Tennis: C’mon, give it a go. Tip someone other than Federer

It’s that time of year again: the time when everyone tips Roger Federer to win the Australian Open.

Is anyone willing to tip another player in the tournament that starts in Melbourne on Monday? What about Juan Martin del Potro? Or the unlikely-sounding Robin Soderling?

As for the women’s title, surely there’s a candidate among the 29 Russian players who can beat the Williams sisters. Can Our Jelena hoist Our Title?

And what of the coverage? Will John Alexander continue to speak in a whisper that’s almost indecent, especially when he calls players by their first name? Will the promotions for upcoming second-rate drama series force you to spit tea all over the television?

We’d love your opinions. Serve ’em up here.


  1. There is NO WAY i would tip someone other than Federer! NO WAY!!
    Never again will such talent grace a tennis court like Roger’s.
    He is the benchmark of what it is to be a legend in tennis.
    Can’t wait to see him send em packing!
    GO ROGER!!

  2. Fernando Verdasco for mine. He ran Nadal very close last year in a semi final and just belted Djokovic today at Kooyong. Get on him.

  3. Some betting agencies still have Verdasco at $51.00 – now that’s value.

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