Tennis: Federer’s class separates him from the rest

By Domenic Favata

Roger Federer, the magician, the king, whatever you want to call him, is back at Melbourne Park and ready to rock. The fifteen-time grand slam winner is back after a loss to Nikolay Davydenko in Qatar. Some may call it a setback, but I call it ‘warming up’. Federer will release his destructive force at Melbourne Park, the big-time. He has chosen not to play at his usual warm-up event, Kooyong, instead opting to get ready with practise sessions. That’s where his touch of class is practised to perfection.

You can never doubt Roger’s tennis, nor his history-breaking results, but the one thing you can question is, how does he do it? Those magnificent forehands that zip across the court, those one-handed backhands that fire down the line and those unbelievable shots that make you sit there and say, “He’s a freak”. He is, but those shots he plays are timed to perfection and are practised for hours and hours. He is a magician on the court, he makes  something out of nothing and can come back from losing positions to win. He’s got it all.

Federer’s “touch of class” is something I will be striving towards with my own tennis, but I’ll never get there, nor will any other player that will ever play the game. He is the best player that has ever taken to the court, he is a legend.

Sometimes, I think to myself, when a young player draws Roger Federer in a grand slam they must be already thinking about booking a flight home. Personally if I was a professional I would relish the chance and stand at the other end in awe of the great man. When one guy has won fifteen grand slams, it would be great playing against him because you would learn a lot — and I mean a lot. Some player’s careers would have changed just by losing to him. Sounds odd, but it’s true.

I believe that Roger will win the Australian Open and I hope he does. Guys like Nadal and Murray are great players, but they lack that something special when needed: a touch of class.

Roger Federer

Country : Switzerland

Residence : Wollerau, Switzerland

Date of birth : 8 August 1981 (age 28)

Place of birth : Basel, Switzerland

Height : 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)

Weight : 85.0 kg (187 lb; 13.39 st)

Turned pro : 1998

Plays : Right-handed; one-handed backhand

Career prize money : US$ 53,362,068

Singles ranking: 1

Grand Slams: 15


  1. here you go danielle

  2. He is the best player that has ever taken to the court, he is a legend-

    agree times a trillion!!
    the other day i was searching him on utube and came across a commercial for Nike, heres the link, watch it its so funny!
    oh and i think he would make an awesome actor!! bloody ROCKSTAR HE IS!!
    ps- i just diedddddddddddd watchinf teh second vid

  3. Hey Dom, i sent a comment for you but becuase i added video links of Fed it need to be modereated or something.
    Great write up!

  4. thanks

  5. i was thinking of writing up an Australian Open preview

  6. I’d like to read that

    Status – just finished writing up a new piece on this year’s Draft picks

  7. Wow, has anyone seen Max Rooke’s picture in the Herald Sun?

  8. ..yes!
    now thats an improvement!
    Some men look good scruffy buthe looks better shaven. :)

    Dom, you should write one.

    status- offended at Gigs for not having put up my pretty coaches piece yet. lol

  9. It really doesn’t look like him though, i prefer him with the caveman hair and beard. He looks like Chance Bateman without the dreadlocks lol.

  10. lol nah i think he looks good.

  11. I watched the tennis this morning, and god the coverage of it was terrible. Everytime channel seven went to a break, they came back and had missed the start of the new point being played

  12. …really?
    that better not happen when my Federer is playing!! ill sue!
    i hope they play a jonas song in the break when he plays like last year.

  13. Jeez, it sounds like Channel 7 were trying to impress you last year

  14. lol i know! Federer and Jonas Brothers! i was in heaven! lol

  15. Ponting just made his 100. Lol he was on 94 and he hit a big shot that only made a 4 but the umpired called it a 6! Lol it was overuled and he made the 2 runs needed a couple of bowls later.

  16. Alright Danni im going to give the Jonas Brothers a chance. What’s their best song in your opinion and i’ll download it

  17. Steve Healy says

    really, Josh? I missed it, I just came home from buying school shoes

  18. hmmmm let me think soo manyy!! umm obviously ill strike out the slow ones.
    mmm i like
    World War 3

  19. the song they played in that tennis break is called

  20. Pushin me away- is a good one too.

    yeah those are my top 3, along with Shelf but one is too slow for u.

  21. Well, Clarke is due for his 100 pretty soon. He was on 64 when i left the room.

  22. Damian Watson says

    I hate the way Channel 7 uses the tennis to promote some of their upcoming shows, I think we see more promos than the tennis action at the end of the day.

    Yeah I saw ponting’s 100.

  23. Steve Healy says

    yeah, tennis coverage is shocking

  24. so which song did u choose Josh?

  25. I’ll go with World War 3

  26. kools! i love that song
    “well u gotta chill out cos baby i dont wanna fight witchu!”

  27. Steve Healy says

    Great century from Clarke, although Pakistan’s bowling tactics are making the game bad to watch.

    Dangerfield has injured his knee at training, but he should be back and firing in 3 weeks and avaliable for the nab cup

  28. hey guys, back from playin tennis

  29. …wow! tennis!
    how long have you been playing Dom?

  30. since i was 11

  31. cool, you never know, you could end up being the next Federer if you keep it up. How is your record, like do you rank highly in you club?

  32. im tired now, see Richmond’s membership fall, thats bad but i was expecting it

  33. in my club im in the 3rd best team out of about 15

  34. well, thats pretty good :)

  35. yeh, ill never be like a Federer, even if i practise evry day

  36. Well he is the tennis god! :)
    But you never know right?
    have you seen fotage of him playing as a kid, even then he had strong shots!

  37. yeh, he was a prodigy

  38. yeah exactly, you know how some peole are just meant to do certain things, kinda like destiny?
    well Roger is not only supposed to be a tennis player but he defines what a tennis player should be.

  39. Baghdatis (sorry it if its mispelt) is looking the goods over Hewitt at the moment, 6-4, 2-6 i think the score was

  40. Jeez Danni, im the captain of my tennis team and we’re on top of the ladder, but you never said i could be as good as Federer! Lol…i listened to that song, its okay. Not good but okay

  41. well Josh i didnt say you wouldnt be as good as him ethier!
    lol well..okay
    it probbaly make a difference to u cos ur self-aware that ur listening to a boy band sing so you wouldnt like it as much as i do.

  42. I like Short Stack, and their a boy-band (even though they dress like girls)

  43. Steve Healy says

    Come on guys, this isn’t Tennisalmanac

  44. yeah but most of their songs arn’t all lovey dovey like JB and their fanbase still isnt as big aswell.

  45. Interesting chat we had last night ey Steve? ;)

  46. Steve Healy says

    yeah, very interesting… how long did you guys keep talking for after I left?

  47. ..Josh, what are you on about?

  48. For a while lol. Me and Kirstie left when it was like 2:30

  49. Steve Healy says

    we were talking about footy, of course Danni hahaa

  50. Yeah, footy

  51. okay, lol it just sounded sneaky coming form Josh, like rob a bank sneaky lol

  52. I’d never rob a bank…

  53. Unless i needed the money :)

  54. ….if you say so.

    status- watching Drake Bell video again now that i downloaded it :)

  55. Steve Healy says

    Yeah who’d wanna rob a bank?

  56. lol the other day my brother said to me that he had saved up a bit of money and that i could use if it there was some sort of emergency.
    what he doesnt know is that a pair of shoes on sale to me is an emergency!

  57. Steve Healy says

    Don’t you eat 100 dollar notes for breakfast Danni?

  58. What sort of brother offers you his own money??

  59. Steve Healy says

    a brother in a rich family

  60. No Steve..i dont eat breakfast!

    i think he must think the end of the world is comming or something lol

  61. Yeah, tell him the worlds’ gonna end in 2012 like that new movie predicts

  62. hey Dom, the comments i sent with the Fed videos are up now! yay
    have a look at comment 2, watch the videos and laugh!

    i swear though that second video killed me!! HES A ROCKSTAR!! :)

  63. Steve Healy says

    I dont want the world to end, if it ends that means footy ends!

  64. LOL steve!

    status- watching fed vids

  65. Im sure footy will be played in Heaven Steve.

  66. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, it already is when Jurrah’s playing

  67. ….i think thats the cheesyest thing ive ever read, lol nice work Steve.

  68. Steve Healy says

    Just a warning for everyone, im gonna be away from early Saturday morning till about the next sunday

  69. hey, i watched the first video, thats a pisser, but my internet has slowed up so i cant watch the other one

  70. Steve Healy says

    thanks Danni :)

  71. Just think, a Demons home game would be played in Hell

  72. Steve Healy says

    Well, I guess that makes sense in one way Josh. im off now, be back later, im playin a bit of BYC

  73. lol yeah its soo funny! :)
    with the second one its the coach guy telling Roger to tune his instrument (racket) and the coach plays lousy air guitar with it and then gives it to Roger who plays it like a bloody ROCKSTAR! lol
    he should consider a music career one day.

  74. status – doing my slideshow

  75. hey guys, back from dinner

  76. Delcious, what did you have?

  77. roast chicken, yummmmmm

  78. Nice, i had fish and chips.

    Good to see Brent Harvey predicts the Roos can make the finals. I believe they can, they better or else

  79. yeah Josh, well if u guy are playing finals it will be against us!
    goodluck with that! :P

  80. Danni, you know the Roos always beat the Pies :P except for last year :(

  81. Dom, interesting question for you.
    are u a muzza?

  82. I cant believe Fevola is allowed back at Crown for this year’s Brownlow after what happened last year. They should just put up a ‘No Brendan’s’ sign out the front to save the embarrassment it will cause

  83. well Josh it sucks that with the draw we only face-off ONCE! seriously sucks.

  84. On the weekend of your birthday tho. Don’t worry, i’ll tell the boys to go easy on you guys

  85. ohh come on Josh, its a bew slate for Fev at a new club and maybe, just maybe he might behave this time.

  86. no im not Danielle, thank god

  87. yeah i know…come on seriously just give us the game! i have nothing else (besides a glass of champaign) to enjoy on that night! lol

  88. hahahaha lol Dom!
    ohh come on! Muzzas are great! love em!!

  89. Must be a city thing to know what a muzza is. I just asked three of my mates and they said they’ve never heard of it

  90. lol Josh there are NO country muzzas!!
    plenty in the city though.

  91. muzza’s at my school are complete idiots, they’re in love with themselves and real smart arses.

  92. lol True Dom, but the have good hair!
    Medhurst style! :)

  93. I thought Muzza’s were the ones with shaved hair, facial piercings, white pointy shoes?

  94. No no, no no Josh!!
    firstly they have muzza hair like meddys!
    not shaved hair.
    with piercings they dont over do that, most a stud in the ear and they like wearing singlets to show off their arms.
    yeah they do wear whit shoes..dont know about pointy though.

  95. Oh and Danni, this’ll make you laugh. Mum bought a $300 car yesterday for the goats to play on.

  96. you are bound to see them at any
    collingwood vs essendon
    ess vs Carlton
    collingwood vs carlton

  97. hey, i wrote an Australian Open preview, should be in tomorrow

  98. …your goats have a car? LMAOOO thats so cutee!! so now steve cant say anything about me having one since ur GOATS HAVE ONE! lol

  99. cool Dom, cant wait to read it.
    i only have the one piece on Fed.

  100. Lol, well my brother’s friends car was in our paddock for some reason, and the goats kept jumping on it and wrecking it, so Mum bought the car for $300 so yeah. They are on their goat plates at the moment.

  101. one year at the tennis i saw 2 girls dressed in entirely swiss colours with a van labelled the FED EXPRESS. It was so cool.

  102. lol i hope they drive better than me!

    lol nah i would out do that Dom, id rock up in a veil with flowers and a MRS. FEDERER sign. lmaoo

  103. u know his wife used to play tennis as well

  104. I think its a given that they drive better than you lol

  105. yerp Mirka, thats how they met. <3
    i love sporty couples!
    and now they have adorabl twin baby girls!!

    lol Josh, damn you! :P

  106. I think your the right person to ask Dom, has there ever been a wife/husband pair to play tennis? I know about the Williams’ sisters, but wouldnt it be weird the night before a couple had to play a match against each other in a doubles game.

  107. i seriously think i should marry a sportsman.
    even my friends recond that if i end up being a jurno ill marry a sportsperson.
    fingers crossed! :)

  108. Probably a dumb question but is Sam Lane taken?

  109. ..hmmm i dont think she is.

  110. u interested Josh? lol

  111. Damian Watson says

    Guys quick question, who was a better journo Sam Lane or Christi Malthouse?

  112. Sam Lane.

  113. Of course lol.

    Sam Lane

  114. Although I did enjoy it when Christi interviewed her daddy LOL

  115. My turn, do u see my married to

    A) a footy player

    B) A Tennis player

    c) some guy i meet at church

  116. C) most likely, A) if you make it as a good journo, and probably not B)

  117. Damian Watson says

    I don’t know probably some guy you met at a church.

    If you ever do get married to a tennis player danni could you cope with the travel?

  118. hey guys, no josh, i dont know about any husband/wife sportsmen pairs

  119. Damian Watson says

    I think Andre Agassi married a pro tennis player, not sure if they played with or against each other though.

    Hey Dom, what was your reaction when the Tigers recruited Ben Cousins?

  120. Steve Healy says

    Danni, no footy writers are muzzas.

  121. I feel sorry for Kade Klemke. Because of Cousins, he didn’t get picked up (well he got taken by Essendon but they let him go at the end of the year) I seen footage of him, he looked good. Maybe he’ll nominate again.

  122. Steve Healy says

    I wonder if Cousins has another stellar year left in him?

  123. naww come on guys!! you were all supposed to pick A!
    Jack Anthony! :)

  124. Steve Healy says

    is there a (D) Steve option?

  125. comment 122- ofcorse he does!
    hes so pretty!! :)

  126. lol not if i meet Jack Anthony! :P

  127. Hey! I just remembered, last night when GP asked if we had girlfriends, you didn’t answer Steve!!

  128. lol Josh ofcorse he wouldnt answer! whats he gonna say
    “yeah i have a pretend gf!”

  129. Its pretend?

  130. yeah, come on you guys are like my brothers!
    ilove you all but not in THAT way.

  131. Hmm

    I had a weird dream i moved to Adelaide last night, and i was really upset coz i would be seeing all the Adelaide and Port Adelaide games instead of the Vic teams.

  132. One day you guys will all find girls who love more than in the brotherly sense.
    i think u are all kind, sweet and such great guys but your my brothers! :)

  133. By the way, of course i know use werent going out lol. No need to start a lecture.

  134. Damian Watson says

    I think there is a lot more to worry about in Adelaide than that Josh if you know what I mean lol. I don’t remember any of my dreams.

  135. i had a weird dream too.
    Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were in it. and i wnated to talk to Lauter so i called out “hey Taylor” but Swift turned around aswell and you knwo how i hate her so i was like “nah not u Swift, you can piss off!”
    and the funny thing was that Lautner laughed.

  136. HA! Lol that’s funny Danni

    Hmm i’ve been to Adelaide and it aint that bad, but i’ve only been in the actual city once. I usually stay around Elizabeth Vale and Salisbury when i go there

  137. Damian Watson says

    Did you support Kanye West Danni? when he made that infamous interruption.

  138. hahahah YES i love him for doing that!
    i would have done the same thing!

  139. Damian Watson says

    lol Elizabeth Vale is where my dad grew up. Apparently that place isn’t exactly friendly either.

  140. hey guys

  141. lol Dom is probably annoyed at us for wasting his email inbox!!

  142. Steve Healy says

    what! my hearts broken!

  143. yeah very funny Steve! :P
    you know i love ya, but not in that way!
    in a brotherly Jurrah obessor way :P

  144. haha, nah its okay guys, i just delete them when i can be bothered

  145. Steve Healy says

    oh well, it was fun a fun pretend relationship while it lasted

  146. Steve Healy says

    sorry that first fun was a mistake

  147. Hmm my aunty lives not far from the shopping centre/fish and chip shop place in Elizabeth Vale. It seemed nice there, although i did see a few suspicious people

  148. lmaoo yes it was Steve and now you can go back to putting Jurrah before everything else! lol

  149. Damian Watson says

    Dom re:comment 119

  150. Maybe it was 2 times the fun Steve?

  151. Steve Healy says

    thats fine by me!

  152. Yes it was, steve was the bestest pretend bf ever! lol

  153. yeh, okay, Andre Agassi is married to Steffi Graf- former champ tennis player,

    I was excited when we nabbed cuz, i was listening to sen at my grandmas and when we picked him up i though finals here we come, i was wrong :(

  154. Damian Watson says

    hahaha don’t worry Josh i’m sure Adelaide isn’t that bad, most people in SA think Victoria is a polluted wasteland but I know they’re jealous.

  155. What was your reaction to the Round 1 loss to Carlton?? :)

  156. you guys, stop scaring Dom!!

    Dom, dont you think ben Cousins is pretty??

  157. dont even ask :(, but ill answer anyway, i was running out the ground at the end of the game playing footy with a friend, and yelling out, “seasons gone and cuz has done his hammy” and “goodbye wallace”, lol, that was a fun nite

  158. no danielle, i dont :), im not gay

  159. Victoria is by far the best state, but i’d love to visit WA. Lol i remember rushing home after playing a practice match for my club to see the start of the game. It was a real fizzer

  160. Damian Watson says

    That definitely was a fun night! Go the Blues!! I didn’t think we’d win to that extent.

  161. i didnt either :(

  162. well let me be the one to tell u that Ben is number one on my AFL prettylist!

  163. lol, okay

  164. you know it would have been nice if you had goen for another team, more debates for us teens! a blue, a dee, a magpie, a roo and two tigers.

  165. haha, sorry to dissapoint

  166. lol yeah we needed a bomber!
    thats would have been interesting.
    Maybe you could convert LOL :P

  167. never!

  168. I thought he’d be a Bomber.

  169. lol, well i tried!
    i cant wait, 2mro im getting my number nine!!!

  170. Steve Healy says

    Richmond fans are very loyal, Roos ones arent hahaha just kidding Josh

  171. yeh we are

  172. Just coz i was gonna change doesnt mean im not loyal. The fact that i stayed with them proves im loyal

  173. Josh, were u gonna change? and to who??
    tell me!

  174. Damian Watson says

    I still would have followed them even if they made a defection to the Gold Coast.

  175. i was gonna change 2.
    remeber after the whole Fev to Collingwood for Nathan Brown or Jack Anthony thing. i was all set and packed.

  176. Steve Healy says

    changing teams just cos players move proves that your not a loyal supporter.

  177. You didnt know Danni? Lol and yeah i remember that, you were dead serious about changing too. I was going to follow Hawthorn after Round 3, 2007. But things changed after that

  178. Steve i couldn’t live with myself supporting a team that had FEV in it! i cant stand the guy and i was not prepared to lie to myself, it like i said i can’t play fake in serious matters.

    wow Josh..that would have been a good move. lol

  179. i never thought about changing, lol, it may shock some of you

  180. Damian Watson says

    The clubs that you guys follow have been threatened with extinction or relocation (even Collingwood).

    Except for Carlton of course we are just too stinkin rich lol.

  181. Steve Healy says

    ive never thought about changing teams for a split second in my life, and I never will cos i’m a bloody Dees supporter and ill be a DEMON TILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. i hate fev too

  183. Ha Damo, weren’t Carlton in debt heaps until your saviour Dick Pratt arrived?

  184. hahah lol Dom.
    well to be honest i only thought about changing twice in my 17 years.
    once after the second gf loss to Brisbane, i was still bleeding from tha last time but then we got rolled so i had had enough.
    and then the second time with my motto of
    “if fev comes, i go!”

  185. g2g guys, cya

  186. …breathe Steve.

  187. Steve Healy says

    DEMON FOR LIFE :) :) :) :) :) :)

    cya Dom

  188. ciao Dom!

  189. Damian Watson says

    Mr Pratt may have exchanged some loose change but we weren’t in as much of a precarious financial position as your clubs when they were in need.

    Bloody Elliot put us in a mess in the first place whebn we cheated the salary cap.

  190. Steve Healy says


  191. Damian Watson says

    cya Dom.

    So I’m no longer the Italian guy? lol

  192. lmaoo Damo
    ROFL I read that as BILLY ELLIOT!
    lmao HAHHAHA

  193. Steve

  194. Steve Healy says

    nah, weve got 2 italian stallions now

  195. Damian Watson says

    lol as in that ballet dancer?

  196. yeah 2 italians and no muzzas! :(

  197. yes Damo! LOL

  198. Red and blue oxygen? That aint good for ya.

  199. As long as im the only country kid we’re sweet :)

  200. Steve Healy says

    198- YES IT IS!!!!!! GO DEES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. Damian Watson says

    what do you see in muzzas Danni?

    When they speak it sounds like they choked on spaghetti and ou can’t even understand a word they say!

  202. Steve Healy says

    yeah muzza’s are low life, illiterate car lovers.

  203. Damo..i think its the hair, the strong arms and the heavy perfume! :)

  204. Also the fact that they would be in awe of anything i say and find me attractive because of it, to them i would be a smart cookie.

  205. Yeah! I’ve never seen a muzza

  206. lol Josh i hope i see some on my shopping trip 2mro! :)
    i better look pretty..

  207. Im goin to Shepp tomorrow, i might see some..

  208. lol keep an eye out then! :P
    i can’t wait to get my number nine!!

  209. Im getting my number on the 19th

  210. Damian Watson says

    I can’t wait for cricket tomorrow even though the Vics are practically out of the race.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to Shepparton, is it a good town?

  211. Steve Healy says

    I might go through shepparton on Saturday

  212. Ha, no

    Let me elaborate. The main attraction is the strip club, which is right next to Target so its pretty easy for kids to venture into lol. The place is a fast-food hole. 3 Maccas, 3 KFC’s and a Hungry Jacks and the place isn’t even as big as Geelong! It has a good footy ground where they play NAB Challenge matches at, but really its full of foreigners (which isn’t bad) and bad Aboriginals, ones that bashed Hayley about 5 years ago. But, its the only place we can go to do proper shopping, so we go there.

  213. Go through Waaia Steve, it’ll be the highlight of your trip

  214. Steve Healy says

    hmmm, I don’t think so, we’ve have to take a de tour

  215. …..okayyy im so not ever going there!

    Highpoint here i come!!
    its my third home! :) (after the MCG)

  216. Damian Watson says

    k, thats a fair description lol.

    Where are you going Steve?

  217. Nah Steve, come to Waaia, then you can get outta Waaia out to the GV highway, go along that, keep going to Cobram, then you’ll be at the bridge that takes you to NSW :)

  218. i think if i was to go to Waaia i would have to buy a waaia outfit.
    one of those farmer shirts but a tight one i like the red and white checkered ones a pair of denim shor-shorts i have a cowboy hat and ill buy some brown boots and put my hair into ponytails.

  219. Damian Watson says

    I wonder if the sign says:

    Welcome to Waaia

    Birthplace of Anthony Stevens

    Population: 302 (how far off is my estimate?)

  220. you know..Jessica Simpson style and i could sing “these boots were made for walking”

  221. Steve Healy says

    we’re driving to Canberra, staying a night there, then going to Jervis bay in NSW and staying there for a week

  222. Nah no reference to Anthony Stevens. And the sign says population 120, but i just wikipedia’d Waaia and it says we have 493, which i doubt. Waaia’s a good place though

  223. You guys should Wikipedia Waaia, it shows our pub

  224. Steve Healy says

    annual tractor pull? whats that about?

  225. We have an event at some old mates’ paddock every year where tractors go there and its like a car show but with tractors lol.

  226. well cya guys..
    storytime for Pendles!! :)


  227. Steve Healy says

    read him the footy almanac

  228. Steve Healy says

    talk about a country equivalent

  229. Damian Watson says

    I’m sure Waaia is a friendly town.

    I’d better be off as well, have a fun trip Steve!

  230. Wow, i didn’t know Chadstone had the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere

  231. Damian Watson says

    You should see what Chadstone looks like from a birds eye view, not a pretty sight lol.

  232. I did, its nothing spectacular lol

  233. Steve Healy says

    yeah lol, I remember they pointed that out on the footy show.

    well, you learn new things every day Josh

  234. Damian Watson says

    Anyway guys cya.

    Be careful of those circles in Canberra Steve lol.

  235. Yeah, Wikipedia is very knowledgable

  236. Steve Healy says

    ive been there 6 months ago Damo

  237. Damian Watson says

    I knew that, I just can’t understand why normal streets can’t be built in their place.

  238. Steve Healy says

    well they have an artifical lake as well, its an artificial place in many ways

  239. Josh Barnstable says

    Hey guys, just wanted to pop on here and say i won’t be online for at least a few days (so more interesting chats on MSN Steve ;)) because Hayley has the laptop, she’s going to fix whatever is wrong with it.

    I finally went to Book City today and got my book. I was going to get the Geelong one coz it was cheaper and Mum didn’t want to pay an extra $25 for the Collingwood one, but after a little hissy fit, i was able to get the Magpies book by Peter Ryan. Its a good read so far, i’ve read two chapters and it has 62 of them lol. If i read it before Feb 21, i’ll lend it to one of you guys if you want.

    Oh and i went for a 1km drive before with Mum, eat your heart out Danni ;) Cya guys. (P.S, have a good trip Steve, and sorry for calling you a dickhead last night lol) Go Roos

  240. hey guys i have been shopping ALL DAY!
    i bought two new formal shirts, stuff for school, a new tiara with more of a real Princess look, and most importantly i got finally got my number 9 :)
    it cost $15 per number at the AFL store and it took 20 minutes for the guy to do it.
    and when he came to give it to me i was so excited that i said “YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” lol
    the guy found it funny.
    status – wearing tiara :)

  241. Steve Healy says

    I’ve had a look at that collingwood book in Borders (melbourne book shop) before and it looks great, I’d love to read that.

    Have a good time away from the laptop Josh, I hope that trip goes well

  242. yeah i saw it too Steve i went into Borders to buy my American magazine.
    i would love to sleep there with all those books! a nerd i know.

  243. Steve Healy says

    yeah if I could choose any non-bed store to sleep in, I’d choose borders

  244. ohh good so that means in mot completly weird! i was being serious i walked in and then i saw a cute guy sitting in a chair reading lol and i didnt want to leave.
    i pointed out the Side by Side book to mum who didnt really care lol
    she was like..”oh, alright then”
    i was a tad more excited.

  245. Steve Healy says

    I love going to bookstores and having a look in the footy almanac, it really makes me happy getting a book off the shelf and seeing me in it.

  246. lol thats cute. i didnt look for the Almanac i was lucky to even get the mag i wanted since there was only 2 left! its the edition with photos from Kevin Jonas’ wedding btw.
    im obsessed with my new tiara!! i love it!
    lol mum was like to me
    “you do know that a bride would wear that.”
    and i cant stop looking at the number 9 on the back of my jumper!! :)

  247. Steve Healy says

    Thats the annoying thing about footy jumpers, you cant see the number and wear it at the same time

  248. lmaoo well steve have a laught at me. for the last hour i have been cranning my neck to the mirror trying to get a look at it!!
    lol i love it soo much!! :)
    i dont think the guy at the afl store was a collingwood supporter. he was like “what number are you after?”
    me- “nine” and then i pulled out my jumper and i recon he was thinking “ohh god shes a collingwood supporter!!” LMAOO
    Then when i went back to get it he was like “Wizard eyy? looks like u need a new jumper” lol he was a tease so i was like
    “nah, that doesnt matter!” and he laughed.
    they had no Jack Anthony badges! :( next time im going back for a Collingwood teddybear! :)

  249. Steve Healy says

    Hahahaha, talk about desperate to make more money

  250. lmaoo yeah it was funny though! like he said it right after i had gotten the number printed on it! lol he seemed like a funny guy though!
    Steve u will know how i feel when u get Jurrah’s digits on urs!
    its a great feeling after 17 years to finally decide and get a number.

  251. hey guys, just finished work, have you read my australian open preview

  252. Steve Healy says

    This is why club number changes these days are bad, a supporter gets attached to a player and then gets their number on their back and then it changes- thats why players should have the same numbers for their whole career

  253. hey Dom
    i will now! :)

  254. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I did Dom, where do you work?

  255. yes Steve i agree 100%

  256. hey steve, Ferguson plarre bakehouse in point cook

  257. lol Dom if i worked there i would put them out of business cos i would eat everything! lol

    steve, the funny thing is that when i go into the afl store i dont look like i belong there, im waiting for the day for someone to come up and say, “are you lost?”

  258. Steve Healy says

    lol, why wouldn’t you belong in there?

  259. Steve Healy says

    Anyway guys, im off now, talk to ya next sunday or something

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