Interstate Hell With the AFL

Background: When the TV rights changed from Channel Seven to Nine  during the previous agreement it resulted in Friday night footy going from an 8.30pm time slot to 11.30pm . This caused immense frustration to viewers north of the Murray. I  expressed my frustration in a poem.


A national game it’s supposed to be
But Friday night footy? My team I won’t see
Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing sad about the Swans
When Plugger works up a sweat he’s a threat!
But when Lloyd’s on fire the fans perspire
And when Hirdy’s hot the Bombers’ve got the lot
Alas for me it’s not to be
Friday night footy? My team I won’t see

When Carey hits the track I want to see the impact
And with Richo flying the Pies will be crying
When Crawf’s showing style the Hawks will go a mile
And if the Blues are firing their prez won’t stop smiling
Alas for me it’s not to see
Friday night footy it ain’t to be

Friday night footy what a treat
Carton and Collingwood will bring fans to their feet
Essendond versus Richmond at the ‘G
Wouldn’t that be grand to see?
But while it’s full house down there
I can only sigh in despair

What’s happened to footy? Money’s ruined the game.
Saturday arvo just isn’t the same.
“We deserve more,” the players will claim
Even trying to play when limping and lame
Nowadays footy’s all about ratings
But for Friday night footy I’m still waiting.

It’s all become a bit too heady
Time for Wayne and co to steady
And as Friday night rugby isn’t to my liking
I think I’ll pack up and go hiking!
It’s a great deal they’re saying at Nine
Kerry will come out smiling and be just fine .

……… The frustration continued. Hence another poem.

INTERSTATE HELL part 2 (2003)

Well a year has passed and nothing has changed
The AFL still hasn’t lifted it’s game
Another season of torture lies ahead
There’s nothing more in this world that I dread
One season has gone since that catastrophic deal
It’s soured the way most of us feel
How long are we supposed to put up with this pain?
It’s starting to drive interstaters insane
Please Wayne do something, it’s your job
The faraway fans are starting to sob

Living in a midnight zone
Sitting up all alone
Barracking at 2 o’clock in the morning
While the Vics are tucked up in bed and snoring
How can we be expected to live like this?
A night game to finish before midnight would be bliss

Dear Wayne it’s supposed to be  national game
At the moment it’s nothing but a crying shame
Wake up! Don’t you realise the plot?
Packer wants control them he’ll swallow the lot!
How can we possibly follow our team?
Being an Aussie rules fan will become but a dream
Eddie’s gloating only deepens the hurt
Life’s utterly perfect at the centre of his earth.
Please Wayne give us back the game we love
And give Packer and his rugby a great big shove!

… and it continued …

INTERSTATE HELL part 3 (2004)

In 2004 we’re in for more football deprivation
Please Andrew try to understand our miserable situation
Friday night pleasure has been taken from us
I might as well be travelling on a midnight bus
How much pain and suffering must we bear?
If only you down south could relate to our despair

Such a simple request – why can’t it be so?
Before with Seven, we were happy you know
Now Eddie is boasting and Nine are gloating
Ratings and figures they delight in quoting
The AFL’s  smiling, numbers are up
If you ask me the TV deal was a BLOODY BIG STUFF UP!

We’re given community camps and Wizard Cup games
A poor substitute really, it’s just not the same
A word of advice from the football fraternity:
Fix it up Andrew, we can’t wait for eternity

Friday night footy at a reasonable hour
Would stop our view of the AFL turning sour.
Don’t expect us to live on bread and water alone
Please bring Friday night footy back into our homes.

I was most relieved to get Friday night footy back at 8.30 when Seven got Friday night footy back but alas this season they have decided to screen it at 9.30 and who knows what will happen with the next TV rights agreement?


  1. Peter Schumacher says

    Right on Pamela

    Peter S

  2. Steve Healy says

    I hated the move from Channel 9 to 7.
    I thought 9 did the footy much better and they used to do the Sunday early match live into Melbourne followed by a replay of another match. But Foxtel are the ones to blame cos they wanted another game.

  3. Pamela Sherpa says

    Steve, I don’t care which free to air station has the rights as long as they show the games at a reasonable hour.Foxtel are the complication for sure.It is wrong of the AFL to assume that fans have it or can afford it.

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