Almanac Music: Dylan Cover Songs – Aussie Style

Karl Dubravs has gathered a selection of Bob Dylan songs recorded by Australian artists, and you’ll be surprised who some of those artists are. [This is Karl’s first piece for the Footy Almanac – welcome Karl. ED]

Almanac Music: I’m Only Sleeping and/or Dreaming

KD continues his series of Footy Almanac music pieces about key themes of popular songs of the rock ‘n’ roll era. We are now in the world of sleep and/or dreams. The contributions of Almanackers – and indeed, anyone – are, as usual, welcomed in the ‘Comments’ section.

The 2017 Bert Bell Cup – Round Twelve

Earl O’Neill marvels at such an even first half of the 2017 season. Can his Monaros dominate the second half of the season??