Tennis: My lowdown on the Open so far

By Domenic Favata

Well, we’re just about to start the round of 16 and things are starting to heat up. There will be mouth-watering battles coming up, none better than the Hewitt v Baghdatis tonight.

The pair will meet for the second time in a month, the last time being in Sydney, where Baghdatis won in a close three-setter. But this time, I believe that Hewitt will have the upper hand. He has not dropped a set, whereas Baghdatis has just come off an epic five-set battle against David Ferrer. The “Bagman” as he is known, will not be at his peak in fitness, as he was already cramping up in the closing stages of the last match. It should not affect him too much though, as tennis players are renowned for their fitness and recovery. But I’m tipping Hewitt, the last standing Aussie male, to win in five set scrap, with this lead-up to provide the killing instinct.

To the rest of the men now: isn’t Federer looking good or what? He barely raised a sweat against Victor Hanescu, he was toying with him, playing to perfection. He is best suited to win the tournament, and I hope he does. Andy Murray, Juan Martin Del Porto and Rafael Nadal are cruising their way through, as is Fernando Vadasco, who I saw on day four of the Austrlian Open. Let me tell you that he will go a long way in this slam, he had hit two unforced errors up until halfway through the second set. That is excellent. We’ll find out who’s there, in about a week’s time.

Regarding the women’s draw, has anyone hear or seen the Williams sisters? If not, let me say that they are quietly cruising through to the third round, where they will be playing our remaining Aussie women, Sam Stosur and Casey Dellacqua. One thing to note: the linesmen that Serena abused during the US Open is currently in Melbourne.

The wildcard that I predicted, Justin Henin, has stormed into contention for the title after defeating No.5 seed Elena Demetieva and then coming back from a set down to beat the No.29 seed Alisa Kleybanova. I saw her in practice and she is hitting the ball very well, her backhand is one of the best in both the men and women’s game.

Kim Clijsters, my finalist, has just been knocked out and convincingly too. She lost 6-0 6-1 to Nadia Petrova. The other big names to fall were Jelena Jankovic, Ana Invanovic and the biggest of all, Maria Sharapova.

Well, the Williams sisters cannot both be in the final, so who will take it up to them? Will Sam Stosur knock out Serena? Or will Dellacqua knock our Venus? I don’t think so. That’s why I am predicting Serena to take out the title.



  1. Well done Dom, this is a good read.
    I don’t know if anyone can beat Federer he is playing outstanding as always.
    Serena will be hard to beat but I think if Sam Stosur can cut down on unforced errors she could give Williams a scare.
    I’m looking forward to Hewitt VS Baghdatis tonight, I’m hoping Hewitt can win I think whoever wins will play Federer which will be tough though.

  2. :) nice write up.
    i think my Federer is going well ;)
    im pretty happy with his performance and his serving :)
    GO FED EXPRESS! Woooooooooooo

  3. thanks danni, yeh i think the fed will win, i dont think anyone else can take it up to him, exept rafa

  4. I like the picture in the HS today how he tried hitting the ball out of the stadium and lost his racket in the process lol

  5. The Williams’ sisters have been keeping a low profile, so low that i thought Venus was absent from the Australian Open until today

  6. …… :)

    I soo could have been a cheerleader.

  7. Lets go Lleyton lets go. Sorry, i just want to see someone beat Federer lol :|

  8. I thought Serena was the one keeping the low profile, Venus has been attracting a fair bit of attention when her dress billows up.

    If this was the US, you probably would be. Apparently, about 80% of girls between the ages of 15-20 are, or have been, cheerleaders. There’s high demand for them even for primary school basketball teams.

    Dom, I think you should’ve given Davydenko a mention, as he has been going fantastically so far too. He just flies under the radar so much…

  9. OMG U GUYS! Rafa answered my question..AGAIN


  10. Is it because you put your name as Danni instead of Danielle?

  11. i dont know, that shouldnt make a diff if i used the same email addy as the last time.

  12. I swear your in with Rafa Danni

  13. lol nawww you think he likes me???

  14. It was probably just a really good question Danni.

  15. I saw him hug a ball-girl the other day, maybe he’s a womanizer

  16. It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot in here,
    It must be that Federers in the atmosphere!
    Hes gonna beat him, bust him thats his custom GOOOOOOOOOOO FED!

    nahhh nothing to do with the questions! ;)

  17. I hope Fed wins too. I cringe now whenever I hear Hewitt yell C’MON! and Fed is a so much nicer bloke.

  18. hey guys

  19. fed v hewitt cant waitttttttttttttt!!!!, fed will in though, in 4 sets

  20. hey Dom.
    im so exciteddddddddd!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
    i cant wait to watch Fed do his magic!

  21. Steve Healy says

    i’m home! well I was an hour ago.

    I actually watched the tennis last night, Gonzalez put on a show

  22. Yeah Steve, Gonzalez was on fire! He was totally nailing those shots. Disappointed he lost to Rod-dick.

    Another Fernando out today…my mum liked him. Wouldn’t expect him to lose to Captain Invisible, but Davydenko is the most underrated player in the world.

  23. 2,4,6,8 Who do we appreciate!
    1,2,3,4 Yeah, its FEDERER WE ADORE!
    You betta watch out FED!
    You betta step back for the white and Red!
    Hewitt is going Dowwwwwwwwn, DOWN
    GO FED

  24. I watched the Gonzalez – Davydenko game, it was an epic. I didn’t know who to support

  25. go fed, but go hewitt too, i love them both

  26. danni you should be a cheerleader or poet

  27. Josh I think you mean Verdasco-Davydenko?

    Davydenko would have to be an outside chance for the title, only he looks like he’ll vs Fed in the quarter final.

  28. HAHAHA lol yeah i know! :P

  29. home and away premiere now, good show

  30. Not sure about a poet, Dom. No offense Dani, if that’s poetry then Jarrad Oakley Nicholls is a football player.

  31. haha, i understand the richmond way

  32. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I can’t wait for the match either, although I can’t see Hewitt pulling off a victory.

    I remember when Gonzalez became the suprise package of the Australin Open a few years ago reaching the final.

  33. excuse me Adam! have u not read my piece of poetry on this site!

  34. Oh that’s right, sorry Adam.

    Any one of us is better than Oakley Nicholls

  35. its good poetry too :)

  36. Steve Healy says

    only 4 days till school starts, im feeling bad now that I got a letter from school saying what class im in

  37. The one called “Footyless”? That’s actually really, really good. I just read it then.

  38. thanks Dom :)

  39. lol ohhhh NOW HE SAYS IM GOOD! :p

    hahah Steve well i dont know anything about classes! just that school pics are on the first day..

  40. stosur lost

  41. Steve Healy says

    its so crap how I have to start on friday

  42. well there u go..with Stocur out the pressure will be too much for Hewitt.

  43. You get told what class your in? And you have photo shoots on the first day??? The city sucks! Country FTW !!!

  44. i start monday, what is the point of starting friday?

  45. haha danni

  46. i dont know but i start Friday too.
    arggg i swear if i get told off for makeup im so goona bar them, its A SCHOOL PIC! it follows u ur whole life so why cant u look good in it!

  47. I start next tuesday

  48. Come to my school Danni. You can wear makeup and theres no uniform.

  49. LOL okay but only if i get to hang out with you at lunchtime..i dont want to be a newbie loner! LOL

  50. Come to my school Danni, i’ll make you be a loner and point and laugh haha, i’m sure Jeff would look out for u though haha

  51. Steve Healy says

    that sounds like a great school Adam, some schools get 3 week holidays when others get 2, I hate those

  52. Oi! Danni’s going to my school Josh! That’s it, it’s war!

  53. I love how you can escape down the street easily at my school, they’re so slack

  54. veyr funny josh but no i think Jeff will be to busy hang out with ‘babe’ LOL

  55. I’m sure my offer sounds better Adam ;)

  56. What’s that supposed to mean Danni?

  57. Why would Danni want to go to some school in the middle of nowhere when she can go to some school with no uniform in the best suburb in Melbourne – Eltham?

  58. hanging out*

  59. ohh btw people when u watch Federer think of me and my squealing reactions! :) lol

  60. Because at my school they let you wear no uniform anyway, the teachers are nice and friendly, they know their football, we have ex-players at my school, a high-tech gym etc. lol

  61. We can claim all of those things, except the ex-players.


  63. Steve Healy says

    our school’s a bit lacking with good facilities, although im movin campuses this year (theres one for 7-9 and one for 10-12, we dont have an oval, although there’s malvern oval which joins to the school that we use sometimes anyway


  65. Its Williams and Stosur time at the moment

    Oh and not to mention the high-tech newly built year 12 study area, and that we have 350 kids in our school, not 350 in a year level :)

  66. Damian Watson says

    Eltham the best suburb? are you sure about that? lol.

  67. Yeah pretty sure Waaia is the best suburb

  68. Steve Healy says

    Eltham is no where near the best suburb. The best suburbs are inner city ones

  69. I really don’t like Jim Courier

  70. Steve Healy says

    all tennis commentators bar Sandy Roberts are crap

  71. One of the presenters is named Stephen Healy i noted, or he’s an ambassador or something

  72. Where the hell is Waaia? I bet it’s a long Waaia way from Melbourne?

  73. Very long way, 210km north of Melbourne

  74. Steve Healy says

    really? theres someone with the same name as me!

  75. To answer Damo: Nah, realistically it probably isn’t the best, but I’d say it’s far from the worst.

  76. Yeah, apparently there is a Stephen Healy who is a senior lecturer in the History and Philosophy of Science program at the University of NSW.

    Copy and pasted that straight from Google.

  77. First serve, ace. Wow, im off the Hewitt bandwagon lol

  78. Damian Watson says

    I like Craig Willis’ introductions, sounds like he is at a boxing ring.

    I think John Fitzgerald is the other caller tonight.

    Don’t worry I have nothing against Eltham, I agree with Steve the eastern inner suburbs are the best.

  79. The guy i saw was presenting the trophy to Rafa after he won that tournament thing a couple of weeks back

  80. Steve Healy says

    worst suburb is dandenong

  81. And i agree with Damo, ch 7’s promotions of their new shows using the tennis is annoying!

  82. Steve Healy says

    yeah Damo from Richmond to Camberwell is amazing,all around that area is brilliant.

    yeah I looked that up as well Adam, i should’ve heard of him before

  83. I heard their is a lot of gang-activity in Dandenong

  84. Steve Healy says

    yeah your right Josh lol, its such a bad place. 2nd to Dandenong would be Frankston thats also a hole

  85. Steve Healy says

    I was only 170km away from Sydney where I stayed

  86. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I call Dandenong “Dole City’. Ashburton is a pretty wealthy suburb too Steve!

    Hewitt’s not playing too badly.

  87. Interesting to see how this match plays out.

    Steve did you go through Waaia, Numurkah, Cobram, Barooga, Nathalia, Shepparton, any places like that?

  88. Fed serving some good aces wide so far. Bet Dani’s enjoying herself.

    It’s funny, some of the places with the nicest sounding names (Broadmeadows, Sunshine) are not exactly nice places to live.

  89. ^87: “I’ve been everywhere man!”

  90. Steve Healy says

    yeah Ashburton is pretty wealthy, but its not like our house is new or anything. It used to be my Dad’s house when he was growing up, it actually still belongs to my Grandma

  91. A couple of uncharacteristic errors from Federer that game

  92. Steve Healy says

    we had 3 stops today: Hollbrook, Wangaratta and then Seymour. Gundagai is the best town i’ve been in though

  93. Damian Watson says

    Hewitt is playing well on serve, funny how they keep panning to his wife in the crowd.

    What about Footscray?

  94. Steve Healy says

    gee that was an amazing shot by Federer

  95. Steve Healy says

    Footscray’s great, although I dont venture into the western suburbs often (im guessin you don’t either Damo lol)

  96. True Josh, it’s very rare you see Federer mishit an easy forehand.

  97. I’m surprised at how many suburbs there are in Melbourne, i still can’t believe there is 7 Melbourne teens on here and none of you know each other!

  98. Steve Healy says

    yeah Josh you do realise that 4 million people live in Melbourne?

  99. Damian Watson says

    No I don’t Steve lol. Yeah we live in different parts of tnhe metropolitan area.

    Hewitt’s getting frustrated lol.

  100. What Steve said.

  101. I would have thought there was 500,000 maximum in Melbourne.

    I just looked up the towns mentioned in the song Adam mentioned, none of the towns i said are sung lol :|

  102. …….. 8)

  103. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I’d be about 25 mins away from Damo im guessing, perhaps 20

  104. When i go for a walk down the street in Numurkah, i see about 60-70 people i know and stop to talk to. Would you rather that, or the unfriendly, unknown nature of Melbourne?

  105. The outer suburbs go out a LONG way.

    In other tennis news, Tsonga just finished off Almagro, 9-7 in the fifth set.

  106. Steve Healy says

    500,000? 500,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Damo where do you live?

  108. Steve Healy says

    Josh your 210km away from the MCG, I’m 9-10km. You do the maths

  109. Steve Healy says

    60-70 people? I didnt know that many people lived around there lol

  110. Damian Watson says

    Yeah 20 minutes would be a good estimate.

    What about this Josh- all the best resources, facilities, sporting events, occasional celebrity visits, festivals etc.

    Most people are friendly it’s just the minority that gives us a bad reputation.

    Fed’s breezed through the first set.

  111. Steve Healy says

    Yeah if there are 4 million people there are bound to be druggies and serial killers

  112. 1,200 live in Numurkah

    I did the maths Steve, it seems that when i go to the MCG its a better experience for me than it is for you

  113. Damian Watson says

    I live in Wantirna South in the Eastern suburbs Adam.

  114. :)
    :) its just gorgeous!

  115. Steve Healy says

    why do you assume that, I love going to the MCG every time I go, I love seeing it when I go past it, just cos I go there much more often than you it doesnt mean I get bored of it.

  116. Steve Healy says

    its just a light blue t shirt with a nike symbol, whats so gorgeous about that?

  117. I like my tennis shirt, its sleevless, white with pale blue stripes, oh its the North clash strip.

    Still, i’d rather go to the MCG every now and then instead of each weekend. It has to be more exciting for me

  118. What school Damo?

    You simply can’t get bored of the MCG. Just ask the people who have attended every single one of their teams games for the past 20+ years.

  119. Steve Healy says

    why? Then you’d go to the footy every week

  120. Alright we’ll say we both get excited about seeing and going to the G, but i like to believe its more special for me because i only go to it 3-4 times a year

  121. Steve Healy says

    well in a way it is, but for some reason its more special when you go there every week and know the ground well. I know off by heart that there are 57 bays at the MCG, and the levels are reffered to as M, N, P and Q.

  122. Damian Watson says

    Emmaus College.

    lol I like the Federer flag that says Ssshh Quiet Genius at Work!

    Yeah I agree I never get tired of going to the G’ or any football venue really.

  123. Etihad Stadium is special to me too, i could look at it for ever. The hotel i stayed in for Grade 5 camp had a great view of the then-Dome from my bedroom window.

  124. Steve Healy says

    you need to go to skilled stadium, its amazing, even though its always cold and a gail blowing in your face.

    yeah I love Etihad heaps, just not as much as the G

  125. whats so gorgeous about that?
    WELL STEVE for one thing FED is wearing it! and its such a nice shirt! i would so wear that :)

    OMG JOSH!! Manu is THERE!!
    ohh hes so cute!

  126. Mum got me to look at this Manu fella on the TV yesterday, i don’t see anything special in him

  127. Emmaus? My cousins go there, one of thems in yr 8 and one of them will start yr 7 this year, so you won’t know them.

    I wish I could get paid for everytime you’d said a male sports star/celeb was cute, Danni.

  128. Damian Watson says

    Nah I know a few Year 8’s, what’s the name?

    Isn’t Manu on that new Kitchen show?

  129. i call em as i see em Adam.



  130. Damian Watson says

    Are your earrings real Danni? my mum reckons they’re that expensive Chanel brand.

  131. Stupid commentator

    “How can Lleyton get back into this match?”

    HE CAN’T!

  132. Damian Watson says

    Josh, remember 2003 Davis Cup Semi Hewitt was two sets down against Federer and won.

  133. Steve Healy says

    Damo, where are all the Carlton members this year?

  134. Damian Watson says

    Are they Cassandra and Josh, Adam?

  135. But this is Federer 2010

  136. Well, I doubt you know the year 8, Damo, as she’s a girl. The younger one’s a boy whose pretty good at footy. They have the same surname as me.

    Yeah, Manu’s on the new Masterchef ripoff on 7.

    After watching the Australian Open, I’ve decided never to watch any show that 7 keeps flogging. Cougar Town in particular looks like shite.

  137. How did you know that Damo?

  138. Steve, they saw what’s happened to the club over the off-season and gone to a real club

  139. Lol Yeah lol Damo thats what the Cs stand for, Chanel

  140. You’re acting as if that should be obvious, Danni.


  141. That Cougar Town looks like a joke.

  142. Anyone remember how much 7 flogged Dirty Sexy Money a few years ago? That was a giant success here, wasn’t it? Not.

  143. Steve Healy says

    Channel 7 is mostly a joke (apart from footy coverage of course Bruce and Dennis)

  144. Damian Watson says

    Very funny Josh and yet we still have a larger support and financial base than North lol.

    Because Adam I know everything!

    lol nah they both went to my Primary School as well and my brother used to be good friends with the younger one.

  145. Steve Healy says

    the Roos are the ones with the problem. 12,898 members! thats unacceptable lol

  146. Coincidence. You live near them Damo? I thought you might say you lived next door and that would be a MASSIVE coincidence.

  147. You’d think the Roos would start to get some more fans among the Sudanese community if Daw gets a game though. A player like Daw could be very good for raising membership numbers.

  148. Hey Steve remember when i texted you sayin Jurrah did his knee and you believed me? Lol that was gold

    We might have not much members, but we’re more than ready to serve it up on the field, and not one of our players has been charged with excessive drinking etc. Signs are good

  149. Damian Watson says

    You’re not far off Adam! lol

    I think they live a couple of streets away so we are basically in the same neighborhood.

  150. Steve Healy says

    yeah, next the Roos need a chinese and an indian and then they’ll have billions of members lol

  151. You have Cunnington too, he won’t CHICKEN out of a contest. ;)

  152. Steve Healy says

    i didnt believe you, I just sent a message back to make sure you werent lying.

  153. Am i missing a joke there Adam?

  154. Damian Watson says

    The recent events may have tarnished some of our respect but we are still a proud club.

    By the way the Hawks are gaining plenty of membership numbers as well, I think they’re aiming for 50 000+

  155. Yep, Josh, not one of North’s players have been charged with excessive drinking. BUT…

  156. But what?

  157. As far as I know, North are the only team in professional sports anywhere in the world, to make a sex tape with a rubber chicken. At least it got them in the public eye.

  158. OHHHH that lol i forgot about that, i think its coz the media forgot about it, seeing as it was not an issue

  159. Hey Adam just curious, what’s with the weird thumb picture on your Facebook?

  160. Lol, that’s me. I don’t know anyone else who can do that.

    That photo was taken in Year 10 btw.

  161. I can do a weird thing with my finger that i don’t think anyone else can do, but yours is just freakish.

  162. Steve Healy says

    jeez, thats incredible Adam, my thumbs dont even move slightly backwards

  163. Lol. I’ve been told that many times Josh.

  164. Just to clarify my comment, i can sorta dislocate my fingers for a split-second or something

  165. I remember in year 10 science, we were studying genes or something like that Our teacher said that about 3/4 people couldn’t bend their thumbs back at all, while 1/4 could only bend it back slightly. The teacher said I was just abnormal, haha.

  166. Well, your abnormal to start with since you go for Richmond lol

    Hey you were in New Zealand at the same time as Michael lol. Sorry, i’m bored and just lookin at your profile

  167. …..and they ask why i love Fed so much!
    That was such a great win.

  168. hey guys, federer destroyed hewitt, did u hear his interview, hes such a great sportsmen

  169. Dont worry, Barnstable, it’s Facebook, not a classified FBI file :)

  170. TO DOM-
    YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS i knowwwwww!! hes so beatiful!! :)

  171. Thanks Bulman, i’m sure if Facebook was an FBI file i’d be in a bit of trouble at the moment.

    I’m looking forward to the Tsonga – Djokovic match (I think they are going to play if Tsonga wins)

  172. haha, he just does so much for the game and charity, as well as realising that tennis is just a game a

  173. Be back later guys, shower.

  174. Damian Watson says

    Don’t jump out of your skin just yet Danni he still has 3 more games to win before another title.

    It’s all genetic, I’m guessing one of your parents can probably do exactly the same thing Adam.

  175. Steve Healy says

    I knew Hewitt wasnt a chance

  176. federer will win the title- tsonga won-its a delayed telecast

  177. Damian Watson says

    Would you guys say that Hewitt’s career as a competitive tennis player is over?

    I reckon if he hasn’t jumped ship already he is probably on the wooden plank.

  178. no his career is not over- he can make it back to top 10- you cant expect him to beat federer when he is playing so good, he will be around for a few years- he is still compeptitve

  179. Yeah he isn’t going to achieve anything spectacular now.

    Haha i love those Reece ads with the kid in the bathroom dancing

  180. that kid is my old primary school’s principal’ son- he coached me in grade 6 footy

  181. Gahh just ruin it for me then Dom!! Lol

    Really? He looks about our age

  182. Damian Watson says

    Well Dom he hasn’t won a Grand Slam for about eight years, hasn’t been in the final of a Grand Slam for five I just believe he is past his prime, I agree he will be on the Pro tour for a few years yet but in terms of competing with the top 10 or so and challenging for a Grand Slam title it’s going to be a downhill ride.

  183. yeh he is definetly past his prime-but he still has it- that kid is about 26 Josh

  184. ahhhhhhh….he was so good in that game!! :)
    lol atleast i get a Federer win until i can get my Collingwood ones which is good enough for me. hmmm i wonder if Fed could play footy as hawt as he plays tennis..

  185. You’d be wrong in comment 174, Damo, I’m the only person I know who can do it, although I’m sure there are others out there.

  186. I’m not sure how much experience Fed has with footy, but Nadal’s a soccer lover, and his brother captained the Spanish national team I’m pretty sure.

  187. Federer in footy gear? No, it just wouldn’t work, but i hear Carlton are desperatly trying to get Fed and Rafa to wear a Carlton jumper and pose for photos

  188. hmm lol it would be funny if he was more accurate than Superman ahahah.
    Nadal is cool and deserves to play Fed in the final.

  189. WHAT!! NO,NO,NO this wont DO AT ALL!!
    they have to pose in Collingwood jumpers!!

  190. The Gillette shaving ad was on the other day and i love it cos Roger is in it and then i remebered that pick up like ur friend uses Josh! YOU know the Gillette one!

  191. Actually it was Rafa’s uncle.

    Really Josh? Is there no end to Carlton’s depravity?

    Nadal vs Murray will be a good match tomorrow night.

  192. That’s Jeff that uses the pickup line i think!

    I remember how Pink was supporting the Roos, and then dropped everything and started following Carlton. I stopped listening to her songs after that

  193. hahahaha really? Jeff!!?
    i swear thats so clever and i laughed so much when u first said it.

  194. I think it was him anyway, he doesnt use it, he just told me it. He most likely got it off someone else

  195. That pick up line doesn’t involve Jeff saying to a girl she’s “the best a man can get?” I’ve hit the nail on the head, haven’t I?

  196. lol he should use it!
    One of the main things girls look for is humor! if a guy can make a girl laugh hes almost halfway there.

  197. Damian Watson says

    Well then the teacher is right you are abnormal lol.

    I remember watching an old AFL ad and John McEnroe cried “You spit the dummy at the umpire and get away with it, I’d like to see that!” lol.

    All the celebrities barrack for Carlton! as well as most Italians.

  198. Well done Adam :)

    Jeff IS a girl, so he wont be using it anytime soon

  199. yeah Adam, pretty much.

    you mean muzzas Damo :P

  200. I know two italians apart from you Damo, and they go for Essendon and Melbourne.

    I think if there was a team that would actually put me off AFL, it would be the Blues. Dunno why

  201. The mafia are also mostly Italians.

  202. Steve Healy says

    sorry guys, ive been looking at some photos

  203. Steve Healy says

    i’m not italian

  204. yes but the mafia dont get involved with footy or Carlton would have won the last 7 or so flags or something like that LOL

  205. Steve put some photos from your trip on facebook

  206. Hahahahaa laughing at comment 204 lol

  207. Is the commentating for the Tsonga match a tad over the top?

  208. Damian Watson says

    A lot of those involved in Melbourne’s crime underworld went for the Blues, just watch Underbelly.

    You guys may hate us but I have a feeling that fans of other clubs envy us as well.

  209. Steve Healy says

    hahaha I heard that Josh.

    I’ll put pics up tomorrow, and put them on FB and send them to you guys

  210. lol well Damo sorry but Collingwood is not one of the envy u clubs.

  211. The difference between Collingwood and Carlton, for me, is that even they’re both enemies, I have more respect for Collingwood.

  212. Steve Healy says

    i dont envy Carlton at all. Sorry Damo

  213. 211- interesting comment please elaborate on that.

  214. Damian Watson says

    Then why do heaps of opposing supporters hate Carlton?

    Is it the supporters? Culture?

    thats like me asking “why do heaps of opposing supporters hate Collingwood”

    Collingwood, Carlton, Essendon the three hated teams.

  216. I hate Collingwood, but I respect them more than Carlton because they are more ethical off-field. Carlton – well they are bunch of cheating, tanking scumbags. I thought the incident with handcuffing that rookie up and forcing him to keep drinking was particularly nasty.

  217. I just dont like the club. Pissheads. Some of the supporters arent different

  218. my biggest reason is that its natural collingwood and Carlton always hate eachother there has been a rivalry for years. my main reason of hate was Fev but now that hes gone i have to blame the supporters (MINUS U DAMO OFCORSE)

  219. Steve Healy says

    I hate Collingwood more than Carlton, mainly because we have had a pretty good record over Carlton in recent years, they have never really frustrated us with close wins and stuff like that.

  220. Carlton supporters are scum-bags, especially the 15 y.o types :)

  221. I really don’t like Essendon, because my bro goes for them, and he’s VERY obnoxious.
    I’m watching Richmond v Essendon on BigPond on the AFL site. I’m re-remembering everything and its fun.

  222. okay Adam but i must say, even as a collingwood supporter that my boys eventhough they have been goodboys recently have also been known to get into stuff of field so i dont really see your reason as entirly valid.

  223. dont lie Steve, u hate Collingwood b/c of me!

  224. Im watching a video of the goals of the year from 2009

  225. Yeah, true, but Carlton are worse. Didak is a dickhead, definitely, but Carlton have got a significantly worse culture.
    That said, Carlton are slightly less hatable now theyve got rid of Fev.

  226. Damian Watson says

    First of all Adam, Collingwood have had their fair share of off-field skirmishes of the past involving players and officials there are too many cases to name.

    And although Carlton cheated the salary cup which sent us spiralling downward in the first place, you cannot question the players will to win I don’t subscribe to the tanking rumours and if the AFL and supporters believe it is a threat just simply alter the draft system.

    As for the supporters well we have a reputation of being arrogant and boastful it’s our trademark, but in a way I think we have a right to be considering the success over our history, of course over recent years that hasn’t been the case lol.

  227. Steve Healy says

    collingwood, carlton and essendon are the teams everyone loves to hate.

    of course not Danni lol

  228. Now im watching the Zaharakis goal from ANZAC Day, how good was it Danni??

  229. okay, got ya.
    Yes Dids was an idiot for what he got himself into but theres no need for that langauge, Adam.

  230. The players were definitely trying for Carlton, but I don’t believe the coach and the rest of the club wanted the team to win, Damo.

  231. JOSH- shutup!

    Steve- prove it! :P

  232. Damo, i respect your loyalty to the team, but they did tank.


    Watch from 52 seconds, so funny lol

  234. Damian Watson says

    Well we all have our opinions, but I firmly believe that everyone at the Blues were giving %100 in the latter weeks of Season ’07.

    The Tigers were accused of tanking as well in that last round match against the Saints but I believe those rumours were blown out of proportion as well.

  235. Steve Healy says

    The Dees tanked, i’ll admit it

  236. *GASP*

  237. Steve Healy says

    hahaha the triple m boys went beserk lol

  238. Lol “ITS ABSOLUTELY PISSING DOWN HERE AT THE G!!!!!” Ahh im going to miss BT :(

  239. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that was a great call, I’m going to miss BT at the helm of Triple M, I’m sure Rexy will be equally as entertaining.

    (r)- MSN symbol for rainbow lol

  241. Wouldn’t it be fun to be on radio :)

  242. Steve Healy says

    ive never liked Rexy that much cos he always goes off topic from the game, but i loved triple m but now im stuck cos I dont know what to listen to.

    Does anyone know where the nab cup challenge matches are being played?

  243. Do u have msn Dani?

  244. Damian Watson says

    I think this link has the venues Steve-

  245. No I don’t Adam.

  246. How did you know that (r) was the MSN symbol for rainbow then?

  247. I’m on radio Adam :)

  248. Cool Josh, what station?

  249. Because I use msn sometimes at my cousins house but its not installed on my computer lol.
    Goodnight all…revising French revolution is tiring work…
    <3 Madame Deficit

  250. ABC 97.7 with Peter ‘Crackers’ Keenan and 98.5 with country footy reports and then later in the week i do AFL reports on the same station and i was going to do country footy commentating for the GVFL but i don’t know what’s happening there

  251. Lamest excuse ever Danni lol

  252. come on you know i suck at computer stuff, eg that spam thing and dont get me started on other stuff like instaling!


  253. If one of u guys wouldn’t mind emailing me or posting the info on that essay that john sent us, thanks

  254. Steve Healy says

    k thanks Damo, good night Danni

  255. G’day Gang

    Have been enjoying your contributions to the website. Thanks for all those. Not convinced Geelong won’t be top come late August though Josh.

    As you probably know, apart from writing and radio etc, I am now Director of Manning Clark House in Canberra. This year we are having a major event on March 20 and 21. It’s called Fair suck of the sauce bottle: a celebration of Australian language.

    In association with the event I am running a competition for school kids. It’s called ‘Be a Journo for a Day’.

    I am inviting students to write a 750 word newspaper column on Australian language. Can be funny, serious, whatever you like, but it needs to be linked to Australian language.

    First prize is $350. Second $100. Third $50.

    In addition all who make the short list will be invited to a day-long professional writing seminar at Manning Clark House, free of charge. (You may have to save your pennies to get to Canberra)

    You guys are ideal candidates, and you are the first students I have contacted.

    The winner will be published in the Canberra newspapers, and on line at, and probably on the footyalmanac site. (Although it might be better if you don’t make the piece footy focused).

    Hope you are enthused by this possibility.



    PS Cath, have you finished Year 12 or is this your Year 12 year coming up?

  256. Steve, you should go on msn

  257. thanks josh

  258. No worries.

    Happy Australia Day people, have a safe one

  259. Steve Healy says

    you too Josh,

    Mitch Brown for Geelong. has re-injured his leg that was already broken, and won’t play for 3 months and won’t be running for 6 weeks, so his debut is still unknown

  260. I just finished the Adelaide section of my slideshow, it makes it hard when players don’t have pictures in google images, so far Ricky Henderson is the only AFL player to not have a picture in google images

  261. Steve Healy says

    lol good work Josh, doesn’t he have a picture on the afl website?

    how many slides have you done so far?

    stats- watchin the cricket

  262. I can’t copy and paste pictures of the Adelaide website for some reason.

    13 Slides, so that’s about 13 per side, so should be roughly 208 slides by the time i’m done.

  263. Steve Healy says

    K, send it to us when you’re done, which might be a while by the sounds of it.

    im startin a piece for the almanac now

  264. I don’t think i’ll be sending it to anyone Steve, it’s already nearing the attachment size limit thing.

  265. Steve Healy says

    good point, I forgot about that. It might be a file too big for your computer lol

  266. Steve Healy says

    Watsons out for 33

  267. Steve Healy says

    ..and pontings out for a duck

  268. Check out Ayden Kennedy’s facebook, bit up himself

  269. Hey guys..its a very warm Australia day.

    ipod- Averil Lavigne- sk8ter boi

  270. Is that the song where she says delicious?

  271. no Josh thats ‘Girlfriend’

  272. Oh :( listen to that song then

  273. hahahaha some girl asked Raffa to marry her in the Herald Sun thing but he turned her down! lol i think thats mean! he should meet her first!

  274. I think that would be worse Danni, having Rafa actually meet her and decide he doesn’t want to marry her would probably be more crushing than if he said no without meeting her.

  275. Lol yeah i read that.

  276. What people will do for attention…

  277. ohh yeah true.
    lol oh come on Adam i would do the same thing to Jack Anthony if i could,
    ….i love that guy!

  278. I read today that Jo Wilfried Tsonga took a ball boy into the players rooms and took him out for lunch after the boy had had a pretty bad week

  279. …what!! really that awesome!
    well what about me in gonna have a bad YEAR!! can you hear me Roger?? :)

  280. Yeah, I read that too. Top bloke Tsonga is.

    Hey Danni, I actually got told today I looked like Federer.

  281. really? loll, well do you look like him?
    one of the teachers at my school could be his twin..well almost but he looks like him so much.

  282. Honestly Danni, I don’t know. I have dark eyebrows and fairly deep-set eyes like him, although my hair is totally different.

  283. I dont think you look like him Adam, dunno if that’s a compliment or not lol

  284. lol well u should change that, go get a Fed haircut! :) next thing you know people are comming up to you in the streets asking for photos lol

  285. I agree with Josh, my nose and mouth looks nothing like him, plus he’s shorter and more ripped.

    Nah Danni, Fed suits Fed, but not me.

  286. *Fed hair suits Fed

  287. Fed’s hair is terrible

  288. ???

  289. Woops, that wasnt meant to say that lol

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