Tennis: My Australian Open preview

By Domenic Favata


The men’s singles is headlined by Federer, Nadal, Murray, Del Potro; all have a chance of claiming the first tournament of the year. Roger Federer is back after his absence from the tour due to the birth of his two daughters, Charlene Riva and Myla Rose. But the champ is back in full flight and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s there in the final. Rafael Nadal had an injury ridden year, but still managed to win a grand slam and several titles, but he lost his world number one ranking. Novak Djokovic, Juan Martin Del Potro and Nikolay Davydenko are all in good form and will be a force during the tournament. Some say that Andy Murray is unlucky to not to have won grand slam, but he’s got a good chance in this year’s tournament; he just needs to have that killer instinct in him. Our local hopes are on the shoulders of Lleyton Hewitt and he may have a good chance after he his great off season, which has put him his greatest shape of his career. They all are worthy candidates, but who will take the first grand slam of the 2010 calendar?

Winner: Roger Federer

Runner-up: Rafael Nadal

Wildcard: Nikolay Davydenko


At this time of year, all you can say is, “What is that Serena Williams is wearing?” That is the talk of the town once she and her sister come to Melbourne to play off for the crown. They are ideal candidates for this year’s crown, particularly Serena, but they’re not the only candidates. The Russians have a real shot this year, particularly, Dinara Safina, Elena Dementieva and Svetlana Kusnetsova. There are also the comeback queens, US Open champ Kim Clijsters and Justin Henin, who played off in a tense final in Brisbane. Glamour girls Maria Sharapova and Ana Invanovic also have a real shot, with both in winning form. Our local hopes rest on out-of-form Sam Stosur and Jelena Dokic, who had a great tournament last year. This year will be the toughest winner to pick out of all years; the field is so even, we’ll find out come final day.

Winner: Kim Clijsters

Runner-up: Serena Williams

Wildcard: Justine Henin


  1. Dom,

    I’m a little sceptical of Lleyton being in the best shape ever. Has he ever been out of shape?

    It sounds like the annual claims of AFL clubs that they’re in the best pre-season nick of all time, all their players are up and firing, they’re going to win the premiership for sure, etc.

  2. Well, Lleyton is in his best ever shape injury wise as he is coming into this tournament injury free, he looks freshened up after having a great off season with new coach, Nathan Healy.

    You’ll find that with a lot of the AFL clubs, like Richmond had high hopes last year :(

  3. Winner: Roger Federer
    = AGREE
    “What is that Serena Williams is wearing?”
    = AGREE
    nice work.

  4. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys,

    Just got back from New Zealand. Sorry for not telling you guys on the web but I think I told Steve or Josh on msn so hopefully you knew where I was.

    I see the biggest change since my absence has been the introduction of Dom Favata to the site. Good to have another young tiger on the site.

    Has anything else of interest happend on Footy Almanac or in the AFL world since I’ve been gone. I heard Croad’s retired but that’s it.

  5. Damian Watson says

    Nothing too much, Houlihan, Betts and Walker were suspended from Nab Cup, players like Dean cox and Marc Murphy are sidelined through injury until the beginning of the H&A season, one of your Tigers Troy Taylor has been fined and Lovetts career looks to be over also Peter Helliar will be hosting a new footy show for Channel 7 this year.

  6. Michael Allan says

    lool, being suspended from the NAB cup is a reward.
    What did Troy do? I like the kid but I know he has a colourful past.

    I’ll be back after dinner.

  7. Damian Watson says

    I think he was alleged to be involved in an incident in a NT pub on New Years Eve.

  8. Hey, pretty ranga is back!
    how was your trip Mikey?
    i think Damo covered all the news.
    i cant wait for Peter’s footy show it should be hilarious! :)

  9. Michael Allan says

    hey danni,
    the trip was swell. I went hang gliding and white water rafting and was supposed to go sky diving but it rained almost every day (in summer!)so i din’t get the chance.

    There was a rugby 7’s tournament on which was really cool because I”d never seen it before and it was alot better than normal rugby.

  10. kool sounds like you had fun.
    lol i just read this on Swallow’a blog soo funny lmaoo

    After lunch we got ready for weights and core session. We were out on the synthetic turf and pretty much threw medicine balls around with our tops off. The boys were pretty excited about getting their tops off because other teams always have their tops off in the paper, but we’re never allowed to because we want to make sure we give the sponsors heaps of exposure, especially Mazda.


  11. Michael Allan says

    lol, not bad. Btw Peter Helligah’s not funny and his show wont be. Even though I do like Straughine.

    you havent even been back for that long and already we have a disagreement!
    thats gotta be a record!

  13. Michael Allan says

    lol, yeah that’s good form.

  14. lol, so getting ready for your Ls soon?
    ur in May with me yeah?

  15. Michael Allan says

    well this is an interesting story, I’m not getting my L Plates.

    I had a stroke when I was nine months old and cause of that I’ve got poor motor skills (my excuse for no football ability) and I don’t have peripheral vision.

    Cause of the vision problem I’m not qualified for a drivers licence.

    I’m 16 already so I’d have them already if I could.

    I was gonna tell you all in person at the book launce but i forgot. lol

  16. Wow….geee
    That’s a lot to take in.
    Well along as you’re healthy now that’s all that matters.
    I have to wear my glasses when I drive cos I’m short sighted.
    Anyway you are not missing out on much, lol to understand what I mean just picture me at a roundabout about to cry with cars behind me beeping at me and you will get the picture, im not exactly a good learner lol.

  17. and its a good thing you didnt tell me at the launch cos i would have gotten all upset. personal stories really get to me so if it was in person i wouldnt have been able to take it like i did now.

  18. Michael Allan says

    haha one of my friends crashed into a tree and the other ran into a mail box.

    At least I’ll never have top be designated driver.

  19. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that is a lot to take in!

    Danni, unfortunately Straughnie won’t be on the show in fact I don’t know if will see him again at least in the short term, although Richo will be co-hosting the show.

    Yeah I don’t mind the Rugby 7’s either, although it doesn’t get too much exposure here in Australia even if it is a Commenwealth Games sport.

  20. lol okayy well atleast im not that bad then lol.

    hahhaha true Mikey just dont over do it with the alcho! lol

    Yeah i know Damo :( still i think it should be good.

  21. Michael Allan says

    I’d prefer the AFL did some sought of AFL 11 where the game would be more about pace rather than the nab cup just for something a bit different. Doubt it will ever happen but it’s fun to dream.

  22. Michael Allan says

    Anyway I’m off now. Night.

  23. Welcome back Michael, ah now it makes sense why your banana kick was so shocking, lol just kidding. Glad your health is good now.

    I cant wait for Pete’s show, he’s funny and joining with Richo should make the show interesting, as well as the introduction of some new “Strauchanie’s” that he promised.

  24. Oh and reading this Collingwood book, i’ve found myself laughing a few times, like when the leadership group had a meeting and Swan was late, he ran through the door of where the meeting was being held and said “Anyone looking for a leader?” Lol, and when Mick asked Toovey why he tripped over as Leroy Jetta ran into an open goal on ANZAC Day, Toovey replied “I tripped over my feet” maybe i should have listened to you Danni, this book portrays him as pretty dumb

  25. Michael Allan says

    Hey Josh, I finally got facebook, hurry up and accept my freind request.

  26. Will do soon Michael

    I’ve been texting Steve the past few days, he’s doing good. Lol these texts made me laugh:

    Steve: There’s a couple of hot chicks in the cabin next to mine
    Me: Delicious lol try and resist the temptation of sneaking in there later tonight
    Steve: Delicious indeed, yeah i need a new girlfriend since me and danni didn’t work out

  27. hhhahaha lmaoo nawww Stevey! :P
    i really hope he finds himself a Dee.
    This cute blond that was shopping with his mother and sister was staring at me! so i though stuff this immma catch him in the act!
    so as soon as he glances over again i full on smired at him and he was so shocked and red he quickly looked away! lmaoo hahah

    … temptation to saying something mean about Toovey i just remind myself- clean slate, clean slate!

    status- watching Rafa play tennis.

  28. Up to chapter 39 of Side by Side, the game against Sydney in Round 12 was a bit different to read. It says Nick Maxwell put his head on the trainers shoulder during the game and pleaded for some more painkillers for his broken ribs. Didn’t think Maxwell would be the type of bloke to do that.

    I was surprised at Maria Sharapova’s exit from the Australian open today, at least we won’t have to put up with grunts and groans from her.

  29. …poor Captain. :(

    lol thats so mean, Rafa has got his grunt on! lmaoo

  30. I can understand grunting when the match is into its second or third set but not when its a few points old.

  31. Oh and Steve was having a kick on Manuka Oval yesterday and got some photos of it.

  32. lol did he email em?

  33. Na

  34. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I got your text Josh, no worries.

    I reckon Sharapova’s opponent was just as bad when it came to the grunting.

    It’ll be intresting to see how Jelena Dokic performs when she plays her first match after all that has happened in the lead-up.

    Yeah Steve told me he had a kick.

  35. I’ve heard that many pronounications of Clijsters today, her opponent was pretty terrible today.

    Anyone staying up to watch Geelong v Western Bulldogs on 7Two tonight?

  36. Damian Watson says

    I might but all the games are taped so I might watch it tomorrow.

    Mosty of the Australian open games were cancelled today though because of the rain.

    Oh and Josh I got into Work experience at Channel Ten.

  37. nahhh.
    lol today i was woke by this at 10:30am

    and u can imagine me having slept at 1:00am hair not straightened no time for makeup. ohhhhhhh i was worse than grumpy!!
    lol Dad saw how not happy jan i was and cos im his princess he was like to my mum, “you and joseph do the shopping ill take this one with me.”
    i was cranky till about 3:00PM

  38. ch ten? omg thats great Damo.
    i regret my choice soo bad, but then again i didnt know i wanted to be a jurno at the time.

  39. I’ve been in bed and asleep by 10:30 the past few nights.

    Really? That’s awesome Damo, how did you manage that?

  40. Damian Watson says

    I just sent them an e-mail a few months ago and they accepted it, I reckon the Almanac was a factor though.

    lol my mum still uses that ‘not happy jan catch phrase”.

  41. whats going on with Nadal? he should be wayy ahead

  42. an interview from Rafa, look how cute he is with his english!!!!!!!!! :) heheh nawwwwww

    Q. Does it make you wonder that you’re the defending champion yet you’re not considered the favorite?

    RAFAEL NADAL: What the question?

    Q. You’re the defending champion.

    RAFAEL NADAL: I understand.

  43. That’s a reporters worst nightmare

    Jeez, that sounds simple Damo

  44. nawww hes adorable!!
    nah if i were reporting on him and asking him stuff i would have all the patience in the world.

    its so freaking cute!!!!!!!! :)


  46. Damian Watson says

    Well no I had to write about 300 words as part of the application.

    Yeah I feel sorry for the reporter lol.

  47. This freakin weather, i was complaining how hot it was yesterday, now im frustrated that i cant find one of my hoodies.

  48. Damian Watson says

    lol Danni out of all of the questions only about three were asked by people in Australia and you were one of them.

  49. STATUS- Dyinggggggggggggggg
    omgg Damo..i just ran like two laps of the house going, “OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG RAFA ANSWERED MY QUESTION WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” :D

  50. Damo, im freaking out!! :)

  51. Damian Watson says

    So are you going to ditch Federer and start worshipping Nadal? lol

  52. hey guys

  53. lmaoo no Damo.
    i like Nadal hes my number two after Roger but i dont think Roger is replacable.
    lmaoo i think if Fed answered one of my questions i would have started to cry.

    Im watching Rafa as we speak and its even more exciting now that i know he answered my question! :)
    But i feel so bad cos the crowd isnt very supportive of him. I mean i feel REALLY BAD.

  54. rafa’s going okay, he still has a wedgie though, lol

  55. OMG DOM!! HEYY!!

  56. yeh i read, thats so awesome!!!!, they should get federer to do that, hes got better english :)

  57. the wedgie is all part of the gameplan Dom!
    i hope he wins! i want a Rafa vs Fed final!!

  58. thats what i predicted, did you watch the wimbeldon final of 2008, best match ever!!!

  59. nawww Dom dont be mean!
    Rafa is cute when he talks broken English, atleast hes trying!! :)

    i really hoped he would answer that question cos i have always wated to know what it was like to play Fed and now thanks to Rafa i have a idea. :)

  60. Well im off, about to my fist through this slow junk of crap. Talk to you guys on my fast internet tomorrow hopefully :) just over 3 weeks to go till the NAB Cup starts

  61. haha, yeh that would be cool to know,

    q: What is it like to play federer?

    a: Very,very hard

  62. cya Josh.

    is it me or is Rafa having a bad day?

  63. nah, he’s playing okay, just heard he has changed the type of his strings, so he is changing the style of his game a little

  64. hmmmm…gee thats not the time to be changing strings.
    Hes not playing bad but i dont know..i just think he deserves more of a lead.

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