


Fuschias bloomed on Satarvo (I’ve been waiting awhile to use that pun) and, while sloppy in front of goal, were the better team for most of a tough, hard-fought match. Melbourne 13.17.95, St Kilda 12.10.82.


What do Tasmanians do on weekends like this when their occasional local teams play each other in the semi-sceptered isle? If wearing royal blue and white, celebrate, eventually. The Shinboners made this one hard for themselves, spraying shots (four OOF), giving away silly 50s and generally doing everything they could to keep a fumbling Mayblooms outfit in the game. Rather polite of them, really. North Melbourne 11.14.80, Hawthorn 9.8.62.


Surprised? Not me. The Monaros have managed to win whilst playing like crap but it was bound to catch up with them. Shinboners last week, Bombers at home this week, they were slow and tired and didn’t look like they really gave a toss. Rutten’s lads, by contrast, were chipper and full of beans, larking about in space, taking the ball out of the pack and doing something practical and positive with it. Eight goalkickers to the homeboys four. You reckon the premiership window might be shutting midwinter? Essendon 14.9.93, GWS 11.13.79


Bulldogs got their running shoes on Satnite, slicing and dicing their way through a Wharfies team that seemed somewhat befuddled by the slick handballs. They won more than their fair share in the clinches but too many boomers into the forward line landed in tricoloured hands or missed the bigger sticks. Footscray 15.13.103, Fremantle 10.16.76.


In the spirit of Malcolm Blight, Lions and Cats engaged in a good ol’ shootout Satnite. End to end football, fast running, long kicks, high marks and goals, goals, snaps from the pocket, set shots from centre half-forward, twas a grand display telecast live to Eastern Europe and South America. Brisbane 18.12.130, Geelong 15.16.106.


Sharks kicked the first three goals of the match and then played keepings off for a long while. Try as they might, the Schoolies couldn’t bridge the gap and lagged two or three kicks behind all arvo. They did score a season record number of rushed behinds. Port Adelaide 12.16.88, Gold Coast 11.8.74


Nothing marvellous about this game aside from cameos from Buddy and Eddie. Swans ground their way to a workmanlike win. Sydney 11.10.76, Carlton 9.7.61.


Was this a theme week Squire MacLachlan forgot to mention? Something like ‘1990s Round’ perhaps cos we had a few big scores over the last couple of days. The Eagles went nuts in the first and fourth terms, in between that they got a bit of a fright from deadeye Crows who got to within 11 points at the last break. West Coast 18.15.133, Adelaide 12.5.77.


Cheers Tipsters


P&C, A Stop Privatisation Of Footy Production, a divisionn of Trans Dementia Inc
Brought to you with the assistance of The Besf Of Jimmy Webb.




Ri 1444 1277 113.08 50
GW 1461 1237 118.11 46
WC 1499 1273 117.75 44
Br 1507 1293 116.55 40
Co 1408 1242 113.37 40
Ge 1417 1327 106.78 36
SK 1336 1291 103.49 36
NM 1272 1230 103.41 36
Fo 1283 1299 98.77 36
Sy 1337 1278 104.62 32
Me 1305 1293 100.93 32
PA 1306 1307 99.92 28
GC 1256 1396 89.97 24
Fr 1169 1326 88.16 20
Ha 1146 1429 80.20 20
Ca 1228 1417 86.66 16
Ad 1183 1454 81.36 16
Es 1101 1380 79.78 16






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Freelance gardener, I've thousands of books, thousands of records, one fast motorcycle and one gorgeous smart funny sexy woman. Life's pretty darn neat.


  1. John Butler says

    All the best as you recover, Earl.

    Sounds like a good chance to spin a few discs.


  2. Is the Best of Jimmy Webb the old croaker himself on the piano or the magnificent originals – Fifth Dimension, Dionne Warwick, Glen Campbell etc?
    You should speak to Gillon about a compilation album of the Mopsy Fraser Cup artists.
    Everyday I wake up and wish it was Round 17 and the Eagles were 3rd. Good to have you back. Glad I don’t have your back.

  3. Earl O'Neill says

    My people have been talking to his (bloody amateurs).
    Limited edition ‘Best Of’ cd Box, full set available to download, per Trans-Dementia Inc protocol.
    Should the marketing come together, you will enjoy Frinite halftime debate: ‘Which is the best Afghan Whigs album?’

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