Almanac Poetry: ‘Statues’ – Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Statues’ tells of a precious moment when everything is out of reach, except for love.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Scratchy Greys’

Awaking from the stupor of deep sleep can leave the mind with the fear of dread as Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Scratchy Greys’ implies.

Almanac Poetry: ‘The Irish Girl’ Part 3 – Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallet’s epic poem ‘The Irish Girl’ comes to its conclusion in Part 3. Does Tommy stay, or does he go? [Warning: mature themes are contained in the poem – Ed.]

Almanac Poetry: ‘The Irish Girl’ Part 2 – Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallet’s epic poem of life and love ‘The Irish Girl’ continues with Part 2 this week. [Reader Alert: Please note the poem contains mature themes. – Ed.]

Almanac Poetry: ‘The Irish Girl’ Part 1 – Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallet has written an epic poem in three major parts telling the tale of a relationship and all its many vicissitudes. Enjoy Part 1 of ‘The Irish Girl’. [Editor’s warning: mature themes are contained in the poem]

Almanac Poetry: ‘The Theys’ – Tommy Mallet

Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘The Theys’ considers a prospective death and the issues surrounding it.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Grip’ – Tommy Mallet

Tough as old gumboots, too strong to die, his ‘grip’ is maintained. Another poem from Tommy Mallett.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Everything Falls’ – Tommy Mallet

A poem of perfection, and leaving, from Tommy Mallet, ‘Everything Falls’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Echoes’ – Tommy Mallet

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where an echo comes from as Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Echoes’ tells.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Women Screaming Like Crows’ – Tommy Mallet

Sweat, blood and alcohol interact amongst the players of the night as Tommy Mallet’s latest poem tells.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Upward Unwind’ – Tommy Mallet

The silence of the mountains as they rise to meet the moon is a blissful moment for a man and his dog.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Fake Bacon’ – Tommy Mallet

The bush workers are famished, the cupboard is bare, the drink is talking as frustrations take over, and a dusty moth is oblivious to it all. Check out Tommy Mallet’s poem, ‘Fake Bacon’. [Warning: adult themes – Ed.]

Almanac Poetry: ‘The German’ – Tommy Mallet

The bush is home for many people, a place to get away from it all, while for some, it’s a place to hide away from society like ‘The German’ in Tommy Mallet’s poem.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Magpie versus Crow’ – Tommy Mallet

A battle for territory between magpies and crow is the topic of Tommy Mallet’s poem, ‘Magpie versus Crow’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘So…’ – Tommy Mallet

A tram can be a wonderful place for the delights of overheard conversation as Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘So…’ illustrates.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Blue Wren’ – Tommy Mallet

The beauty of a blue wren singing is so perfect, pure and precise to Tommy Mallet’s ears as his poem clearly relates.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Woodcutting’ – Tommy Mallet

Working in the bush can be tough but a change of weather is welcome as Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Woodcutting’ suggests.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Air and Blood’ – Tommy Mallet

It’s hard yakka working in the the bush as Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Air and Blood’ suggests.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Only Planets Remain’ by Tommy Mallet

The latest offering from Tommy Mallet, ‘Only Planets Remain’, that moment before dawn and all its magic.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Gravel Bay’ – Tommy Mallet

There is nothing better than a dip in the ocean after a day’s work. Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Gravel Bay’ reflects the serenity of this feeling.