The 2019 ‘Spud’ Frawley Cup – Semi Finals

Greetings Tipsters


And then there were six. Just about five, cos I don’t rate Geelong. You gotta wonder about Chris Scott. You or I could have coached the Cats to a flag in ’11 and while they’ve been good enough to make the finals regularly, thanks in large part to a home ground advantage, they don’t do much when they get there.


So I expect the Wiggles to handle them pretty easily. How much further the Wiggles go has a lot to do with hypoxia and other air travel related ailments. That club knows more about travel than any other but three transcontinental trips in fifteen days is pushing it. Assuming they need to make the third trip.


Steady nerves won the match for Richmond. I was watching Cam Rayner take a set shot in the second when the Lions had a slender lead and said “This could be the goal of your life.” OOF. The weight of the occasion seemed a bit too much for them. They did most things right but not the one that really counts. The question for Sateve is psychological.


It’s a bummer, Brisbane have been a second team for me since they were the Bears and I was well chuffed with their success this season. A Monaros v Lions Grand Final would have been wonderful. Instead, we get a semi. Will the Lions recover their mojo? Which Monaros will show up, the team that beat Footscray or the team beaten by Footscray? You never can tell with these blokes.


Speaking of inconsistent and unpredictable, Detroit Lions gave up a fourth quarter lead of 18 points and tied with the bloody Arizona Cardinals in extra time. Though that is, for a Detroit fan, entirely predictable.


Toby Greene, according to social media, is a bloody grub who should be rubbed out for ten weeks. Okay, I will grant, he does have the sort of face that might make some want to punch him. (So does Jamie Elliott.) And, sure, he plays on the edge – he would have been lauded twenty years ago – but the eye gouging accusation is laughable and media-driven. Bontempelli got up and got on with it and no mention of him chopping Haynes in the throat.


Toby is the classic annoying small forward. If he plays for your team, he’s great. If he plays for another team, you will hate him. He is a wonderful player on MY team. So rak off.


I’m hoping for a classic match Sateve, fast, hard, I wanna see screaming marks, outrageous goals, a couple of good ol’ hip and shoulder bumps, a final siren scoreboard reading Monaros 16.11, Lions 13.10.


I don’t wanna see anything remotely like Dermott Brereton knocking Danny Frawley unconscious behind play in 1988.


Anita, Chelsea, Danielle, Keeley – our hearts are with you.


Cheers Tipsters


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  1. Earl, the Toby verdict highlighted the curious situation with the AFL tribunal at present.

    Is it really feasible that no offences worthy of suspension have been committed since July?

    Is this a sign that the unofficial go-soft attitude at finals time has crept earlier into the season? Or just a sign of a system that has lost sight of what it was originally meant to achieve?

    If this keeps going, it will be interesting to see where it leads us.

  2. Ridiculous thing about the Toby situation is that the AFL QC argued for a fine. Thought that was the defence lawyer’s job. Wonder what the QC’s brief from Gill was? We need to protect ball players and skills or we need to protect the revenue/supporter base in the largest city?
    On a related matter watching the Open Mike last night with Stevie and Baker was sickening. Have thought for a long time that ANY serious body contact (i.e. more than an arm across or a contact touch) when the ball is not within 10 metres should be a free kick. I hate the off the ball “niggle” and worse. Cheap crap that should have no place in the game. Rub ’em out. Doesn’t happen in the world game.
    Earl – good judge as always. Yeo is critical for us in coming weeks. Since his job on Patrick Cripps he has been ordinary and his disposal woeful. My theory is he is best given a job to take him to the contest and give him focus. Unguided missile otherwise. Dangerfield and Martin look ideal. He has always played well on Fyfe. Hutchings to Kelly. Chris Scott back to the Dockers.
    See you all in Bleak City for the REAL Grand Final Friday week.

  3. Well Earl, every year 8 teams make the finals and 7 go home losers. So Geelong are not Robinson Crusoe in that statistic. Mind you, can you recall how many of the Wiggles 15 wins this year might have been influenced by Home Ground advantage.And how many of their finals wins might have been assisted by the same reason. Geelong played poorly (well.they are terribly coached, of course, you and I could do so much better), but they came within 10 points of defeating Collingwood at their home ground in front of a capacity and partisan crowd.

    The Wiggles probably start favourites on Friday night, but that accolade can be a poisoned chalice. Think Sydney 2017. I do hope that can be the model.

    With respect to the Toby Greene situation, well no, he should not be playing. Just because the decision on Bontempelli was wrong does not excuse the blatant payback attempts throughout that match by many of the GWS players, and with Greene as the most egregious exponent of them. Of course, the finals MRC leniency is also to blame. Naitanui is another who should have been enjoying a week off to contemplate his overreaction to childish hair-pulling ‘niggle’ of his opponent. Throwing said opponent into the fence could have had serious consequences. The action is not that which should be sanctioned with a fine, unlike the provocation, which should have resulted in a free kick against the offender.

    And on Saturday evening, maybe once-were-Bears can channel the inferiority complex plaguing the psyche of all Queenslanders and prevail against the Frankenteam in that poor mans State of Origin contest. I’ll instead be enjoying the 5th Test, weather permitting.

    By the way, just what does Kelly do if a suitable trade cannot be arranged?

  4. Ken, in relation to hair pulling on the footy field, way back in the seventies, a certain Phil Carman (remember him) played for Norwood. In a match against Port Adelaide Carman fiercely pulled Port Wingman Bruce Light’s long locks.

    It was reputed that after the game the 2 met up in the car park at the back of Norwood Oval for fisticuffs. The story goes Fabulous Phil came off second best.

  5. Ah Fisho, you have combined two grand South Australian traditions in one post. Oh to recall the marvellous heads of hair and regal mullets which adorned many a SANFL star in the late 70s, and that oh so quaint notion that the right place to resolve footy injustices was in the carpark of a hotel with random fisticuffs. Those were indeed the days. We shall not see their like again in these more follically challenges time.

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