Almanac Racing: Crio’s best tip this week is for Warrnambool (but it’s a good one)

Years of working on course has taught me that the last couple of Saturdays pre-Christmas are a write off. The money’s just not there. What staggers me is that is somehow tends to reappear after the “Santa pause”, when I’d reckon everyone should be skint (except for miserable bastards like myself who spend nowt on [Read more]

Almanac Racing: Jump to The Bool

To Simon Hogan, Warrnambool Racing Carnival is full of treasured memories and friends and brings the ‘Bool to life.

Crios’ Racing: Warrnambool recovery

It was a big week in Warrnambool and afterthawing out Crio is off to see the fresh new Bulldogs.

Crio’s Racing: No overcoat needed in the heat of the Warrnambool moment

Hard-nosed racing man Crio is happy to confess that the ‘Bool gets a hold of him. And here are some of his thoughts on racing around the country.

Calling all Knackers to the ‘Bool

“Going to the ‘Bool?” That’s been the question most asked on Melbourne’s racecourses this week.

Sat’dy’s races

It won’t be easy backing up tomorrow on the bag. That, on face value, seems ludicrous, given that I’m stepping from Provincial races to the Rails at HQ (Flemington). But this has been no ordinary week. It is May. It is wet. Winter is closing in. I’ve been, like so many kindred souls, to the [Read more]

The Bool and other festivities

I’m home and still euphoric from another ‘Bool week, now established as comfortably my favorite race experience. Unless you have joined the devoted throngs, you can’t possibly understand the wonder of this pilgrimage. It’s been disconcerting to hear and read on my return journey about the “carnage” of “a bad day” (The Age) at Warrnambool. [Read more]