Tassie Launch – Wynyard Footy Club

A grand time was had by all at the Tasmanian launch of the 2010 Almanac. Here are some snapshots of the event.


Paul Daffey and Bill Walker


Tim Lane and a friend


Paul Daffey and retro Wynyard Guernsey


  1. Looking suitably excited there, Phantom.

  2. Gee, Daff looks heaps like Brian Mcfadden with his longer hair.

  3. Cut out in my prime Gigs.

    Daff is a very demanding breakfast eater.

  4. Going with the tucked-untucked shirt style Phantom?

  5. That looks like an eight premium and two pot smile in the last snap Daff.

    Can’t comment on the shirt style Josh. I’m chopped out of the photo.

  6. Unzoom your internet browser.

  7. Richard Jones says

    THE great Tim Lane has gone a bit skinny hair wise on the cranium.

    Almost a bald pate oldster these days.

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