Footy Talk: Andy D and TV do business

by John Butler TV- The ubiquitous, all seeing eye which rules our lounge rooms and inhabits our imaginations- at least that’s what the advertisers hope. It is the bringer of drama, pathos, bathos, banality and Karl bloody Stefanovic. It also runs a side interest in sport. Andrew Demetriou- Grand Supremo of the AFL. He’s very [Read more]

Not Crio’s Question: What will the Dogs and Dees cop in next year’s fixture?

by Andrew Gigacz When the 2009 fixture was released on this day last year, I for one was not surprised to see the Western Bulldogs heading off for six interstate matches, NONE of which were to be covered on free-to-air TV. In fact it was actually an improvement on 2008, in which the Dogs were [Read more]

Interstate Hell With the AFL

Background: When the TV rights changed from Channel Seven to Nine  during the previous agreement it resulted in Friday night footy going from an 8.30pm time slot to 11.30pm . This caused immense frustration to viewers north of the Murray. I  expressed my frustration in a poem. INTERSTATE HELL WITH THE AFL (2002) A national [Read more]

Little Voices

  by Vin Maskell   We drank tea in the kitchen on the hill Listening to the players wandering Looking for their football in the fog. The kettle boiled, the whistle blew The steam from the cups Caressed our faces. Below in the white still darkness The players kept calling: Nicknames and coaches’ orders. A [Read more]

Bulldogs not on free-to-air? No surprise there

By Andrew Gigacz Imagine if Adelaide were second on the ladder and they were playing in top team St Kilda in Melbourne. For Crows supporters it’d be a dream scenario. First v second live into their lounge rooms. Now imagine that the game was only available for viewing in Adelaide via Pay TV. You can [Read more]

Slow Start by Pamela Sherpa (Snowy Mountains correspondent)

  ‘ A National game it’s supposed to be But Friday night football my team I won’t see’…. 2002 ……so began a poem I wrote    Frustration had led to inspiration.   The new TV rights agreement had led to Friday night football moving networks and  timeslots. Instead of the reasonable  8.30 timeslot it was consigned to starting [Read more]