Team Balance

Watching the antithesis of a spectacle at aami stadium on the old CRT tv, I

was placed into a deep contemplative state by a comment made by Tim Lane of

the Ten network team.


Apparently, Port’s David  Rodan was omitted for team balance.

Having recently completed an amateur but passable job of floor sanding I saw

what the Power hierarchy meant.


I recalled three dimensional representations of planes and plateaus from

textbooks predominantly forgotten as being level. Rodan’s possession

gathering would cause an undulation and unevenness on the hypotenuse of

Collingwood’s gradient of victory. His tenacity and never say die spirit is

akin to a lump or a knot hole that requires the sander to go over several

times. As with the floors, the gentle undulations would hardly qualify as

canyons or even divots, but they’d definitely be noticeable. Remove these

and we have balance and evenness.


Oh, I suppose then, as with my floors, this balance or evenness is necessary

before a shellacking is to take place.


Therefore the move to a ground named after a geometric shape should rapidly

enhance their drive for team balance – at least every second week.


Footy was never meant to be rocket science Matty Primus. Port need to turn

again to page 1 of chapter 1 of the Vince Lombardi playbook with a picture

of a Sherrin above the caption, “this is a ball. Go and get it!”



  1. John Butler says

    Nice one Zac.

    The way their travelling, you would think Port needed everyone they could get who knows how to get a kick.

  2. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Love the sanding analogies Zac. It still would’ve still been a shellacking, but Rodan would have added some polish. Welcome aboard.

  3. A good opening. Looking forward to reading more from Z Stojcevski, especially now that K Cornes is getting the sars as well. You would think they have talent bashing down the door….

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