Almanac Roadtrips: Tea in Taree


a Summer Drive… a few words I put together  a year ago..


Under a southern sky
A Monash dawn
brightens a freeway, long


On a Summer day


For a Holbrook feast, of course




And wine gums
Bacon, eggs,
a milkshake too, Please


Keep on going


Heading north it goes
M31, M7, A2, A240,
clear skies,
turning murky.


And it’s spitting


With a rain delay, too
upon the sticky wipers
smearing the Land Rover’s wind shield




Slow down


A wide load ahead
somewhere near Jugiong, Gundagai or Yass
Goulburn or Campbelltown


Sydney, perhaps.


She says
‘From the second lane, Veer left
Take the second exit’


Straight ahead
Take the next exit for a place to stay
is that Gosford or Taree


The Alabaster, or
The Midlands
Or the In-Town Motor Inn


for the deluxe suite
and dinner at Sailo’s
the club over the road


“Hey Mum, yer must tell yer young fella te take his hat off”


Tracey, she said that sternly and all managerial….


“And step away from the bar!”


Far out, C’mon…


He just wants sauce


And a raspberry lemonade


and Whiting fillets, crumbed,
but they are not available


or Battered fish,


They’re available
with chips and salad


And a beer, of course


And Oysters Mornay


“I’ll have them- A dozen, please.”


Please, ‘cos it’s been so long.


A Manning river dusk
And tea in Taree.


(image: Road to Taree, iPad Sketch, 2019, KB)



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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    A pie and a cake from the bakery in Holbrook, always a welcome stop!

  2. Very nice, Kate.
    They have very strange licensing laws in NSW!

  3. Yes smokie,, happens every time; although, same I guess in Vic with pokies… not sure how the delineation is marked.

    Colin. Best stopover between Melbourne and Sydney is a hard call between the Merino Cafe in Gunning (all homemade offerings) or the Long Track Pantry in Jugiong.. the latter is always pumping.

    Lots going for some of the old bypassed towns.

    Holbrook, though serves well as a first break out of Melbourne.

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    Brilliant Kate. I’m off on a road trip next week, though in a Westerly direction. Can’t wait.

  5. Holbrook Bakery is an essential stop for me on this route. I don’t know if it’s still there, but there used to be a great bakery at Inverleigh, west of Geelong. Their pies had a beaut peppery style. I haven’t been that way for years -is it still there?

  6. Cheers Luke, safe travels, I have no stopover tips for the western side.

    Hi Ian, yes definitely still there. Always busy. But, I quite like some of the other spots along the road.

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