The Arctic Almanacker reflects on life in the North West Territories

Richard Marlow has time to reflect on life as he continues his work in the far north of Canada. He appreciates the support and camaraderie of the Almanac community.

Almanac Music (and Ice Hockey): The Hip

The Tragically Hip played their last show last night. Rob Chanter is moved to paint us this wonderful picture of Canada, ice-hockey, people and place.

AFL Round 19 – North Melbourne v Geelong: Back in Town

The last time these two teams played, Rob Chanter watched it in a dark basement in Toronto in the wee small hours, hunched over a laptop with the speakers at sotto voce, for fear of waking the Blushing Bride. Friday night was the Chanter family’s first game back since returning to Melbourne. Their timing was perfect.

The Great (Blue and) White North

Rob Chanter and family find themselves in Toronto for 6 months. And Toronto being in Canada, that means hockey.